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Harry Potter - Essay Samples And Topic Ideas For Free

21 essay samples found

The “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling has left a profound impact on modern literature and has enchanted readers of all ages with its magical world and compelling narrative. Essays could delve into the themes explored in the series, such as friendship, courage, the battle between good and evil, and the importance of choice. They might also explore the socio-cultural impact of the “Harry Potter” phenomenon, and how it has inspired a new generation of readers and writers. Discussions could extend to the portrayal of gender, race, and social justice issues within the narrative and the broader “Harry Potter” community. The discourse may also touch on the commercial success and expansion of the “Harry Potter” universe through films, merchandise, and theme parks, exploring the series’ enduring popularity and influence. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Harry Potter you can find at Papersowl. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Essay About Harry Potter
At the beginning of the book, Harry Potter, Harry is living with his aunt and uncle. Life is not very good there. Harry's parents were killed when he was just a baby, and Harry longs to find out why. A couple of days before Harry's eleventh birthday he started getting letters in the mail, but he was not allowed to read them. Uncle Vernon made sure of that. But these letters started coming rapidly, no matter what the family tried, they kept coming in. Uncle Vernon went so crazy over these letters that they were forced to leave the house, they were taken to this old, wet, moldy shack in the middle of nowhere.
Harry is counting down to his eleventh birthday, five, four, three, two, one… BOOM someone bursts right into the old moldy shack. Vernon has a gun and Dudley is scared for his life. The giant whose name is Hagrid explains to Harry how he is a wizard and his parents were killed when he was little. Hagrid told him he was a wizard and that he was accepted into Hogwarts. Uncle Vernon was not thrilled and said Harry was going nowhere. Anyway, Harry was given the information and needed to go to platform nine and three quarters which is where he went, but something strange was going on, there was no platform nine and three quarters. No one knew about this platform until he saw a family so he asked and she said you have to run right in between two platforms. So he did. Harry was now on his way to Hogwarts. Wow, was Harry popular, everyone knew about him, Harry was confused.
Harry now heard about a sorting hat that you need to take a test for. Harry was very scared for this test because he didn't know anything about being a wizard at all but little did he know it was no test for him, it was a test for the teachers to see which house Harry will be in Harry ended up being in the house of Gryffindor with the smart girl Hermione and someone he met on the train named Ron. One of his teachers, Snape was so mean, he despised Harry and was never happy. One day during a flying class on brooms with professor McGonagall someone started early and had to go to the doctor wing and everyone was told not to fly and stay there. Of course, Malfoy had to get Harry upset so they started flying. Harry was so good and when the professor came back she saw, she made it seem like he was in trouble but he ended up being the seeker of the quidditch team.
Harry and his friends were always up to some kind of interesting risky task such as when there was a goblin in the girl's bathroom and Ron and Harry saved Hermione. Or when Hagrid bought a dragon that could definitely not stay at Hogwarts so they had to get the dragon out with no one seeing. But one of the most important things the three of them were up to was stopping who they thought on one night that Snape was plotting to. Harry, Hermione, and Ron knew this would be difficult and it was. Especially for Harry. The three kids had to go through many obstacles, when it was just Harry, Quirrel was there. Harry probably thought he was safe but it turns out Quirrel is the one working for Voldemort and he is sharing a body with Voldemort. Quirrel needed that stone so he tied Harry up. Then Voldemort told him that the boy is the answer and to have Harry look in the mirror. Little did they know, Harry had the stone in his pocket. When Quirrell took off his turban there was an evil-looking sideman. Harry now ran and Voldemort told Quirrel to kill him, but he just couldn't, Harry felt so much pain in his head, he blacked out.
When Harry Woke up he was in the hospital. Dumbeldore was there Harry talked about what had happened and Dumbeldore told him how Voldemort did not get the stone and how he is not dead but is looking for another body to share. Dumbledore told him How there is going to be an end-of-the-year festival tonight and if he is feeling up to it he would love to have him there. When Hagrid visited he broke into tears because he thought it was all his fault. Later that day when he went to the festival obviously Slytherin won, there were balloons their color and a big banner. But when dumbledore added up extra points Gryffindor ended up winning for how much they helped Hogwarts! The day everyone goes back home Harry of course must go back home to Mr & Mrs. Dursley’s house. Life is normal, until next year. 

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