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The Role of the Community and their Impact on Education

Words: 341 Pages: 1 6692

The term curriculum has often been used to describe the sequence and scope of subject or unit that is being taught in a school or college. Therefore, curriculum development entails organization and selection of specific skills and knowledge with the aim to fulfill developmental requirements for the student and the overall operation structure of the […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Community, Knowledge, Learning, Teacher

Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

Words: 1585 Pages: 5 8863

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is any influence from a group of people that changes a person’s behaviour or attitude. The term ‘peer pressure’ raises a lot of eyebrows; it is automatically assumed that it is inherently negative. However, this is not always the case. Despite the obvious stigma surrounding social influences, it is […]

Topics: Adolescence, Behavior Modification, Bullying, Child, Community, Family, Motivation, Peer pressure, Social Psychology

How have you Impacted your Community

Words: 1645 Pages: 5 11927

“How can I better myself and the people around me?” is a question that’s on the mind of many people. National service is a way we can all experience personal growth and development, and give back to our communities and country at the same time. Serving our communities in times of need is essential for […]

Topics: Community, Human Nature, Leadership, Volunteering

Sam Patch and Industrialization in America

Words: 857 Pages: 3 5259

Introduction Sam Patch is known across the United States as one of the risk takers and a showman who was born in the year 1800. He was a jumper who started his life as a worker in a mill hand when he decided to take risk and jump off falls at first in the Blackstone […]

Topics: Community, Social Issues, United States

Resilience Among Mapuche Women

Words: 2626 Pages: 9 3873

Introduction In the cosmology of the American indigenous women, as among the Mapuche women, resilience is considered an important issue. The natural resources, like freshwater, are considered a living entity, where animals have an enormous role to play in the universe of meaning. How Mapuche women use resilience as responded to the process of adaptation […]

Topics: Community, Gender, Gender Roles, Intersectionality, Research, Social Exclusion, Sustainability
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Vulnerable Groups of the Population: Alcoholics Drug Addicts Homeless People

Words: 1669 Pages: 6 3604

Nursing is a widespread profession that stretches across the world. One part of nursing includes the community. Everyone is impacted by the community in one way or another whether it is through screenings or events (feeding the homeless). It is important to know about the community and be able to recognize vulnerable populations that need […]

Topics: Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Community, Community Development, Nurse, Substance Abuse

Sustainability Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion Review BA

Words: 1362 Pages: 5 4092

Introduction: Southern Company is an energy holding company that produces and sells electricity through various southern power subsidiaries. It’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA and the company has been a part of the Fortune 500 list for 24 years. It’s current rank is 126, up 19 spots from its ranking in 2017. The CEO […]

Topics: Community, Corporate Social Responsibility, Discrimination, Employment, Sustainability, Water

Should Community Service be Mandatory?

Words: 564 Pages: 2 3901

As the principal semester reaches a conclusion, understudies are scrambling to ensure they get their necessary hours, regardless of whether it be for government class or potentially honor social orders. A few understudies conviction community service hours ought to be obligatory, however with a due date nearer towards graduation, as opposed to simply the length […]

Topics: Communication, Community, Social Issues, Social Skills

Haitian Community

Words: 1534 Pages: 5 4243

Most of the Haitian community lives in the Florida, Miami-Deda County. According to the recent records, Haitian population has grown with a very high rate. Its population is approximated to be 200,000 in 2010 census. The vast increase in population is due to immigration into the United States. They are mainly located in the town […]

Topics: Community, Economy, Haiti, Immigration, Policy, Poverty, Social Issues, Unemployment, United States, Welfare

Lifestyle is Referred to the Characteristics of Inhabitants Essay

Words: 1969 Pages: 7 4393

Introduction “Lifestyle is referred to the characteristics of inhabitants of a region in special time and place. It includes day to day behaviors and functions of individuals in job, activities, fun and diet” (Farhud, 2015), Several studies have investigated the associations between various unhealthy behaviors and physical or psychosocial health (Tremblay, LeBlanc, Kho, Saunders, Larouche […]

