A Day Without Internet

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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A Day Without Internet

This essay will explore the hypothetical scenario of a day without internet access. It will discuss the potential impacts on daily life, communication, business operations, and entertainment, reflecting on the extent of society’s dependence on the internet. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Attention.

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Every day, millions of people start their morning with a cup of coffee and browsing news or mail on the Internet. Things that make our life easier and more interesting make us dependent on ourselves. The global network has become a part of our everyday life, and there is no getting away from it. Of course, one cannot dispute the fact that the Internet today is the most important source of information for many people. But one cannot deny such disadvantages as the inevitable waste of time and harm to health, first of all, to vision.

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What happens if you give up the Internet for one day? A similar experiment was carried out on students at the University of Bournemouth (UK). All subjects had to spend the day “in isolation” from the benefits of technological progress and along the way write down everything that comes to their minds, preferably, paying more attention to the description of their physical and moral state. The results of the experiment were disappointing. Participants felt anxiety, excitement, and lack of energy. Without their favorite gadgets, the students felt like they were naked. The young people also felt that they were deprived of the opportunity to communicate with friends and relatives, even in those cases when they both lived nearby.

The data does not add enthusiasm, but it is worth carrying out the experiment on yourself – is it really so unbearable for a modern student to be without the Internet? Following the editorial assignment, I decided to put myself on the altar of science and conduct an experiment – to live one day without the Network.

So the day began as usual. Of my two black friends – coffee and a laptop – only one remained. Feeling as if I was deprived of the opportunity to be in the center of events.

The day goes on slowly, no, very slowly. There is fussiness, even irritability, hands are drawn to the connection icon. Thoughts about spring cleaning appeared, and the telephone became a super invention. On such “critical” days, it is better to leave the house. See your friends, go where you haven’t been for a long time. And that was done.

Books came to my mind that were brought from the library six months ago, but never read. Sometimes there are impulses to download something. I remember that this is impossible, and again I look through what happened. New music, movies, chatting with friends, and even a weather forecast – all this is located where the path is closed for me today.

To give up the Internet is how to quit smoking: it makes you drag on. The situation is saved by other miracles of technology – a TV, a telephone, and most importantly, a refrigerator.

In the evening, the Internet was drawn even more strongly than in the morning – after all, for the most part, the inhabitants of the Internet are nocturnal people. But it was possible to go to bed earlier. But the dream did not come – my thoughts were friends from social networks, Skype and ICQ.

Let’s summarize. The lack of the Internet gives a lot of free time that you can spend wisely, or you can just go crazy and do what you want. The maximum that threatens you is a weak feeling of isolation, as if you left something very important, even to some extent familiar, behind the glass of the monitor. But, in fact, all the most dear and important is next to you. Learn to look for the positive in everything, even in the absence of something.

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