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Pathos Essays

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Rhetorical Analysis of Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address

Words: 1177 Pages: 4 33841
Written by PapersOwl author

Steve Jobs’ commencement address to graduating class of 2005 at Stanford University is a wonderful example of how rhetorical devices should be used while giving a speech. In his address, Jobs aims to connect with his audience by using humor, personal experiences, and reflections throughout his life along with many other rhetorical devices. He also […]

Topics: Pathos, Steve Jobs

Famous Speech “Duty, Honor, Country”

Words: 1448 Pages: 5 6565

On May 12 1992 Douglas MacArthur gave his famous speech “Duty, Honor, Country” at West Point. At this ceremony he was accepting the Sylvanus Thayer Award. MacArthur is a famous war general who served in the United States Military from 1903-1951. He was born on January 26, 1880 on a Army base in Arkansas. A […]

Topics: Duty Honor Country, Pathos

“Letter from Birmingham Jail,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Words: 837 Pages: 3 5228

In “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr argues that action is necessary in the fight for civil rights. Dr. King employs numerous rhetorical devices throughout his letter, including uses of ethos, pathos, and logos to get his point across. Throughout the letter, he appeals to his […]

Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Ethos, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Logos, Martin Luther King, Pathos

Progressing the Civil Rights Movement with Aristotle’s Artistic Appeals

Words: 894 Pages: 3 3992

Right amidst the heat of the Civil Rights movement in a small cell block within the solid confines of Birmingham city jail, a passionate African American activist completed a published statement in response to eight white clergymen who called out the whole band of the African American community to be patient to earn their rights […]

Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Liberty, Logos, Pathos, Slavery, United States

Compare and Contrast Essay by Desiree Holmberg

Words: 2503 Pages: 8 3712

Analyzing and Comparing Gandhi’s “Quit India” and Nehru’s “Tryst with Destiny” Speeches Communication has always played a key role in human development. Speeches are a great way to communicate as well as express, address, and interact with an audience. They help people directly connect and understand each other and are often held to deliver a […]

Topics: Hinduism, Mahatma Gandhi, Pathos
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The Cuban Missile Crisis and Cold War

Words: 2292 Pages: 8 5076

COLD WAR 1947 – 1991 The Cold War referred to the competition, the tensions and a series of confrontations between the United States and Soviet Union, backed by their respective allies. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the considered to be the high point of what came to be known as the Cold War because of […]

Topics: Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Foreign Policy, Hegemony, International Relations, Pathos, Policy, Superpower

Analysis of Letter from Birmingham

Words: 1151 Pages: 4 4821

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail is addressed directly to eight clergymen whose statement suggests that the civil rights demonstrations that prompted King’s arrest were “unwise and untimely”. Indirectly, however, it is an open letter addressing everyone, but specifically mentions both white moderates and the church, who are purposefully avoiding taking a stance. […]

Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Ethos, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Logos, Pathos, Rhetoric

Domestic Violence: Advertisement in a Saudi Arabia

Words: 367 Pages: 1 4920

CONTEXT AND DESCRIPTION OF ADVERTISEMENT (COMMERCIAL) This ad campaign was originally released in a Saudi Arabia newspaper. While much of the background is dim and black, a pair of brown eyes pierce though the bleakness. The scrip reads Some things can’t be covered. Fighting women’s abuse together. This advertisement was made due to domestic abuse […]

Topics: Abuse, Advertising, Child, Domestic Violence, Logos, Pathos, Social Issues, Violence

Joan Morgan on Rap Music

Words: 849 Pages: 3 4466

“In her essay, From Girls to Bitches and Hos, the author Joan Morgan who is a music writer, professor and most importantly a black woman and feminist, dissects the raw culture of rap music and the minds behind the songs that are put out there. Her usage of ethos, pathos, and logos is prominent throughout […]

Topics: Critical Theory, Feminism, Gender, Pathos, Sexism

Analysis of the Vietnam War

Words: 1270 Pages: 4 4574

Last Days in Vietnam shows how powerful this media can be when talented people dig deep into the often-complex history of the Vietnam War. Most convincing in the narrative is its introduction of the ethical bind confronting numerous Americans amid their most recent 24 hours in Saigon, regardless of whether to obey White House requests […]

