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The Great Gatsby Essays

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Love in the Great Gatsby

Words: 922 Pages: 3 9161

Gatsby has everything that money can buy, but it won’t guarantee you the heart of the girl you love. Wealth and accomplishment attracted Gatsby. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows the money will not fully buy you the happiness you need. As they are all hungry for wealth, they all have […]

Topics: Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

The Theme of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby

Words: 1147 Pages: 4 16205

The American dream is a concept that many strive for and will not be deterred from. Within The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby longs to create the most ideal lifestyle with Daisy, someone he has taken an interest in. Gatsby’s attraction to Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan, makes him go […]

Topics: American Dream, The Great Gatsby

Character Analysis: Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby

Words: 1032 Pages: 3 15030

Nick Carraway as a narrator in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald contradicts himself by falsely portraying certain aspects of the novel which might distract from the real truth, by only having one perspective throughout the whole novel. Nick only portrays certain characters by his likeness. Nick is biased to selective characters in the […]

Topics: Narration, The Great Gatsby

How are Women Portrayed in the Great Gatsby

Words: 592 Pages: 2 18255

Types of woman out to be greedy, careless, and overall negative. In the book, he uses the female characters to depict certain stereotypes such as the ‘traditional woman’ or ‘modern woman’ who unfortunately both are both described negatively. In the book, Daisy is described as beautiful and she often uses her beauty to her advantage […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

The Use of Color Symbolism in the Great Gatsby

Words: 850 Pages: 3 9589

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, one of the main characters of the novel, Gatsby, tries to win back the already married Daisy Buchanan’s love. After fighting in World War One, a determined Gatsby earns a fortune through illegal channels and purchases a mansion in West Egg, across from East Egg where Tom […]

Topics: Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby
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Who is the Worst Character in the Great Gatsby

Words: 354 Pages: 1 9614

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. It is the 1920’s, or the roaring 20’s. At that time, a lot of people were thriving and the economy was booming, the stock market was going up, and it was a time of prosperity. There were a lot of wealthy […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

The Death in “The Great Gatsby” Novel

Words: 798 Pages: 3 35876

Who Dies in The Great Gatsby What would you do if someone killed someone you loved? Myrtle Wilson is causing a major uprise in multiple deaths. Although the deaths are not all Myrtle’s fault. Myrtle has jumped in front of the car that Daisy Buchanan. Thus causing Daisy to be blamed for Myrtle’s death. Tom […]

Topics: Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby and Prohibition

Words: 2426 Pages: 8 8625

There was two different names for the 1920s. The first one was the Roaring Twenties. the second name was known as the jazz age. Prohibition is the illegal sale of alcohol. In the illegal commodity, prohibition created the black market. Prohibition created a market that became a battleground between warring bootlegging factions. The number of […]

Topics: Alcohol, The Great Gatsby

Is the Great Gatsby Historical Fiction?

Words: 2111 Pages: 7 8830

Historical information about the period of publication: The Great Gatsby was published in the twenties and the book takes place in the twenties. In the 1920’s Jazz was upcoming and very popular. Jazz clubs were very popular, and many people would come in some pretty cool outfits. Also in 1920 the 19th amendment was ratified […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

The Loss of Identity in the Great Gatsby

Words: 595 Pages: 2 13218

In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald many themes and thoughts are expressed through subtlety and secrecy of characters and objects. With these underlying conceptions Fitzgerald is able to reveal Gatsby, the main character, as someone with a loss of identity which ultimately leads to his attempt to restore the past and […]

Topics: Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

Analyzation of Women in “The Great Gatsby”

Words: 1260 Pages: 4 7141

Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength (G.D Anderson). Traditionally, women have been thought of as housewives; people who take care of the kids, clean the house and make sure that there is a hot-cooked meal waiting for her husband when he […]

Topics: Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby

Allegory in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”

