My Fox Experience with how i Studied Mathematics

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Before expressing my admiration for the University and stating the reasons limit and my choice, I would like to give you some personal information. My name is Semen Borisov. I finished high school in Russia, and I am strongly planning to link myself with China.

I am extremely enthusiastic about my decision to study mathematics, economics, business at university. As for as long as I can remember these disciplines have been an inseparable part of my life since the middle-school. I found math really enthralling due to its application to the real world.

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I have always been capable in this subject, being placed in the top groups since primary school, and joining extra courses, that are held in the local university, which specificity is directed to math.

This course gave me a chance to push my skills to the limit and develop the ability to work at a faster pace. Growing up in a declining global economic climate, I have started my acquaintance with economics at an early age. First, I applied bookkeeping and devised marketing plans for my mothers’ work at the age of 14. Since the economics came in sight in my life, I have started studying it deeply. I read a lot of literature which is tightly linked with the economic sphere and business, like “The Wealth of Nations” (Adam Smith) and “Why Nations Fail” (Daron Acemoglu). Our school cooperates with The HSE in Moscow and successful economists, and businessmen attend us with lectures. All this and the challenge of decision making and my love for numbers convinced me to pursue Economics.

I have been nurturing the idea of attending an overseas university since I first met Chinese culture. I was so amazed by the Chinese high-educational system that there was no doubt left. I set a goal to myself, and I am trying my best in achieving it. While I am studying language in Shanghai, I have an opportunity to get familiarize with its unrepeatable culture. It is well-known fact, that Chinese education is considered to be one of the best in the world. Many prominent universities cooperate with Chinese educational establishments to provide their students with more appropriate knowledge and helpful practice.

Frankly speaking, in a wide variety of universities, I stopped my choice on this one for some reasons. Firstly, I like the program of the course for many reasons: a vast range of economic subjects, moreover I am related to such kind of people, who are perceiving material better while practicing and this University provides such experience. I realize that studying in this high caliber University is very demanding, but I am highly motivated, communicative and easily adaptable to any educational environment.

My other strong point, which makes me a deserving candidate for your undergraduate program, is my deep involvement in social activities. I full heartedly participate in volunteering and regularly participate in different charity projects connected with assistance to seriously ill children. Moreover, I was the leader of a group which participated in the tournament which is called “Russian patriots.” This even required knowledge is such spheres as history, math, and economics. My team earned the main prize, and we went to Saint Petersburg for a week. I definitely possess the skills necessary for leadership and teamwork.

Beside this, my non-academic background is very diverse. I am fond of different kind of sports such as football, swimming, and powerlifting. I used to be a local junior team captain, and we participated in competitions. This experience gave me useful communication skills, and I strongly believe that it will be an inherent advantage in my future education and career.

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