Topics: Pathos, Vietnam War

Hillary Clinton and her Speech about Human Rights

Words: 906 Pages: 3 5654

On September 5th 1995, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Clinton informed her audience on the matter of gender inequality. She wanted to be the voice for women who are discriminated, abused and not treated equally simply because of their gender. Women’s rights should […]

Topics: Ethos, Gender, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Hillary Clinton, Human Rights, Justice, Pathos, Social Issues

Martin Luther King Jr Essay

Words: 806 Pages: 3 4751

Martin Luther King Jr and Langston Hughes were both figureheads for black rights. Martin Luther King inspired other through his powerful and meaningful speeches,while Langston Hughes through his meticulously worded, artistic poems. Martin Luther King used repetition, metaphors,, and past experiences to create his message. Hughes used similes and forced readers to question his meaning […]

Topics: Ethos, Langston Hughes, Logos, Martin Luther King, Metaphor, Pathos

Gerard Jones’ Biased Evaluation of Violence in Media

Words: 840 Pages: 3 5543

In the essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids”, Gerard Jones is arguing that violent media is more beneficial than harmful to children. In his essay, Jones explains how it is important for children to have a medium in which they can express their feelings in, instead of repressing them deep within themselves. Jones maintains […]

Topics: Argument, Child, Media Violence, Pathos, School Violence, Violence

Bros before Hos

Words: 611 Pages: 2 3731

“Kimmel’s text uses a lot on ethos, Logos and pathos to help get the message across more effectively to the audience. The intended audience is not geared towards women because in paragraph 1 Kimmel talks to a woman about what does it mean to be a women and she responds with “it doesn’t mean anything” […]

Topics: Communication, , Masculinity, Pathos, Sexism

The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Youth

Words: 1627 Pages: 5 4359

Finding sources to refer to is quite a difficult task. The difficulty lies on the credibility. However, I was able to locate an article source with great qualities quite superior to the rest that I have discovered on the internet. Like the title itself states, the article’s name is “The Impact of Social Networking Sites […]

Topics: Communication, Credibility, Pathos, Research, Social Media, Social Networking

Reborn to be Alive : Critical Analysis of an Advertisement

Words: 803 Pages: 3 4725

“Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her.” Reborn to be Alive showcases their slogan proudly across their advertisement as a provocative half-naked woman entices the viewer with her gaze. Being an organ donor means being selfless, having compassion, and altruism; yet being an organ donor isn’t enough sufficiency for a […]

Topics: Advertising, Organ Donation, Pathos, Sexism

Rhetorical Analysis of Steve Jobs’Stanford

Words: 557 Pages: 2 3969

Commencement SpeechTwo years ago, the world witnessed the death of one of the greatest business and technological leaders to ever exist.The founder of Pixar Animation, NeXT, and Apple,Steve Jobs,was widely recognized for revolutionizing the world of personal computers and consumer electronic fields. His perseverance led to considerable developments that have affected the lives of each […]

Topics: Communication, Pathos, Rhetoric, Steve Jobs

The Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King

Words: 1897 Pages: 6 5867

The “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the time he was imprisoned in jail after the demonstration of a peaceful protest against segregation in Birmingham city. In King’s letter he intentionally responds to criticisms of the eight white clergymen on him and his fellow activists for making such a […]

Topics: Letter From Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Pathos

Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr

Words: 601 Pages: 2 5691

Question 1: Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr discusses a letter to a group of white clergies who questioned and criticized his activities in Birmingham, Alabama. He argues to promote the urgent need for and biblical soundness of nonviolent protest. He addresses the claims made about his arrest by the eight clergymen. […]

Topics: Letter From Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Pathos

President John F. Kennedy’s Speechs

Words: 692 Pages: 2 4237

On January 20th, 1961 in Washington D.C., President John F. Kennedy delivered one of the most vital speeches after being sworn in as President of the United States. His speech was so influential, that it’s still remember today as one of the best from any President. It presented a powerful use of logos, ethos, and […]

Topics: Faith, John F Kennedy, Pathos

What is the Importance of Order in General

Words: 1066 Pages: 4 3653

Obey or disobey is the question Henry David Thoreau may have asked himself. For some Americans, they may ask themselves the same question because they do not agree with how controlling our government is or how they run our country. In his essay “Civil Disobedience” Henry David Thoreau strives to share his views on how […]

Topics: Common Law, Discipline, Human Nature, Pathos, Social Issues

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