Words: 1289 Pages: 4 7226

The original American Dream strives in the darkness covered by money, alcohol, parties, singing and women. The setting takes place during the Jazz Age, the 1920’s, where money instantly correlated with success due to the impulsive american people who have corrupted the dream that past settlers had once dreamt of. Nick Carraway opens up the […]

Topics: American Dream, The Great Gatsby

The American Dream in the Great Gatsby

Words: 1061 Pages: 4 10419

The American dream often comes up in the novel The Great Gatsby. Hope and dreams are what keep people going to accomplish their American dream. Many characters in the book look at the American Dream a little different. For example, Tom and George look at the American dream differently just because of money wise, how […]

Topics: American Dream, The Great Gatsby

Examples of Diction in the Great Gatsby

Words: 343 Pages: 1 9661

Fitzgerald uses diction to convey that Tom uses his power to manipulate and control Daisy ultimately proving Tom’s ability to force Daisy to drive. Tom becomes suspicious of Daisy’s and Gatsby’s affair and addresses Gatsby. Daisy is terrified because she doesn’t like how the confrontation occurs: But with every word she was drawing further and […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby”: by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Words: 1604 Pages: 5 5996

I bought a dozen volumes on banking and credit and investment securities, and they stood on my shelf in red and gold like new money from the mint, promising to unfold the shining secrets that only Midas and Morgan and Maecenas knew. (4) The red and gold here are representing the power and money. Nick […]

Topics: American Dream, The Great Gatsby

The American Dream in USA

Words: 1347 Pages: 4 5780

The strive to be successful in America is seen throughout time, this idea of success has been characterizing Americans for centuries. For as long as this country has been created every citizen and immigrant that has arrived strives to work as hard as possible to fulfill their American Dream. This idea of the American Dream […]

Topics: American Dream, Of Mice And Men, The Great Gatsby

The Women of the Great Gatsby

Words: 942 Pages: 3 5535

In today’s society, women are viewed very differently from when they were 100 years ago. Today, women have the opportunity to stand up for themselves and voice their opinion, but it has not always been that way. The women in The Great Gatsby have just gained the ability to vote, but they still aren’t taken […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Morality

Words: 717 Pages: 2 4368

Often in life there are those who have wealth and feel like they are on top of the world and below them is the poor who have to work hundred times harder just to make living. “Money is only a tool.”(Ayn Rand).Set during the beginning of 1900 , the Great Gatsby talks about one’s ultimatum […]

Topics: The Great Gatsby

What is Recognition?

Words: 2062 Pages: 7 4206

Recognition is the action of being acknowledged for something’s existence. Recognition is important in one ‘ s life when their goal in life is to work hard for something to receive acknowledgment. There are certain individuals who will go above and beyond in order to receive this recognition from one or many others. However, the […]

Topics: Michelangelo, The Great Gatsby

Thoughts of the Great Gatsby

Words: 1054 Pages: 4 2043

Infatuation with an object or person can often mislead an individual into believing that they are in love. In the novel, The Great Gatsby the main character is a victim of confusing infatuation with love. A beautiful young lady, Daisy Buchanan attracts Gatsby at a young age and his infatuation for her deepens as they […]

Topics: Daisy Buchanan, Love, The Great Gatsby

Modern Time Period

Words: 1747 Pages: 6 5008

The Modern Time Period began in 1900 and ended in 1950. This time period started because of World War I. The Realism Time Period happened before Modernism, and the Contemporary Time Period took place after. There were important events that took place during this time: the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age. Two authors that […]

Topics: Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes, Modernism, The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Era

Words: 619 Pages: 2 4617

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925 as a novel that attempts to describe that time period of society in America. The book provides an idea of frenzied society during post-war commonly referred to as the Jazz Age. Today, it offers the readers with a portal in which they can reflect […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, The Great Gatsby

Why does Daisy Choose Tom

Words: 3079 Pages: 10 4567

The purpose of this essay is to analyze the literary techniques F. Scott Fitzgerald uses in order to critique the upper society as well as analyze how Fitzgerald wrote ahead of his generation by using the historical events of his time to emphasize situations regarding the upper class. F. Scott Fitzgerald dives into many different […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Novel, The Great Gatsby

