From Mechanical Engineering to Cyber Security

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Updated: Mar 31, 2023
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My name is Srikanth Reddy Thummeti, and I was born in August 1991 in India. I come from a family that values education. Both of my sisters obtained a master’s degree in chemistry from Kakatiya University in India. My sisters and the rest of my family have been a constant source of inspiration for me. In my earlier education, I consistently performed well in the subjects focusing on science and mathematics, and this strength largely influenced my decision to pursue a career in Engineering.

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Like my sisters, I attended and earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Kakatiya University. During my undergraduate studies, I gained knowledge in courses like Engineering Drawing, Programming Concepts, and Information Technology.

At the bachelor’s level, I really had a great deal of exposure to research work and to seminars. I completed a research project entitled Performance Assessment of Cogeneration Plants. During this project, I served as team leader and worked on the analysis of the whole plant apparatus and working conditions of the Steam Generator, Condenser, and Steam Turbine. As a team, we improved the efficiency and capacity of the plant by implementing devices like an air preheater and economizer. Another project that I was a part of was a Robot for Space and Military Exploration project. The robot can be used as a spy in the military application, and a simplified traveler was also designed as a two-wheel bicycle that had three power sources (i.e., pedaling, dynamo, and solar panel to provide uninterrupted travel due to lack of power).

After my undergraduate studies, I worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Apex Engineering College, India. I taught courses like Thermodynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanics of Solids, Operation Management, Power Plant Engineering, and Machine Drawing. I learned to employ differentiated teaching methods and to incorporate audio and visual activities to address all learning styles. I advised and supervised students in their research work and complex assignments. Lastly, I prepared new study materials and development programs for undergraduate students.

After my undergraduate studies, I wanted to pursue a higher level of studies and was drawn to the United States because of the idea of being able to complete a program in a timely fashion under the leadership of knowledgeable professors. I enrolled in a program at the University of New Haven in Connecticut, where I earned a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. During this program, I enhanced my knowledge of topics such as computer-aided engineering, numerical methods, finite element methods in engineering, and database management. I again worked on impressive research topics like the Design and Analysis of Hydraulic Push Brackets as my personal research project.

The objective of this project was to design and analyze a hydraulic push bracket for installation in an aircraft. I worked as a math mentor in Math Zone, a University of New Haven program for students who needed math assistance. I presented myself as a leader by doing office hours to help students understand and solve homework problems. I prepared and graded homework solutions and kept records of the scores using Excel. After finishing my master’s program, it was time to look for employment. My first job was as a Programmer Analyst at Ventois Inc in Boston, MA.

During this job, my primary responsibilities were to gather and analyze business requirements based on logical and physical data models. We utilized gap Analysis to compare actual performance to expected performance, and business requirements are being met. We checked for all the modeling standards, including naming standards, entity relationships on models, and comments and history in the model. I participated in Team Meetings, knowledge transfer sessions, and the change management process.

All of this has brought me to the point where I currently find myself. I still haven’t landed the job of my dreams. I keep searching. I still feel there is much to learn that could benefit me not only personally but also professionally. I investigated distance learning programs, online programs, and kin personal programs to further my training. I want to be able to collaborate with others and learn from them. I feel that the program at the University of The Cumberlands may be what I am looking for.

I would like to enhance my knowledge in Information Technology and Cyber Security, and a Ph.D. would help me achieve the depth of knowledge necessary to become a strong contributor while also giving me enough confidence to analyze and solve problems. I see myself growing and advancing in my career over the next few years. I truly envision myself with a job I love in an environment that is innovative and collaborative. I am hoping to advance myself through this program. In my spare time, I enjoy music and cultural activities with friends. I want to travel more when time and finances permit.

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