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Happiness Essays

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Symbolism in the Great Gatsby

Words: 1908 Pages: 6 16147

Symbolism – it’s a strange thing, seeing a deeper meaning in an inanimate object, or seeing a deeper meaning of something that happens in a story.  It is an interesting, yet creative way to get a reader thinking, and engaged. Sometimes, symbolism can go unnoticed, but typically it really stands out, and leaves the reader […]

Topics: Happiness, Motivation

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Words: 773 Pages: 3 9867

Happiness is defined as a state of well-being and contentment. It can be considered quite complex, in the sense, one’s happiness is dependent on a magnitude of internal and external factors. Now the question this poses, is how much of one’s happiness can be attributed to money. I mean can money buy happiness? Personally, I […]

Topics: Happiness, Money, Quality of life

Eudaimonia Happiness and Virtue on Aristotle

Words: 699 Pages: 2 10622

Aristotle was the ancestor of the concept of eudaimonia. The word “Eudaimonia refer to the type of life one thinks best, most worthwhile, or most desirable. It is generally referred to hedonic happiness. It is the belief that one is getting the important things one wants, as well as certain pleasant affects [1]. It is […]

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Happiness, Metaphysics, Virtue

Can Money Buy Happiness Speech

Words: 1073 Pages: 4 17165

“Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference” – Barack Obama. Although it is injustice to poor people when we say that money can buy happiness. But still money is the basic amenity for each and every individual. As we can clearly see that average number of people are more than satisfied […]

Topics: Happiness, Human Nature, Money, Poverty

Kant and Aristotle on Happiness

Words: 1495 Pages: 5 10093

Human happiness has been a topic of discussion for thousands of years. The discussion focuses on how to reach true happiness, and the relevance of happiness to decision making. Over time, philosophers have mulled over human happiness, with Aristotle and Kant taking opposing stances. Aristotle believes happiness is the goal of human activity. Kant argues […]

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Happiness, Immanuel Kant, Metaphysics, Plato, Utilitarianism, Virtue
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The Moral Values for Aristotle

Words: 924 Pages: 3 8392

“Some identify happiness with virtue, some with practical wisdom, others with a kind of philosophical wisdom, others add or exclude pleasure and yet others include prosperity. We agree with those who identify happiness with virtue, for virtue belongs with virtuous behavior and virtue is only known by its acts (Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics). In Aristotle Nicomachean […]

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Happiness, Metaphysics, Virtue

Society Rather be Happy

Words: 844 Pages: 3 5971

Why would our society rather be happy then full of knowledge? Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury. This book is about a fireman’ who destroys books and houses with such in them because in this society, no one reads anymore. Their happiness is much more important to them then any type of knowledge. This […]

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Happiness

Buddhist Suffering

Words: 1043 Pages: 3 4567

Buddhism helps to understand the concept of change and its consistency. In life there are no certainties, which explains the temporariness of our emotions and experiences. Good nor bad things last forever and eventually everything decays. As humans we are constantly undergoing changes, physically and mentally, for example: birth, death, breakups, sudden weather changes, moving […]

Topics: Anxiety, Buddhism, Happiness, Suffering

Psychological Damage to a Child after Divorce

Words: 601 Pages: 2 3890

According to Stanton, approximately 45 percent of children born to married parents are likely to see their parents divorce before they reach the age of 18. Recently divorce over time has become very normal. Before the the 1960s it was not seen as regularly. The mindset was believed that it was more important for a […]

Topics: Adolescence, Child, Divorce, Happiness, Marriage

Venus Williams once Stated

Words: 400 Pages: 1 3805

There are many things in life that make me happy and recently, tennis is at the top of that list. I played and enjoyed tennis in middle school but being a part of my high school team has been a whole new and uplifting experience. The game has given me a new mindset, and the […]

Topics: Happiness, Mindset

Aristotle’s Function Argument

Words: 991 Pages: 3 5162

Aristotle believes that if one wants to live well, one should organize their life by reference to the very best thing that humans can obtain in action?”something he calls “the human good. He portrays that a good life should point towards eudaimonia, which may also be interpreted as happiness. However, unlike our modern understanding of […]

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Happiness, Metaphysics, Plato, Virtue, Virtue Ethics

As Indicated by Aristotle

Words: 848 Pages: 3 3757

As indicated by aristotle he happens to be the establishing fathers of Happiness, He expresses that satisfaction all relies upon ourselves more than any other person. It is a condition of human life and an objective in itself. Euphoria depends upon ourselves.” More than some other individual, Aristotle values fulfillment as a central purpose behind […]

Topics: Aristotle, Happiness

Even Though Adoption

Words: 1171 Pages: 4 4555

All around the world there are families who want to open their home to a child in need. Some of these children have been mistreated and abused. Others were given up by their parents at birth. No matter the circumstances, however, these children deserve a loving family. Standing in the way of the children and […]

Topics: Adoption, Child, Happiness, Health, Social Issues

Philosophy of Life the Meditations of Stoic and Epicurean

Words: 1377 Pages: 5 4266

Philosophy of life constitutes a set of rules or principles that govern people’s decisions on matters involving their daily livelihoods. Philosophies of life guide people on what to do, how to do it, how they should be along with guiding them on many other things. People have lived according to such philosophies from time immemorial. […]

Topics: Epicurus, Happiness, Meditation, Metaphysics

Virtue on Aristotle

Words: 1294 Pages: 4 4700

As mentioned above, Eudaimonia is defined as a supreme good, which becomes the ultimate goal of everyone pursues. What is the ultimate goal? It is the final purpose and will not be the way to achieve other purposes. For example, we can say that earning money is the purpose of working. So how about the […]

