Taking Risks

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Taking Risks

Delving into the psychology and benefits of risk-taking. This essay will explore why individuals take risks, the potential rewards and consequences, and how risk-taking is essential for personal growth, innovation, and overcoming fears. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Cancer.

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Risks are part of life if you do not take them you can not go on in life. Risks or decisions can be exciting or dangerous no matter what we take them to succeed. Taking risks is part of our existence and no matter what we do. Decisions are dangerous and can be life-threatening, fun, and depressing in some sort of way.

Taking risks can be dangerous maybe even life-threatening. When taking risks you will automatically start thinking in a hard situation ¨ Which one will I choose! ¨ Choices can be difficult, for example, burgers or pizza.

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Taking dangerous choices will somehow always hurt you in some way if the choice is wrong emotionally or physically. In fact, difficult and scary decisions will probably make you not choose anything at all. Risks are fun but most of the time are life-threatening. Taking a risk is like choosing to ride through a haunted forest or an abandoned neighborhood on fire. Risks are hard decisions but we take them to get stronger and move on in life. In fact, choices are not only scary and dangerous they are fun and exciting.

Risks are not always bad even though they are dangerous most of the time. Risks are like decisions and one is a good one is bad like on a birthday or Christmas. For example, presents on those days one is clothes and one is the phone whichever one you pick you to keep and give the other one to someone else. Some more fun risks or decisions are like at a party. The fun decisions at a party is for example freezing pool or boiling hot tub whichever one you chose you to have to stay in for a long time. Another risky decision can be at a play zone. You can either play the arcade or the laser tag whichever one you choose you can only do. In fact, risks can be fun, hard, and difficult decisions no matter the situation.

The risks we take can also make us sad in some sort of way. Some decisions can lead to a medical problem. For example, a loved one/family member has a disease and either let them pass peacefully or pay thousands of dollars for the bills so they can get better. Some sad risks we can take is for friends. Some risks we take for friends can be money to help a family member that is in the hospital. Sometimes depressing risks involve some people passing away. For example, a depressing choice or risk is to sacrifice your friend to save a family member or vice versa. Risks can be sad, exciting, and dangerous but we have to take them in order to survive or go on with life. In addition to the risks, we take there is nothing we can do about them.

Risks are in our life no matter what we do, they can either be depressing, dangerous, or even exciting. When taking risks always be aware of what is going to happen after what you choose, the choice you make can take your life. Risks can be fun sometimes especially for example what present to keep and what present to throw away. Choices can be sad and risky for example choosing a friend you have known all your life with a horrible disease or a family member that has cancer and can still cure it. Risks are a part of us for eternity and we can’t do anything about it except if we don’t choose anything to do, all I’m trying to say is be careful if you have a risky choice to make listen to your heart/mind whichever one you trust more.   

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