Why does the Number of Sexual Assaults Continue to Increase Throughout the Army?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The word SHARP is getting more popular in the media every year. Due to the high increase cases in the army. During the past years the statistics are significantly changing. Based on the “Department of the Defense annual report on sexual assault on the military 2017 fiscal year”. Have significant changes on the statistics, on this last fiscal year was an increment on the reports for 597 more reports than fiscal year 2016. The sexual assault is going to keep the increment of reports and cases, just because we are professionals and now the army are taking out the fear of the victims to remind silences.

Soldiers are taking proper action by reporting any soldier, civilian or affiliate who commits the crime. The tools the army are providing for prevent, intervein and act against to sexual harassment are working. Sexual harassment being in the army more that they think, but now with the right leadership and knowledge what they are providing. Making the soldiers loose fear on talk and reports any violation on SHARP. This is just the beginning of the end of toxic mind in the ARMY.

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The main factor on the sexual harassment is the alcohol, when the alcohol is involved is a 90% chance a crime happens. Why the alcohol, well majorities of service member when they are drinking alcohol don’t control themselves. They start misunderstanding the relationships with the others service members. Referencing the factor alcohol with the case “SPC Ramirez new on CNN, From fellow soldier to ‘monster’ in uniform”. The training and approaching about SHARP are working, but the punishments are failing.

The valor the service members are taking by reporting and identify the crime. Are motivating others to say something or act, and don’t be afraid to report any incident. “AR 600-20 Appendix H” are one of the best tools for the encourage. In the case the service member doesn’t feel comfortable for going public, they can do a restricted report. Best way to end the sexual harassment in the army is not being tolerate at all. Should be one-time incident, no second opportunities the Army don’t have place for that. But to clarify that statement have to be a deep investigation but with fact, evidence and prove. Be more aggressive on the punishment to make sure use a criminal as example.




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