My Experience in Helping People with the Help of Psychology

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Since I was first introduced to the subject science, I was very passionate about it. I often sit there and observe people wondering, why they are so diverse? Struggling with attention or eating disorders? As well as finding out the answers to these questions, I want to help people and I am confident that Psychology will allow me to do that. At high school, my favourite subject was science and thus I came to the decision of studying BTEC Applied Science at college.

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Biology is a very broad subject that has taught me how various different systems inside the body can function with the brain that is at the centre. There are several biological functions such as the muscles that are controlled by the nervous system. I was able to develop my understanding through studying chemistry, which allowed me to gain some excellent laboratory skills.

Over the period of time that I have studied BTEC Applied Science, I have learnt a lot including the different types of tissues, for example the nervous tissue which intrigued me the most. As well as learning about a variety of topics and carrying out research, I wanted to increase my knowledge about the parts that interested me. Doing practical’s in a lab were very helpful and enabled me to be more hands on. I feel drawn to Neuroscience and Psychology because I am fascinated by biochemistry which is relevant to the understanding of tissues. I am compassionate and love communicating and advising people as well as being empathetic towards their situation.

I believe that there is a vast amount of research, study and hard work that can be done in neurology for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism which are becoming very popular. Conditions like this not only affect the sufferer but also their families. My grandma has dementia and I see how the way we live life is very dissimilar and therefore my desire to study the complications and arduousness of the brain has significantly increased. Even though it has been painful to see the deterioration such as memory loss and hearing voices, it has enthralled me to learn more and be able to understand other suffering. To be able to help families so that they do not have to go through the same distress would be worth studying for.

I wish to study neuroscience as I would like to observe and do work on these conditions, but to also explore the other features of the brain. To study psychology would be amazing as I would be able to help people that go through difficulties in life. A career advisor suggested studying Neuroscience or Psychology and introduced me to the subjects. I became captivated by what I researched, as I knew I wanted a career in one of these. I admire the fact that both Neuroscience and Psychology knowledge is relevant to the issues in modern society as many people experience this and simply give up hope after a certain period of time.

To study a subject like these, a student must have good communication skills, the ability to think outside the box and also to be able to work under pressure. I have done two weeks of work experience in which I worked as an assistant pharmacist. This allowed me to understand more about the type of medicine that is stored in pharmacies. I was able to give customers advice if there would be some side effects to their medication. I had to undertake abundant tasks like typing up prescriptions, counting the medication and checking that there was the right dosage of the medicine. I was constantly praised by customers as well as staff for my remarkable communication skills. I feel my strongest personal points would be that I am an extremely level-headed, calm, and collected individual, who can cope well under extreme pressure.

In my free time, I love to read fiction books and Watching documentaries/soaps, helps to understand life from a different perspective. I am looking forward to the new experiences and meeting new people. I like the idea of studying one subject that I love and focusing all my time on that.

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