Topics: Aristotle, Epistemology, Happiness, Metaphysics, Plato

Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King

Words: 1111 Pages: 4 4255

Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. meet at a local Starbucks, have a grande Caffè Latte, and discuss their visions of what type of society best supports the pursuit of happiness. They agree on most aspects, but disagree on one aspect. Jefferson and King both have the same views for taxation, education, and crime […]

Topics: Capital Punishment, Crime, Happiness, Justice, Martin Luther King, Racism, Slavery, Social Issues, Tax, Thomas Jefferson

Principle One could

Words: 1328 Pages: 4 3420

Some people might say happiness is caused by success or achievement. This is not the truth in our society today. Having success or achievement does not automatically transfer into happiness all the time. Granted, it will turn into happiness and enjoyment sometimes, but not a consistent number of occurrences. Also, happiness is not that your […]

Topics: Emotion, Happiness

College and Education

Words: 971 Pages: 3 4990

Nelson Mandela once said,””Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world””. The percentage of people going to college has decreased by 6.6% in universities in the 2017-18 year (Redden). People also aren’t attending college because of its intimidating prices (Knerl). This means that more and more people are not […]

Topics: College, Debt, Employment, Happiness, Is College Worth It

The Six Key Tenets

Words: 476 Pages: 2 3846

The six key tenets of the suffocation model are constructed from the framework of the three primary properties proposed by Maslow’s theory of human motivation. The first property indicates that humans seek to fulfill a hierarchy of needs such that lower needs, like eating and having a sense of safety, possess a greater motivational priority […]

Topics: Happiness

Office Setting a Touch

Words: 620 Pages: 2 3614

Art is infinite. It has no limits. There is no blueprint of what it is right or wrong and therein lies its beauty. It is a universal language that speaks to people from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race, culture and/or social status. Art can make a change and empower people, almost like […]

Topics: Happiness, Perception

Sacrifice is more

Words: 603 Pages: 2 3888

Sometimes, sacrifice is more than just a part-time job. It can be a self-made life sentence, where escaping is not an option. In The Joy Luck Club, the vignette The Red Candle shows Lindo Jong’s struggles of balancing happiness and her role of being the perfect wife and daughter. Disobeying the rules set for women […]

Topics: Happiness

Modern Society Limits

Words: 562 Pages: 2 5385

Today’s modern society limits an individual’s ability to achieve happiness because of increased pressures placed upon an individual. The pressures placed upon an individual, by parents, limit their ability to attain happiness. In today’s modern society, parents want their child to be the most perfect and outstanding as possible in order for them to be […]

Topics: Happiness

Emotions are the Feelings Aroused in a Human

Words: 1226 Pages: 4 4500

Emotions are the feelings aroused in a human being or even an animal of higher cognitive faculty in response to internal or external stimuli. The psychologists analyse emotions as having five basic types, fear, sorrow, happiness, anger and disgust. While fear is aroused by noticing a threat, a horror of something terminal, it creates the […]

Topics: Anger, Anxiety, Brain, Community, Fear, Happiness, Nervous System, Security

Most Philosophical Texts

Words: 1651 Pages: 6 3754

As an upcoming undergraduate senior, I frantically searched my college’s registrar website for a course that would satisfy a philosophy requirement for my biology major; this would be my first philosophy course throughout my college career. My eyes bounced around my laptop screen until landing on a course titled Happiness and Meaning of Life. My […]

Topics: Epicurus, Happiness, Metaphysics

Does Money Can Buy Happiness

Words: 488 Pages: 2 3998

When someone asks us what makes us happy? Many of us will say that it’s their family, friends and some of us will answer with pets. Some of us might say money, but does money last forever? No, because in our generation loves the luxury life and they take the rappers as their influence, money […]

Topics: Happiness

Happiness in Life

Words: 1924 Pages: 6 4526

Introduction A happy life can be defined as a life that is stress-free, financially backed up, and most importantly, a healthy one free from diseases. However, it is worth noting that there is no rigid definition of the word happy life because it depends on one’s own definition. The key to happiness lies deep within […]

Topics: Happiness

Happiness is the Meaning

Words: 1839 Pages: 6 3821

Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence (Aristotle). That much can be agreed upon by the majority of the world. We as humans seek happiness and self satisfaction. But just what is this happiness we strive to achieve? Philosophers, psychologists, and other great minds have pondered […]

Topics: Emotion, Happiness

Happiness is a Choice Essay

Words: 531 Pages: 2 3998

Happiness is a condition of circumstance. Whether you have an excess of money or are limited in funds there is a place for happiness in your life. Regardless of circumstance we humans make the choice consciously or unconsciously to live life being happy. When it comes down to it, we all have a choice to […]

Topics: Happiness

What is Real Happiness

Words: 1755 Pages: 6 4259

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling” the words of Margaret Lee Runbeck. Happiness, a subjective concept itself, is the goal of every human being. It is a feeling. It is an emotion. It is a state of mind that revolves around contentment. Mentioned by the Oxford learners dictionary […]

Topics: Happiness

Finding Happiness Essay

Words: 949 Pages: 3 4058

Happiness is a reprise from the many trials and turmoil of life, test, and tumult of sprightliness, and so it is natural that we should try to find happiness within ourselves. Ironically though, in our naïve belief that we can somehow augment the amount sum of happiness in our world, humanities, we are actually making […]

Topics: Happiness
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