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Book Review Essays

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Is Odysseus a Hero: Essay on the Main Character of Homer’s Epic Poem

Words: 948 Pages: 3 1242

An epic hero, according to the Webster Dictionary, is a “ brave and noble character who is admired for great achievements and affected by grand events.” This is a fitting description of Homer’s protagonist Odysseus, son of Laertes and Anticlea, and the king of Ithaca. A well known hero in Greek Mythology, Odysseus was known […]

Topics: Book Review, Odysseus

Resistance Prevents Us from Living the Way we Want

Words: 416 Pages: 1 3288

Resistance is the area that can prevent most from achieving their full potential.  The resistance is your lizard brain.  It’s the part of us that wants to stay safe and cares about what everyone else thinks.  To the lizard brain being in a tribe/social status is essential for its survival.  Godin calls the part of […]

Topics: Book Review, Communication, Health, Human Nature

The Book Dibs: in Search of Self

Words: 1301 Pages: 4 4270

Abstract This book is about a five year old patient of Virginia Axline, who also happens to be the author of the book, named Dibs. Coming from very driven and wealthy parents with respectable careers, the boy is very quiet and only speaks if he doesn’t like something. His parents even thought to put him […]

Topics: Book Review, Child, Human Nature, Self

The Slave Ship a Human History by Marcus Rediker

Words: 1005 Pages: 3 3962

12 million slaves too many. Rediker’s book goes in depth about the gruesome and horrendous journey that brought 12 million slaves through the Middle Passage that was run by the British and Americans during the 18Th century. While this book may not all be true events, it can easily come to life very quickly for […]

Topics: Book, Book Review, Prison, Slavery

The Book Describing Medicare and other Social Programs

Words: 1495 Pages: 5 3362

The book ‘ Where does the money go ‘ was insightful. I had not thought of any of the situations that were brought up until after finishing the book. This book talks about where the money goes after national elections and gives readers insight on what to think about before casting their votes. It also […]

Topics: Book Review, Debt, Health Care, Medicaid, Medicare, United States
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My Fitness Program what Workout Plan is Best for Me? 

Words: 2668 Pages: 9 987

You will come across most people who start an exercise routine but eventually stop. They are the ones who end up blaming themselves for being lazy and undisciplined but quitting exercise is not about character flaws. At times it’s the exercise plan they chose did not turn out to be a good fit for them. […]

Topics: Book Review, World War 1

Okonkwo’s Tragedy in the Novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe: Tradition Versus Change

Words: 1629 Pages: 5 1162

The voice of the novel in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe portrays a tragic story of the effects of colonialism in a traditional tribe based in lower Nigeria through the point of view of those being colonized. The historical fiction takes place in the late nineteenth century when European missionaries visited the land of […]

Topics: Book Review, Nigeria

US and Mexican Immigration Policies from a Holistic Anthropological Perspective

Words: 1107 Pages: 4 3506

For my anthropology book review, I decided to read and analyze The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail by Jason de Leon. Jason takes a look at U.S.-Mexico immigration policies from a holistic anthropological view that includes forensic science, linguistics, ethnography, and archaeology. The book’s main argument about immigration is […]

Topics: Anthropology, Book Review, Ethnography, Immigration

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Care

Words: 1200 Pages: 4 4138

Through Instagram Direct Messages, I was pestering my cousin brother for an exchange of books (him, obviously being the one with a greater and better library of books), which is when I became aware of the existence of the novel with no simple story, named “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert M. […]

Topics: Aristotle, Book Review, Popular culture

Analysis of Two Island Villages with Detailed Cultural History

Words: 895 Pages: 3 3621

Craig Mishler’s, Black Ducks & Salmon Bellies: An Ethnography of Old Harbor and Ouzinkie, Alaska offers an in-depth . Mishler, an affiliate research professor at the University of Alaska, is a reputable historian who has a particular interest in the study of native groups’ culture. In addition, he is the editor of The Gwichêin Stories […]

Topics: Book Review, Ethnography, Freedom of Religion, Popular culture

Andrew Torget’s Book, Seeds of Empire: Cotton, Slavery, and the Transformation of the Texas Borderlands

Words: 651 Pages: 2 3263

Sets the scene for Texas to be put back into the time frame of the bare beginnings of the nineteenth-century. The time frame at which Texas was still under direct/indirect Spanish control in conjunction with ongoing rise in that of the cotton industry, the slave trade, and the overall notion of what could be referenced […]

Topics: Book Review, Slavery, Texas, United States

Analysis of the Party System of India at Various Stages

Words: 1326 Pages: 4 3508

At the time of India’s independence in 1947, few expected it to survive as a democracy due to excessive illiteracy and poverty, and the presence of diverse population. However, India has survived as a functioning democracy with a vibrant party system, and so far has successfully held 17 national elections and over 350 state assembly […]

Topics: Book Review, Identity Politics, India

Rhetoric in Animal Farm by George Orwell

Words: 499 Pages: 2 1044

What if the roles of life reversed? Meaning that, instead of humans, animals would have the authority and lead the way of life instead of humans. This exaggeration was demonstrated on a smaller scale in the novella Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The animals lived on the Manor Farm working laborious days, day to […]

