The Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Math, as we know it, is a discipline that everyone needs in our day-to-day lives. Without it, the world would be a dangerous place to live. Would it even be feasible to implement most of the presently achieved inventions and discoveries? The answer would simply be no! Math has played a significant role in shaping the world into its current state of progress (Benacerraf, P. 1991.) As fascinating as it sounds, it has proven to be challenging for some individuals, yet this largely depends on the individual (Benacerraf, P.

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To begin with, I would like to profoundly state how I have been positively influenced towards developing an interest in Math. Numbers have always created a conducive environment for me since I started learning. When I embarked on my primary education, the first thing that fascinated me was learning how to count. It was intriguing knowing that I could count like any other adult who taught me how to do so. Not to mention, my first math exam was a great success. Being the best in my math class made me fall deeply in love with math. I could not get it off my mind. Whenever it comes to this discipline, I have always had a strong sense of belonging. This is largely because I have always found it to be unique in comparison to most subjects, and I have always performed well from the very time I was introduced to it. Having always been quite confident, I know in my heart that I only need to enhance my quick thinking skills.

Secondly, as I pursue my major in Telecommunications Engineering, it’s crucial to note the units I will undertake in Math, such as Analytical Geometry and Calculus (Puttaswamy, T. K. 2012.) These two units will play an essential role in ensuring I complete my major and progressively move towards success. Analytical Geometry is vital to gain a deeper understanding, especially in Trigonometry, as it will influence the sine and cosine types of waves studied in the major. Moreover, calculus will greatly assist me in understanding how to solve equations given different types of expressions (Stillwell, J. 2010.) In my career, Math will be incredibly valuable as it will ensure precision during lengthy mathematical computations and operations. Furthermore, it will be used to approach various problems from different perspectives without limiting oneself to a specific method. Apart from my studies and career, Math also plays an indispensable role in my daily life, including carrying out simple calculations accurately, future financial planning, and basic counting that can be applied at home.

Last but not least, I made use of a net that provided terrific help when dealing with my mathematical skills. The website, known as EdReady, has proven to be quite beneficial and a potential solution to anyone’s mathematical problems. The website presented several study topics in a well-explained form, and the brilliance was thoroughly illustrated through examples with detailed guidance. As a result, even the least knowledgeable student would be able to gain some understanding. In addition to this, study questions were provided for further practice even when offline. This turned out to be quite useful since it taught me how to understand when to think out of the box or follow a straightforward approach based on the demands of a question. As this was one of my weaknesses, I was finally able to put an end to this unnerving fear, and now I can breathe easily with a clear mind. Not to mention, the website was quite easy to navigate from the very start, guiding one to register for an account and understanding how to tackle the lessons.

In conclusion, I confidently state that Math is a crucial discipline in everyone’s life. It enables us to have a flexible thought process for solving problems as there can be several different approaches in mathematics to tackle a single problem. It also sharpens one’s analytical acumen to avoid unnecessary mistakes and aim for accuracy. Honestly, Mathematics could be the best thing that has ever happened to anyone. Taking one step at a time, it does not take forever to achieve success in Math. Without this discipline, the world would definitely be deprived of many benefits and wouldn’t be as pleasant a place to live.

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