Why i Chose Software Engineering

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Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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Software engineering helps to design, implement, and maintenance of software in a systematic method.

Why software engineering is needed?

There are lots of different ways to develop software. The key role of software engineering is providing a possibility to develop the same software with less cost and more reliability. In this essay, I have mentioned the list of software engineering principles that can be used in the future.

My reason for applying to Georgia Tech’s Computer Science program is simple – it offers me the technological lens I’m looking for in many business programs I have searched for.

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I got my own associate degree in business from North Seattle College. From there, I learned the fundamental knowledge and skills of business theories, systems, and operations. I am continuing that journey by applying to Georgia Tech’s program with a little additional trick on my sleeve – the technological lens and the global approach that other universities do not offer.

In the field of the study of engineering, I find learning Computer Engineering to be the most interesting. Computer Engineering is one of seven branches of my major, Computer Science. The goals in this type of engineering to design and make the many different products for the computer. This study includes designing memory chips, operating systems, applications, hardware, and programming languages. In the field of Computer Engineering, my skills are matched with writing programs and working on operating systems.

Being interested in Computer Engineering, I know the skills of programming a few different languages. In Computer Science the experience has brought me into Computer Engineering. In my own thoughts, I find it important to learn how to design memory chips and hardware in Computer Engineering. I have been interested in computer engineering ever since I majored in computer science. I am interested in putting products together inside the hardware of the computer.

I chose Computer Science as a major because I wanted to learn machine learning and algorithms and engineering the body of the computer. In computer engineering, I enjoy learning how computer systems work. Together with a team we are developing a programming language that seamlessly handles code, objects, and values from multiple other languages in the one program.

In the market for Computer Engineers, are expected to have their education level up to a Bachelors of Science Degree for themselves to become an employee for a company. The advances of technology in the last 5 years for me that have altered my discipline are devices of robotics and machine learning.

According to bls.gov the growth rate of careers in the field of Computer Engineering 6% from 2018 to 2028. The market holds the number of jobs with 64,400. (Computer Hardware Engineers: Occupational Outlook Handbook.2019, September 4) Many people who are employed in the field of Computer Engineering are working for a company outside the United States. 

Cybersecurity and advanced communications are important for people innovating economically. Cyber Security deals with protecting information and firewalls to computers. (National Institute of Standards and Technology. 2020, January 29).





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