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Internet Essays

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Justice Freedom of Speech

Words: 2054 Pages: 7 188974

With the popularity of the Internet, the network media has broken the limitation of the traditional media in the freedom of speech, and people can enjoy expressing opinions and spreading information. The infinity of the Internet brings many benefits to people, such as searching for information and watching videos. At the same time, the virtual […]

Topics: Abuse, Freedom Of Speech, Information, Internet

Attracting Attention through Social Networks

Words: 5214 Pages: 17 2988

 Introduction to Shoptiques and their Services Founded in 2012, Shoptiques is a company which has changed the way boutiques conduct their business and created a new way for people to shop the world’s most unique pieces from the comfort of their own home. Shoptiques is a company which serves two markets; online shoppers and small […]

Topics: Brand, Business Ethics, Impact of Technology, Internet, Marketing management, Social, Social Media

Proper Use of Social Media

Words: 829 Pages: 3 3613

Nowadays, social networking websites are popular among teenagers and parents are required to guide them the right way of using it since it can be harmful if used wrongly. the negative impacts of social networks on teenagers are as follow. whenever you go through someones profile on facebook it is filled with happiness. a quality […]

Topics: Communication, Facebook, Internet, Social Media

Political Participation

Words: 471 Pages: 2 3694

According to this act many researchers research on political participation but they don’t found any significantly change. According to Macedo et al. (2005) considered that political participation and civic participation are interlinked concepts, that allows to expand the civic activities. Commonly we said that the political participation are the set of activities which perform from […]

Topics: Cyberspace, Internet, Mass Media

Famous Examples of Cybercrime

Words: 724 Pages: 2 5429

In modern times, one issue that millions of people worldwide are constantly under the threat of due to the popularity of the internet is cybercrime. Cybercrime is any crime that is carried out using a computer or the Internet. It can be done in a multitude of ways, such as hacking, piracy, identity theft, various […]

Topics: Crime, Cyber Crime, Internet, Security
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Creating Anything we Desire

Words: 1789 Pages: 6 921

Creativity is arguably one of the most important foundations that compose an entire human being. As a personal view, it could be described as one’s ability to construct unique ideas and apply them to a long-term or short-term project or a goal. Creation is known to be strongly based on inspiration of those that came […]

Topics: Internet, Technology, Youtube

Instagram “Celebrity”

Words: 1048 Pages: 3 1185

The quote by Erin Bury, “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it,” is a mantra people should consider when they use Instagram, the social platform that has changed culture forever. It has been one of the fastest growing apps and one of the most powerful […]

Topics: Impact of Technology, Internet, Socialization

The Students’ Behavior in Involving the Cognitive Processes on the Utilization of Social Media

Words: 1102 Pages: 4 1894

The utilization of social media in learning process has been applied at colleges or universities, although the maximum effectiveness of social media utilization in the learning can only be obtained by involving the six levels of cognitive processes. This study aimed to provide an overview of the use of social media by the college students […]

Topics: Communication, Internet, Learning, Research

Social Network: ‘Double-Edged Sword’ is not Easy to Use

Words: 1470 Pages: 5 1894

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. A ‘like’ here, once “tweeted” there, once ‘selfie’ on Instagram, and account updates on Linked In… Every day we all participated in the social networking community. But when concludes this becomes a concern? More people use the Internet to find information, programs that use the Internet to broadcast, use social networks […]

Topics: Communication, Internet, Social

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