Topics: Adolescence, Adoption, Behavior, Community, Determinants Of Health, Exercise, Health promotion, Obesity

Victims of Domestic Violence

Words: 668 Pages: 2 3777

In Victorville, California, there is a shelter and outreach program that is centered around domestic violence to help victims of domestic violence have safe places to go, give support, and provide further education. The problem being addressed is that men, women, and their families are being affected by domestic violence and don’t always have the […]

Topics: Community, Community Development, Domestic Violence, Violence

Historical Account of the AIDS Epidemic

Words: 1149 Pages: 4 3605

Douglas Crimp’s article, “”Before Occupy: How AIDS Activists Seized Control of the FDA in 1988″” details how the members of the organization ACT UP created an agenda that manipulated the media, in order to receive proper medicine for the AIDS virus from the FDA. Cathy J. Cohen’s Contested Membership, Black Gay Identities and the Politics […]

Topics: Aids Hiv, Community, Health, Medicine

Church Community Service

Words: 1130 Pages: 4 4398

Going to church is probably the most important thing people do in their lives. Many people center and build their lives around going and talking about what religion they associate with for a couple of hours at the building once a week. People who go to church are always one of many discourse communities that […]

Topics: Communication, Community, Community Service, Service

Solutions to Improve Public Police

Words: 1808 Pages: 6 3533

Officers become more familiar with the local residents. Police also conduct search and seizures to seize evidence from vehicles, homes, or any locations that complies with the fourth Amendment. Also, police officers may interrogate the suspect for questioning which does comply with the fifth and sixth Amendment. Contraband is another idea that gives law enforcement […]

Topics: Community, Community Development, Crime, Police, Vehicles

Alzheimer’s Disease and Relate Dementia Reform Health Care

Words: 1933 Pages: 6 4368

Executive Summary The “model minority” stereotype and lack of disaggregated data, emulate inaccurate representation of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, causing older adults, in particular, with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to experience language and cultural discriminatory barriers, impacting the accessibility of appropriate health care services. Advocating for linguistically and culturally appropriate […]

Topics: Alzheimers Disease, Caregiver, Community, Dementia, Disease, Health, Health Care, Language, Linguistics, United States

Student at Mystic Falls High School

Words: 1376 Pages: 5 3868

“Colleen is a student at Mystic Falls High School who has been having problems keeping up with her classmates. The student has been caught several times sleeping in class and failing to do her assignments. An in-depth research on her revealed that she is a mother of twin newborns and has been spending much of […]

Topics: Adolescence, Adoption, Behavior Modification, Community, Exercise, Health

The Critical Importance of the Police Community

Words: 1226 Pages: 4 4238

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult relationships and dynamics to maintain in the United States today is the one that exists between the police and the communities they serve. This relationship is grounded on the principles of need and respect for the function that the police play, however, this relationship has become tremendously more complex […]

Topics: Communication, Community, Community Development, Organization, Police, United States

Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field

Words: 2018 Pages: 7 4069

Abstract Law enforcement agencies understand the importance of a true partnership with the community. Positive relationships with some segments of the community are easier to come by than others. Most communities in America are rich with many different cultures. However, it is because of this diversity that many organizations struggle to build trust and secure […]

Topics: Community, Criminal Justice, Multiculturalism, Problem Solving

Charity Experience

Words: 1024 Pages: 3 4260

Discourse community entails the coming together of individuals who have the same objectives and interests. These people often share the same activities and work together hand in hand to realize their objectives within some time. One can belong to various number of community discourse for instance, reggae music discourse community, an engineering discourse community, family […]

Topics: Communication, Community, Discourse, Human Nature

Making Healthcare Inclusive

Words: 1639 Pages: 5 4228

Healthcare system- a mechanism which is sophisticatedly defined as a structure consisting of various participants to deliver services to meet the health needs of people, historically, could be viewed as being unfortunately biased. Biased: almost always on the basis of money, sometimes power, caste, and often on the basis of gender and sexuality. The LGBT […]

Topics: Community, Discrimination, Gender, Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, LGBT

