Does Money Can Buy Happiness

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When someone asks us what makes us happy? Many of us will say that it’s their family, friends and some of us will answer with pets. Some of us might say money, but does money last forever? No, because in our generation loves the luxury life and they take the rappers as their influence, money means a better life it doesn’t mean that it can makes you happy.

The essay “The funds, Friends, and Faith of Happy people” states “Even very rich people-the Forbes 100 wealthiest Americans surveyed by Diener Horwitz, and Emmons (1895)- are slightly happier than the average American” (Myers 18).

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Some of the rich people are not happy because they want love and care, sometimes smile hides everything.

Every time when you smile it doesn’t mean that you’re happy, sometimes people smile because they want to hide their sadness. The wealthy people can have the most luxurious cars and houses, but their mental health can be a mess. They start look for something that makes them happy, that’s why so many wealthy people go see psychologist.

Some people may think that happiness doesn’t have a meaning because it changes overtimes. Everybody has their own problems that they must deal with, but the next day if you allow yourself to be happy, you can be happy the next day. Money can only get a moment of joy. As Myers state “…the number or people reporting themselves ‘very happy ‘has, if anything, declined slightly between 1957 and 1998, from 35% to 33%: We are twice as rich and no happier” (Myers 20).

Money can’t buy the happiness because those who are rich believe that they’re not. The other half are too concerned about fraud or they are not okay mentally. Everybody have their own problems even I do, before we came to America, we had money. My parents used to work at the construction company. My parents decided to come here because of our education. My dad is not a business guy, but he opened a pizza shop he trusted his relatives, but they left him soon as he lost his money. My dad put a lot of money in it, but he still lost the pizza shop. We couldn’t pay the bills, we couldn’t afford anything. My dad decided to leave the country for good, so he can earn money. After few months of leaving my parents got divorced, after that I started applied for jobs.

After few months of applying jobs I got a job as a Busser at the Italian Restaurant. My mom had rich friends, but they weren’t happy. They always called my mom crying and telling her that they were depressed, then I started to realize that we didn’t have money, but we were happy. As my mom says, “All of these rich people can afford anything, but they can’t afford happiness, it has come from your heart”. 

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