Effort to Improve Handling and Training on Sexual Assault in Army

Written by: Dr. Creta
Updated: Dec 22, 2022
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More soldiers are presenting themselves in the army for help and reporting on sexual harassment and assaults after the army increased its efforts to train and handle these issues. It is said that the number of sexual assaults being reported is rising.  This could be attributed to the strong resolve of the army to get do away with the sexual assault problem. The confidence of the soldiers in fighting this problem is increasing both in their units and in the army at large.

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The last few years have been spent by the army hammering issues of sexual assault. Within the ranks of soldiers, there should be no room for sexual assault since all soldiers are like a family of brothers and sisters. Having this perspective in the mind of all the soldiers will help them to act toward each other as so. A sexual assault primarily hurts the person involved and by extension those around them. This hurt spreads and negatively affects the trust of the units, affects social cohesion, and derails morality among other things adverse effects.

In his letter to the Armed Service Senate Committee and the Chairman of the House, Robert L. Wilkie made the following statement. He said that sexual assault reports among members on active duty in FY 2017 had increased by almost ten percent. He associated this increased reporting number with the fact that Service members had gained more confidence in the response system of the Department on sexual assault.  It is said that the army has faced sexual assault issues for many years. However, the has in recent years changed its manner of response to sexual assaults and even trained its soldiers on this subject. This has increased the confidence in soldiers and enabled them to report any assaults once they happen.

According to the report on sexual assault in the military Fiscal Year 2017, the previous year’s survey done on the department of Active duty members revealed that the sexual assault prevalence assault that had been done a year before had decreased significantly and marked the lowest ever since the Department was established in 2006 (DoD Annual report on sexual assault in the military fiscal year 2017). The only estimation that can be done on the actual number of sexual assaults happening can be based on the unreported assaults.  However, sexual assaults in the army are generally estimated to be declining. It remains to be a problem that must be addressed continually.  The number of sexual assaults will keep declining as long as the army continues to tighten its strategies of eliminating it through educating soldiers and handling the cases reported. 

The effort of the army to continually train soldiers on sexual assault so far has been effective. This education involves how the soldiers can handle sexual assaults and the reporting options available. I believe an understanding of options available for reporting and more courage that the soldiers have gained is the reason for the rise in sexual assault cases. This is a continual problem that will take a while to be fixed completely. The army should continue with its efforts of supporting its soldiers and increasing its strategies for handling and training sexual assault.

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