The Great Gatsby Era

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925 as a novel that attempts to describe that time period of society in America. The book provides an idea of frenzied society during post-war commonly referred to as the Jazz Age. Today, it offers the readers with a portal in which they can reflect on the life in American society during the 1920s. This paper will provide a discussion about the people in 1920s through looking into consideration on the political, economic and social perspectives during this period.

For one to understand The Great Gatsby, they must follow the politics which underlie the story. During the 1920s, it was a period characterized by prosperity and growth although it was marked with corruption (Scott 165). The period discussed in the story followed after the end of World War I. After Warren G. Harding had assumed to the presidency during 1920, he aimed at bringing the nation back to daily business. However, it was a challenging task since corruption and scandals characterized his administration. People in societies during the 1920s greatly suffered during the rebuilding of the country as there was undermining of the striking laborers when they protested over child labor, minimum wage and union issues. Additionally, Harding enacted tax legislation that only benefited the wealthy. Due to some decisions about administration policy, several industries such as textiles and agriculture suffered which resulted in many people migrating to urban regions to seek a living.

Fitzgerald also shows us the economic perspective of the societies that people lived in the 1920s. The story by Fitzgerald asserts that there was rapid economic growth in the 1920s as a result of enhanced technology and increased productivity having a decrease in production cost. When people started accumulating more money, they began purchasing more which enabled the growth cycle of the economy (Scott 113). In the societies, individuals began buying consumer goods such as refrigerators, cars, and radios at an increased rate. Individuals also started spending more money and time on leisure and recreation hence there was increased growth of popularity of professional sports, tabloid newspapers and movies. To add on economics, Fitzgerald considers other country problems in the novel. For instance, Tom is seen to have a dislike for the outsiders. In the 1920s, the population of immigrants significantly increased as a result of the need for cheap labor for the emerging companies.

Socially, the 1920s represented an era of significant change, specifically for women. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald presents women in every class who are attempting o rebel against the rules of the society. Daisy tries breaking away from her community as she considers it as being restrictive and it is hard for her to run away, and she falls back into money (Scott 153). Jordan Baker, for example, is a woman who is emancipated. She is seen as only passing time by being a professional golfer which was a profession that was made possible due to economic and social progress in the 1920s. In the novel, there are two kinds of wealthy individuals. The first category includes individuals such as Jordan Baker and Buchanan who do not have to work since they come from wealthy families. The second category contains characters such as Tom who have to work to earn a living.

In conclusion, The Great Gatsby novels follow around the political, economic and social perspectives which provide significant information about the life that people in 1920s used to live. People in American societies in the 1920s used to live in an era that was characterized by political prosperity and growth although marked with corruption, there was the rapid growth of the economy, and socially, many women felt oppressed by the system of their societies.

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