Why i Love You: the Uncharted Journey of Love

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Updated: Aug 21, 2023
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Our Unexpected Love Story

I just feel like you and I have this love story, and we were just meant to be. We are meant to be. Ever since Rocio introduced me to you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.. and I know I made my mistakes of dating other people, but I just had no idea you had felt the same way.

The Fear of Unreciprocated Feelings

I’ve just always been attracted to you. I was just afraid of saying so because we didn’t talk.

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I will see you around the school. I just never had the gut to actually go up to you and actually start a conversation, mostly because I just didn’t know if you would’ve felt the same way. So time happened, and we made our mistakes. Early junior year, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and how we were going to be seniors the following year, and I still hadn’t actually talked to you. Other than a “hey” followed by a smile was all I had said to you.

Why I Love You: The Little Moments

I was actually kinda upset that I hadn’t talked to you because I’m not one to keep quiet.. but I was just shy? I don’t know; I was just scared that that cute girl (you) wouldn’t feel the way I did. But to my luck, my counselor, THANK YOU PRENDEZ, changed my schedule. I walked into Baltazar’s class, and I saw you with that beautiful smile that lit up your whole face. I swear I melted, and you had me all over your shoes.. when I went to go sit down, I remember I sat at the other side of the class so I could see you sounds pretty creepy, but HEY, shush, I had a little crush, which ended up turning into the BIGGEST crush ever. Anywho, from sitting across from each other, we ended up sitting ALMOST next to each other to literally sitting side by side. Then I don’t even know what happened, but you asked for my number to play a stupid phone game which ended up not being what we expected, but that turned into a whole conversation.

The Beginning of Us

We then started talking every day, and I found myself checking my phone so often cause you always sucked at texting, but HEY, you turned out to be the love of my life. I still remember how I told you I liked you, and I had my little panic attack cause I WAS SCARED SHITLESS that you would reject me. I still remember asking you out after school when I walked you to dance practice. I’m honestly so shocked that that went how I expected it to go. I remember walking with you and me just telling myself, “, Okay, okay, okay, you gotta do it, cmon do it” So before I left, I looked at you, and I was like, “Hey, so I gotta ask you something,” and you told me to ask so I grabbed your hands, and I looked into your eyes, AND YOU WERE STARING BACK AT ME, and oh god I swear I melted again and back at your shoes I was.. so I simply just asked “do you want to be my girlfriend?” and without hesitation, you said “yes”! that was honestly the best day of my life haha! And now, a year and two months later. HERE WE ARE, my love! And I’m still just as in love with you. Actually, no. I’m not.. cause I just keep falling harder every day. I never expected us to click so fast. That was just so instantly, and I knew I had to have you. I love you

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