My Love for Mathematics Since Childhood

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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My Love for Mathematics Since Childhood

This essay will narrate the author’s lifelong passion for mathematics. It will discuss how this love for mathematics began, the joy and challenges it has brought, and how it has shaped their academic and career choices, illustrating the profound impact of a subject on a person’s life. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Childhood.

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It all started from my childhood, I loved mathematics to the extent that I used to teach pupils like me. At primary 3, I became the best student in mathematics and was given six books as a prize. Many parents usually strongly urge their children to choose medicine, pharmacy, and the like as their preferred courses at the end of secondary school, but my parents realized early on that I will thrive in a mathematics and logical thinking related course. This led me to ask many questions regarding mathematics and its applications.

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My inquiries eventually lead to technology.

My love for mathematics and logical thinking made me sure that I wanted to pursue a career in technology. I worked hard and encountered many challenges throughout my secondary school days and even beyond. I eventually gained admission into the Kaduna State University to study my dream Computer Science in 2014.

The lessons I learned from life kept shaping and motivating me. This led me to participate in community education programs in my beloved hometown Birnin Gwari. I, together with some friends, organized an education program at the primary and secondary school levels. My participation in this project exposed me to leadership and organizational skills. Having educational development in mind, I developed many applications that can help children learn words and improve their comprehension skills and memory. Some of the applications built include Brain Trial (currently on the Google Play Store), Math Time (unpublished), and many more.

Doing great and exceptional things are always at the forefront of my mind because I would love to leave a positive legacy in tech. At year three in my university days, I and some friends developed the first online northern blog called NVNaija which was later abandoned due to lack of experience and resources to develop the blog to the successful level it deserved. Nonetheless, we proceeded to create a software company which we called Suumab Enterprises. The name was an amalgamation of the first two letters of each of its founders’ names (Su-Suleiman, Um-Umar, Ab-Abubakar). After a consultation, we then renamed the company to New Vision Technologies.

For a university student to run a startup is not an easy task considering our academic activities but we still successfully graduated from the university with our company having about 20 active clients. As the head of the company, I coordinated many projects which include the design and development of Forbes Royal Schools Kaduna website, school portal and android application, Astajwa Perfumes and Fashion Online Store, and many more.

After I obtained my B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Kaduna State University, and having such background and experiences in tech, I am encouraged to continue my education with a master’s program, not only for personal development, but also for a professional education that will give me access to advance knowledge of technology to enable me to sharpen my problem-solving skills and to provide even more solutions.

Solving community problems requires serious critical thinking and logic due to its complexity and sensitivity. The knowledge obtained while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, while useful, is not usually enough to solve complex tech-related community issues especially if one is looking to provide lasting and maintainable solutions. I have always believed that there is no such thing as too much education as it broadens one’s horizons and helps us to achieve bigger and better things.

With the knowledge and leadership skills I have acquired throughout my life, I believe that I will continue to contribute to my community. A Master’s degree in Computer science will help me become a stronger tech expert and give me the ability to contribute highly to the community and also provide IT-based community solutions that will ease or even completely solve some of our community problems which include; security, agriculture, education and many more.

Considering technology when it comes to security problems, technology can help to solve some of the security challenges, especially kidnapping, that are tearing through the country, and even Kaduna State, like a wildfire. This challenge is even more pronounced in the Birnin Gwari axis. Technology can also help to improve the learning process and also expose the students to the current global learning standards. Kaduna State is in need of indigenous people who can solve at least some of her problems using technology and also to be able to teach our people technology through schools and other programs that can be organized by the private parties or the government.

As you are no doubt aware, pursuing a postgraduate degree is expensive due to its value. The financial requirements for pursuing it has become a major limitation for those that come from a financially challenged background. This scholarship will assist me greatly in my endeavors, and allow me to accomplish many dreamed legacies within my community and also career goals.

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