Internet Access Restrictions May Vary

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In most instances, they are placed on search quarries and are most prominent at education centers. This is simply to keep minds safe from content unsuitable for most ages (Gonchar). Although this is an effective plan with good intentions, it can become more effective by being enforced on younger ages rather than those who have already been exposed to the negative side of the internet.

As you enter high school you have nearly done and seen everything there is on the internet.

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A common issue for me as a junior in AP English 3 and an extra writing class, is the inflexibility and difficulty that accompanies me when conducting research at school. I don’t care if the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is trying to keep me from information that is obscene (FCC), I need it for my editorial due tomorrow! A freelance journalist, Matt Villano, even stresses the inconsistency of school filters due to the loopholes and experience accompanied by today’s students (Villano). I am positive he is referencing a VPN, but if not, let me explain.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be downloaded on to one’s device in order to mask an IP address and allow for an individual to accomplish practices one could not before (Statista).

This is the case for some schools who place restrictions on the use of social media. The idea isn’t bad by any means, but it’s just not effective. Social media sites like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook can all become unblocked on school internet all by a click of a VPN. This shows the actual necessity of having school restrictions.

There isn’t one.

Schools annually spend $800 million dollars on high speed broadband wifi for students to conduct research and further their learning experience (White). However, it is wasted due to students being unable to obtain information, going around the system, or not using the resource at all. Along with VPN, students also use their own internet from their service provider to accomplish everyday tasks.

In conclusion, school internet is unnecessary and can be removed from higher levels of education centers. Once a student hits high school they have enough awareness and capability to get around any form of blockade. I hope that schools will recognize the amount of money their wasting and the ways that they are actually halting educational resources from students in the future. 

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