Living the Army Values

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Every career has a basis or rules that guide its members’ conduct. Moral principles or values distinguish a person’s personality from their character. Army values are the main constituents that keep its members accountable. This paper defines the army values and expounds on the importance and hard work employed to sustain the core values.

The army comprises seven fundamental values to guide and train to impart discipline in the institution. The core basic army standards are derived from the acronym ‘LDRSHIP’ and include respect, loyalty, honor, duty, selfless service, personal courage and integrity.

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Leadership entails bearing true allegiance and faith to the constitution of the United States, the Army, other soldiers, and the unit. A loyal soldier has a firm commitment to service, supports leadership, and is ready to defend the nation against all adversaries. Subordinates and co-equals loyalty constitutes trust in the institution. Duty means fulfilling one’s obligations. Soldiers must execute their moral and legal responsibilities by performing tasks and orders assigned to them without getting pleasure or profit. Respect involves treating individuals the way they ought to be treated. Soldiers demonstrate respect by standing for the army rules and authority and having reverence for themselves. Selfless service in the army means placing the nation’s, army’s, and subordinate’s welfare above individual needs. Consequently, soldiers should portray selfless qualities to accomplish the mission. Every soldier has a high value to the army and should abide by the army’s values to achieve honor. Generally, soldiers who abide by moral principles and possess honesty and bravery qualities are commendable in the organization. Integrity entails reliability associated with moral character, dependability in words and actions, and self-discipline. Finally, personal courage is the ability to conquer danger when faced with fear or a likely risky situation. Personal courage is also breaking the cycle to attain a desirable outcome.

A good reputation is an essential asset in the army. Instilling a good image calls for the enforcement of army principles to its members. Army standards form strong competence and an established ethical environment. Enforcing army principles rigorously upholds strong trust and, consequently, excellent morale and productivity. The army principles set a clear mission or objective and lead to transparency. Personal readiness and unity are also a result of the application of army values by the soldiers. Values establish the basis of teamwork culture, respect and excellence; contributing to a firm and prepared army, able to improvise, adjust and conquer. As a result, the military can defeat any enemy in the prospective operational surrounding (U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command, 2018).

CAPE (Center for the Army Profession and Ethics) includes professional, army ethics, and character development program in daily operations and military training to sustain the army’s core values. Virtual stimulators associated with CAPE incorporate army principles into their learning program, allowing trainees to come to terms with essential army ethics and professional models. Examples include “Keepers of the Colors & Our Profession, “True Faith and allegiance”, and “The Company We Keep”. The assessment tool and workshop referred to as ‘Not In My Mind’ (NIMS) builds cohesion in a unit or a team. Certainly, AAOP (America’s Army Our Profession) theme advocates for standing firm and emphasizing faithful stewardship and service regarding the army occupation. In addition, from the hiring state to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) completion, fresh recruits receive training to abide by the army’s core principles. Following constant military training like OCS and BLC, soldiers renew their commitment to the army principles. Another way of maintaining army core values is through giving rewards and penalties within the institution. Punishment is for the soldiers who do not abide by the moral and ethical army expectations. Alternatively, value-driven soldiers who comply with the standards and depict outstanding character are rewarded.

In conclusion, professionalism, trust, and character development are vital for mission achievement. Comprehension of the army principles and the hard work applied in maintaining the values and their significance in the modern army enhances growth within the operational surroundings. 

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