Topics: Book Review, George Orwell

The Main Idea of “The Stranger”

Words: 1037 Pages: 3 1009

The novel begins with Meursault, a shipping clerk living in French Algiers in the 1940s, reading a message announcing the passing of his mom. While at the funeral the guests are surprised at his strange calm behavior. He goes on a date with a girl he just met, helps a pimp, and goes to a […]

Topics: Analysis, Book Review, The Stranger

Analysis the Story “Metamorphosis” Written by Franz Kafka and the Movie Shrek in Terms from a Sociological Perspective

Words: 564 Pages: 2 1145

The story “Metamorphosis” written by Franz Kafka is an interesting story about a young salesman, Gregor, who turns into a large bug and struggles to find acceptance from his family and others. This theme shares the same characteristics as many other stories and movies created today. One of the most well known stories today that […]

Topics: Book Review, Movie, Sociological Perspective

Claude Mckay and his Poems

Words: 441 Pages: 1 1011

bookClaude Mckay was born in 1889 in Jamaica. Then later moved to New York. He was able to do this with award money that he got from the Jamaican Institute of Arts. Some of his famous poems are “Birds of prey”, “Enslaved”, and “If We Must Die”. Claude Mckay was one of the best and […]

Topics: Book Review, Racism

The Play Hamlet: Revenge and Ophelia’s Madness

Words: 765 Pages: 3 1121

In the play, Shakespeare uses revenge as a main theme. To accomplish this theme, he had all three men seeking revenge at one time. Revenge is used in a way for all three men to express their feelings through anger and sadness. Anger can act in ways of corruption of plans, they may be changed […]

Topics: Book Review, William Shakespeare

The Historical Context in Charlotte Gilman’s the Yellow Wallpaper: Women’s March

Words: 1182 Pages: 4 1329

The views of current society, along with past generations have shown women have been relatively domesticated, only having purpose when it comes time to bear children and take charge of all household affairs. The men on the other hand, have tendencies to go out in the world and provide for their families by doing the […]

Topics: Book Review

The Analysis of the Story “Diary of a Madman” by Lu Xun

Words: 560 Pages: 2 1139

The idea of the meaning of life, as well as questioning what is perceived as giving us meaning, is a central topic of discussion in Modernism. Through analyzing the texts Metamorphosis and Diary of a Madman, one can find that the former uses this idea to question the values of family and work while the […]

Topics: Book, Book Review

Hamlet: a Picture of Renaissance Humanism

Words: 1083 Pages: 4 1216

Revenge is something that many people resort to when something dramatic happens to them, in their eyes all they see is read and a need to get back at the person that hurt them. In this play in particular, revenge will be the answer but what comes of it is something that many would have […]

Topics: Book Review, Hamlet

Duality in the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Words: 862 Pages: 3 994

Jerrold M. Packard once said, “Upper–class Victorians feared an overabundance of passion, believing it only complicated matter and, more dangerously, led to thoughts of unrealistic liaisons between persons of unequal social stations” (“Victorian Era”). Robert Louis Stevenson asserts this point in his novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Stevenson was born […]

Topics: Book Review, Novel

On the Rainy River by Tim O’Brien Analysis

Words: 742 Pages: 2 1058

Throughout history, the United States’ stance on foreign affairs has gradually developed from neutrality to voluntary involvement in other nations’ wars. South Vietnam was facing enormous pressure from North Vietnam to become communist and this eventually led the two to break out into war. Additionally, the United States feared the effects of the “domino theory” […]

Topics: Book Review, Short Story

The Crucible by Arthur Miller: how Abigail Williams Abused her Power

Words: 914 Pages: 3 1024

In 1692 in the colonial town of Salem, Massachusetts, talk of witchcraft spread through the villagers like wildfire. These accusations lead to mass hysteria and panic. In Arthur Miller’s portrayal of the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible, the characters’ actions affect those around them and drive the hysteria. This being said, developments in the characters’ […]

Topics: Book Review, The Crucible

Magical Realism in the Handsomest Drowned Man in the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Words: 890 Pages: 3 966

“The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World”, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez highlights the life of an isolated coastal village. They find a dead body and take it in as their own, and call him Esteban. Although he is not part of the village, he transforms the village into a more colourful and vibrant place than […]

Topics: Book, Book Review

The Literary Work, Utopias: a Brief History from Ancient Writings to Virtual Communities

Words: 933 Pages: 3 3698

Written by Howard Segal explores the past and present ideas of utopias. It features the first ancient Greece utopia all the way through the virtual world which engulfs people today. Segal explains the reasons behind a utopia and what purposes they serve, he also explains how the utopias themselves have changed over time as with […]

Topics: Book, Book Review, Social science, Utopia

Military Activist and General Sun Tzu

Words: 792 Pages: 3 3491

Introduction Sun Tzu was a Chinese general and Military activist who wrote The Art of War. This review is based on a version that was analyzed by Lionel Giles, who believes that there were many individuals who documented the teachings of Sun Tzu. The book focuses on successful war strategies; teaching the reader how to […]

Topics: American literature, Book Review, Communication, Popular culture

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