American Dream and the Great Gatsby

Words: 1010 Pages: 3 4217

The American Dream has changed since Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. Now, most people think the American Dream means happiness through money and what it can buy. Whereas Fitzgerald thought it meant happiness in any way possible. If you asked me what I believed the American Dream was before reading this book I would have […]

Topics: Advertising, American Dream, Happiness, The Great Gatsby

Money and Parties at the Great Gatsby

Words: 903 Pages: 3 2137

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the novel, inequality between social hierarchies is the theme that is stand out the most. The three social classes in the novel are new money, old money and no money. He presents each social class in a way that gives the audience the […]

Topics: Money, Social Status, The Great Gatsby

Women’s Roles in Society

Words: 2755 Pages: 9 3934

Background In the 21st century, women’s roles in society have grown. Women are now in leadership positions that has shown that as a society it has come a long way. From the beginning of time, women were always working in the house while the men would work to provide for the family. Most societies viewed […]

Topics: Dracula, The Great Gatsby

Why does Tom Cheat on Daisy

Words: 1832 Pages: 6 5469

We must pay tribute to the creators of the movie “The Great Gatsby”. The film turned out to be very beautiful. The picture is simply mesmerizing. But in this analysis, I would like to pay attention not to the visual component of the film, but to the relationship between the characters. Not everyone will be […]

Topics: American literature, Fiction, Film, Movie, Novel, The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Money and Life Lesson

Words: 797 Pages: 3 1956

Money is one of the most important things in our lives. We need it to eat, drink and even shelter ourselves our whole life basically depend on money. people spend years trying to get a degree to be able to have a wealthy life in the future. In the novel The Great Gatsby, it proclaims […]

Topics: American literature, Novel, The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Book Review

Words: 920 Pages: 3 8226

 The Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a portrayal of society in the 1920’s also known as The Roaring Twenties. A time of economic prosperity, new inventions, black people, women’s liberation, glittering Jazz, luxury, as well as alcohol prohibition, organized crime and corruption. This is the time when the “Great War” has […]

Topics: Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

“The Great Gatsby” and “Death of a Salesman”

Words: 786 Pages: 3 5226

Throughout the works of The Great Gatsby and “Death of a Salesman,” we see Willy and Gatsby don’t have a lot in common. Gatsby throws crazy parties and is a shady businessman on the side. Willy just can’t even get his crap together to begin with. But as you get to know the characters more […]

Topics: Death of a Salesman, The Great Gatsby
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Essays on The Great Gatsby
Unfortunately, F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t survive long enough to see his masterpiece receive the appraisal it deserved. Now, every school curriculum requires at least an essay on The Great Gatsby. Set in the decadent ages of the 1920s, the novel serves as a character analysis of the prestigious rich and famous of those times, with numerous examples of moral decline, amplified by a luxurious environment, as the background setting. The narrative thread manages to create an outline of the Jazz Age while focusing on the household drama of Tom Buchanan and his wife, Daisy Buchanan. Their existence is perturbed when eccentric millionaire Jay Gatsby enters their lived.
The novel’s characters are caught up in a swirling world of exhausting nightlife, intense partying, promiscuity and lack of sound values, which catastrophically tends to end in drama. The author was inspired by real moments in his own experience of living in the society he depicts. However, he still questions the lack of a moral compass, the vices and the hypocrisy altogether.
We’ve taken a keen interest in the topics presented in this novel, as they seem to have an echo reverberating in today’s society as well. Any research paper on the Great Gatsby covers a large selection of subjects, from being able to write a full book review, to more specific tasks. For instance, a literary analysis of the characters, depicting the courage to follow their dreams by any means, as opposed to those unable to take upon themselves the responsibility of their own actions. Another example sees an argumentative essay on whether it’s society at fault for the way things unraveled, or rather the actions of a mad-driven individual.

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