How i Developed an Interest in Mathematics in Everyday Life

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Maths is a topic that I have always taken pleasure from, and it’s been my favourite since primary school. I enjoy solving problems and find great satisfaction upon reaching the right answer. Over the last couple of years, I have seen the significance and relevance that mathematical strategies have in everyday life. I believe that further enhancement of my knowledge in this subject would allow me to be more effective in my career.

I feel that I am well equipped to undertake this programme, as I am currently studying A-Level Mathematics and Further Maths.

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I’ve taken modules in Pure Maths, Stats, and Mechanics. I consider the course to be suitable as the additional year provides me the opportunity to study the subject with a higher degree of expertise. This would be ideal if I wish to pursue a career as a professional Mathematician.

The Master of Math programme also allows me to customise the course to suit my personal area of interest: Pure Maths. I have attended two placements that have reinforced my desire to have a career strongly based upon maths. I have completed two weeks of work experience in June 2000 at Wenham Major, an accounting firm in Birmingham. I have also worked as a volunteer teaching assistant from November 2000 for nine months, in a Year One class at St. Michael’s Junior and Infant School in Handsworth. This role involved helping children with their maths.

I participate in a variety of extracurricular activities in school. I am a member of a company called Ice, a branch of the Young Enterprise. My role as Deputy Finance Manager allows me to utilise my mathematical skills to ensure the financial success of the company. I also passed the Young Enterprise exam with distinction. Furthermore, I’ve completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme to Bronze level, which involved volunteering at a St. Giles Hospice Shop and learning to develop my own photographs in the school’s darkroom, a skill that I continue to enjoy. Outside of school, I’m part of a local youth group named Emphasis Venture Scouts.

With this organisation, I’ve participated in numerous outward bound activities and served as a young leader during a cub camp weekend at the end of June 2001. My responsibilities included overseeing children aged eight to eleven, ensuring they had a good weekend. Additionally, I enjoy watching sport, specifically football, and am a passionate supporter of Birmingham City Football Club, being a season ticket holder. I also enjoy cricket and tennis, which I play for recreation. Besides this, I love travelling abroad, having visited both France and America three times, exploring the East and West coasts. Through school, I’ve participated in two German exchanges to Kaufbeuren in Bavaria, which increased my confidence, broadened my understanding of German culture, and improved my ability to communicate in German.

During my time in the Sixth Form, I have given back to the institution by providing solutions. Currently, I am a Type Prefect and have recently begun mentoring lower-form students by offering them extra help with Maths. I find this work rewarding, especially when I start to see their understanding of a subject improve. I aspire to pursue a career in Mathematics, perhaps as a professional mathematician or an accountant. After my work experience at an accounting firm, I find the latter to be another appealing career option. Overall, I believe that success is the result of hard work and will continue to strive towards my ultimate goal of a career in Mathematics.

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