One of the Main Characters in the Play “The Crucible”

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor, one of the main characters in his mid-thirties, was overly prideful in his name and reputation. To start, John Proctor had a previous affair with a 17- year- old girl named Abigail. When John revealed this to his wife Elizabeth, whom he has three sons with, she was very upset and on the edge. So, when Abigail was put on trial for previous accusations, Elizabeth wanted John to go testify against her and tell the courts Abigail is a liar.

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Elizabeth exclaimed, “I think you must go to Salem, John. I think so. You must tell them it is a fraud.” (Miller. II.53). John was extremely against the idea because he knew he would have to fess up to the previous affair.

But, after Mary Warren, whom works for the Proctors, announced to John and Elizabeth that Abigail mentioned Elizabeth’s name in court today accusing Elizabeth of releasing spirits out to hurt others, that was the final straw for John. John decided to go to Salem and testify against Abigail in attempt to save his wife Elizabeth! When John went to court Abigail ended up turning everything on him, ultimately sending him to jail. While he sat in jail, Elizabeth tried to save his life by telling him to Confess. Even though John was prideful of his name, he signed the adultery confession. When officials tried to take the signed confession and show the whole town, John took it and ripped it up! John exclaimed, “You are the high court, your work is good enough! Tell them I confessed myself; say Proctor broke his knees and wept like a woman; say what you will, but my name cannot-” (Miller. IV.143). John Proctor could not bear to have his reputation and name smeared with the confession of adultery.

In addition, Deputy Governor Danforth gave John an ultimatum. The ultimatum consisted of choosing between letting Danforth keep the confession in his hand or leading himself to the rope. John knew what decision he had to make. Ultimately, he knew it was more important to preserve his good name and the integrity of his family. John uttered, “It is my name! I cannot have another in my life! I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me with my name!” (Miller. IV.143). From there, John died to save his good name and keep the integrity of his family. John Proctor was for once living in a peaceful state for the first time in forever! All in all, John Proctor showed many ways he was very prideful and vain in his name and reputation, which is one of the seven deadly sins.

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