Junction City Community Center

Words: 1920 Pages: 6 3779

Abstract In this paper I will identify some public issues in my community that will benefit from having a community center in the city. I will go over the functions of my programs and how they will affect the immediate population. I will also go over potential cost of a program and development of this […]

Topics: Community, Community Development, Economy, Poverty, Single Parent

Advantages and Disadvantages of Community Service

Words: 711 Pages: 2 8036

I have been volunteering at the First Baptist Church. After I completed my last day with a group of special needs kids, I started to reflect on my time spent there. I then understood that these encounters have transformed me. I have begun to offer back to my community, however, the community has already given […]

Topics: Community, Community Service, Human Nature, Volunteering

Essay about the Gay Agenda

Words: 1016 Pages: 3 4021

“Did you realize that 87 percent of LGBT teens say they still encounter harassment in their prosaic lives? In today’s world, LGBT teens continue to endure inconceivable obstacles in their day to day lives, so much that according to the OUT ONLINE survey, published in 2016, 69 percent of LGBT teens still avoid school for […]

Topics: Adolescence, Bullying, Coming out, Community, Homosexuality, Human Sexuality

A Non-profit Organization – Diocese of Metuchen

Words: 880 Pages: 3 4185

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen is a non-profit organization located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. This Organization is “dedicated to service, quality and outreach for members of the community, especially those who are poor, devalued and in need of help” (Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen, 2017). Their mission is to help each individual no matter […]

Topics: Catholic, Catholic Church, Community, Organization, Supernatural

A Korean Adoptee’s Experience

Words: 3206 Pages: 11 3775

Since 1948, roughly fifty percent of the children adopted to the United States have been children from Asia, they represent the largest fraction of the eleven thousand to twelve thousand children who have migrated annually over the last decade to join their American families (Tuan 4, 2011). Such a large portion of children who are […]

Topics: Adoption, Community, Family, Language, Racism, Social Issues

“The Force”

Words: 1563 Pages: 5 3391

From the documentary “The Force”, Oakland police captain Leronne Armstrong said, “The minute you put that uniform on, you represent all of us. Your behavior has an impact on all of us. One police officer can affect the credibility of a department, of a city. One police officer can have an impact on this whole […]

Topics: Community, Crime, Criminal Justice, Justice, Law Enforcement, Perception, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling

Discourse Community Ethnography: Yazaki

Words: 1942 Pages: 6 4084

Abstract Discourse communities are a part of people’s lives whether they identify themselves in a discourse community or not. Throughout people’s lives, they acquire new skills or preferences that lets them join a certain discourse. To identify whether a community is a discourse, one must follow Swales six characteristics to see if a community qualifies. […]

Topics: Communication, Community, Community Development, Discourse

Emotions are the Feelings Aroused in a Human

Words: 1226 Pages: 4 4605

Emotions are the feelings aroused in a human being or even an animal of higher cognitive faculty in response to internal or external stimuli. The psychologists analyse emotions as having five basic types, fear, sorrow, happiness, anger and disgust. While fear is aroused by noticing a threat, a horror of something terminal, it creates the […]

Topics: Anger, Anxiety, Brain, Community, Fear, Happiness, Nervous System, Security

The True Cultural Reflection of my Identitiy

Words: 1862 Pages: 6 4074

INTRODUCTION HAVE YOU EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE DAYS? The disadvantage of losing your parents at the age of 4 years old .If alive, how can a Mom and a Dad imagine seeing their child of 5 years being initiated as a member of a secret society (poro/sand) of which it was never they wish […]

Topics: Community, Gender, Homosexuality, Marriage, Tradition

Racism and Mental Illness in America

Words: 1948 Pages: 6 4131

Ever since the colonization of Native American land and the forced physical labor of Africans, racism in the United States has continued to be one of the biggest unsolved issues. Parallel to this, mental health and its surrounding issues have been a topic of controversy for many years. However, no matter what era, there has […]

Topics: Adolescence, Anger, Community, Discrimination, Disease, Health, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Mental Disorder
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