Essay of Cyber Security Education

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The experts and professionals of matters related to cyber security should assign the participant puzzles whereby they should divide themselves into various teams as indicated in the framework of NICE, and each group should specialize in a specific area. There is a wide range of ideas on the cyber security where the riddles may come from the fields like Wireshark, protection of website application, analysis of digital systems, and social engineering.

There should be a task force created to conduct extremely specialized reviews as well as evaluation of cyber security data entering the system to weigh its importance for intelligence.

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This team should conceptualize, design, and build safe technology systems related to the given security puzzle. They should ensure that there is secure network development. There should be an exploitation analyst in the team to work in collaboration to obtain access and the collection spaces which can be fulfilled through preparation events.

The team should operate, process as well as locate cyber security systems to assist in tracking the targets of importance. It should conduct the navigation of networks and useful forensic analysis, and with the direction, they can do on-net activities. It will enable them to develop a practical skill to have a solid plan for the process of problem-solving even when there seems to be no solution.

The team should investigate the activities related to cyber security and wrong acts connected to IT systems and networks. It also has to provide the analysis of digital evidence as well as investigating activities that may raise concern regarding safety. It will help in discovering important insights on cyber security that will enable the community to make adjustments on making their cyber systems safe. The team will be able to encrypt the consolidation of digital information as well as the conduction of various analyses other than Windows.

The group should work to give support, maintenance and provide administration to make sure that there are protected systems of IT. They should perform the observation as well as integration development. The team must test and maintain the security of cyber systems as well as the operation of these arrangements. Thus, it will be able to acquire skills of performing vulnerability assessments to detect potential threats. It will enable them to employ privacy and cyber security principles as required in every organization. There will be a reduction of risks in the system having gained these features.

Cyber security experts should set aims before the event day where all the areas that are supposed to be covered in the entire session should be on the drawing board. The move will enable them to have enough preparation and well-developed teaching methodologies that will result in active learning. There are various targets that professionals may establish during the session of cyber security tutorials.

The first objective that the experts in the field of cyber security should focus on is to ensure that the participants have an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical concepts involved in cyberspace through effective learning programs like placing the interested members into distinct areas of specialization. Every individual will have enough information on their field of interest. The second aim should be to ensure that all the people can apply the skills learned during the tutorial when a similar concept is required to secure cyber systems from the violation of confidentiality. The tutors must guarantee that the students can accurately demonstrate the measure needed to safeguard the cyber space from a diverse range of security threats. The experts should assess whether the concepts are clear to the participants. The evaluation should be processed to check if the individuals can put a given idea into practice, therefore, enabling them to solve cyber problems efficiently.

In conclusion, the NICE structure is an essential tool that teachers and professionals can employ for effective tutoring. The framework allows learners to understand complex concepts. It is a teaching method that helps students learn and at the same time have fun. During Pink Elephant Unicorn events people volunteer to get knowledge of cyber security. A NICE framework is an essential approach that may be applied during these occurrences to improve the understanding of the community on the matters related to cyber security.

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