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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Crucible has many significant themes, but the risks and rewards that go along with having power and greed are proven in how Arthur Miller portrays his characters. One of the characters, Abigail shows how being selfish and power hungry gets her nowhere. Miller also shows how the whole community supports that men are more powerful than women. Then lastly, Reverend Parris is more concerned with his reputation than his own family. Although many of the characters have influence within the community, some risks that are taken do not give them any rewards.

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Abigail Williams abuses her power to put her enemies into death gain status in the community. Abigail uses her power by leading the girls to dance in the woods, which causes hysteria throughout the town. Then during the trail Abigail blames Elizabeth, John’s wife, of witchcraft because she wants to be with John and who she is obsessed. In court, she is not given any serious punishments even though she gave false statements. These statements hurt these accused people and they were sins they didn’t even commit, which they suffered because of her selfishness. Even Though Abigail tries to use her power, in the end she doesn’t get John or acceptance.

Throughout the play, Miller shows how men are more powerful than women. In one part of the play, he says husbands have control over their wives and children, male are the one to work and earn money…. This is also shown in the courts and churches where males are in charge. Women are not given these positions because they are not seen as authoritative. Another example is at one point John tells Mary that he will whip her if she leave the house again to go to Salem. These men take many risks to show their authority, but the do not get much in return.

Revenands even abuse their power. His followers are accusing him on not preaching about hope and forgiveness, but about hell and damnation. He feels his is going to lose his powerful position as a reverend because people have stopped coming to church. He also starts to agree with Abigail’s false testimonies, which is not helping his status. He is becoming greedy by having golden candlesticks and a deed to his home. All of these power trips are not giving him any rewards accept material ones.

In conclusion, the play by author Miller shows that taking risks and getting rewards are abused by many characters in this play. Power can be a great asset to someone who doesn’t abuse it like many do in their lives. Weather it is Abigail lying to get a man, but doesn’t work. Or men having more power over women that doesn’t help relationships at home in or a community. Or when people in higher positions like reverend become greedy and not doing their job. In this play, many risks are taken, some get rewards, but not without effecting others.

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