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Economic Growth Essays

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Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Pakistan

Words: 572 Pages: 2 4252

In time series data which indicates that increasing income inequality is likely to spur higher levels of GDP, For example, Shahbaz,( 2010) employed a time series data on Pakistan for the period 1971-2005, Using ARDL bound test approach, to determine the relationship between income inequality and economic growth in Pakistan. The results show that income […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Social Issues, Unemployment

Change in America’s Role in Foreign Policy

Words: 613 Pages: 2 4977

America’s role in foreign affairs underwent significant changes from 1865-1920. Prior to this period, Americans were generally indifferent to and minimally involved in foreign affairs. America was primarily focused on domestic issues such as the Civil War, industrialization, and settlement of the west. However, this changed after 1865, the end of the Civil War, for […]

Topics: American exceptionalism, American Imperialism, Economic Growth, Economy, Foreign Policy, International Relations, United States

An Important Role of Globalization

Words: 501 Pages: 2 5786

Recently, globalization has played an important role in the national market economy of each country. It not only enhances economic integration, but it also motivates trade liberalization. However, there still exist many debates regarding the “side effects” of globalization toward the development of any country. Therefore, globalization is a controversial issue that always receives significant […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Globalization, Natural Environment, Policy, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability

Revolutions are Seen as Positive Advancements

Words: 1785 Pages: 6 4229

Industrial Revolutions are seen as positive advancements, which can lead to furthering economic growth in a nation. Although, industrial revolutions can bring numerous positive outcomes, it can also bring many negative outcomes to the developing country that is going through an industrial change. Throughout history, there has been more than one industrial revolution that has […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Economic Growth, Economy, Factory, Industrial Revolution, Poverty

Neoliberalism and Economic Inequality in Different Countries

Words: 1629 Pages: 5 4574

Over the past few decades, the world economy has expanded rapidly under the influence of neoliberalism. However, neoliberalism is controversial, some people hold a positive attitude towards it, while others hold a negative attitude. Not all developed and developing countries will benefit from the new liberal process. Over time, more and more problems have surfaced […]

Topics: Capitalism, Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Employment, Free Market, Social Inequality
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Globalization’s Effects on Salta’s Viticulture Industry

Words: 1284 Pages: 4 4525

Today’s world economy is constantly shifting, changing, and adapting. With the increased interconnectedness of markets and communication, effectively every current industry looks remarkably distinct from what they looked like a hundred years ago. The distribution of these changes, however, are not uniform, and agricultural industries in particular see this imbalance. Globalization and technological advances may […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Globalization

The Industrial Era

Words: 913 Pages: 3 4913

The Industrial Era was a time in which American transformed into a modern, urban and industrial nation. The growth of the economy encouraged the industry. The rural and farm life of the nation was taken over by the industry and urbanization. The development of cities involved advancements in technology and an increase in diversity within […]

Topics: Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economy, Industrial Revolution, Transport

Industrialization Represented

Words: 1057 Pages: 4 3942

Industrialization represented only one form of the radical disorientation but sense of acceleration that Europeans experienced during the year 1820-45. (The West: A New History by Grafton and bell, page:603.) Industrialization means development in factories, from small scale to large scale and with infrastructure factories. It is a process from primary agriculture to textile manufacturing […]

Topics: Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Industrial Revolution, Poverty, Unemployment, Urbanization

Child Labor Refers to the Employment of Children

Words: 2474 Pages: 8 4191

Child labor refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives them of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. In villages, it is a common sight to see children of poor families working in fields or elsewhere to […]

Topics: Child, Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Family, Health

Breaking the Poverty Trap

Words: 1367 Pages: 5 5756

One of the reasons the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, is because of the lack of not knowing and ignorance hindering half the world, allowing the cycle of poverty to continue. Poverty trap is as a spiraling mechanism, that forces people to remain poor binding many to no hope of escaping. The […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Haiti, Policy, Poverty, Poverty Reduction

Research Paper on Gender Inequality in the Workforce in India

Words: 2179 Pages: 7 5633

Abstract India demonstrates significant economy growth that contrary to universal norms results in lower female labor force participation. The issue is a deep-rooted problem, which is aggravated by a wide range of factors, the major of which are social norms and insufficient level of training and information on job opportunities. Despite the presence of these […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Female Education, Gender, Gender Inequality, Unemployment

Economic Policy

Words: 615 Pages: 2 4226

Institutional qualities are the major determinant of every country aspiring to have good governance such as; voice and accountability, regulatory control, control of corruption, government effectiveness, rule of law and political stability. This study will focus on the rule of law and political stability as a proxy for good governance. Good governance of a nation […]

Topics: Accountability, Economic Growth, Economy, Justice, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment

The Great Gatsby Era

Words: 619 Pages: 2 4606

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925 as a novel that attempts to describe that time period of society in America. The book provides an idea of frenzied society during post-war commonly referred to as the Jazz Age. Today, it offers the readers with a portal in which they can reflect […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, The Great Gatsby

“Education is the most Powerful Tool which Can Use to Change the World”

Words: 1723 Pages: 6 8582

Introduction Nelson Mandela states, “”Education is the most powerful tool which can use to change the world””. In the past, there has been a significant transformation in society that has been primarily attributed to education. For instance, the continued support and investments in education across the world have contributed to various technological advancements. These developments […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Creativity, Democracy, Economic Growth, Economy, Gender, Gender Inequality, Health

Unemployment Rate and Urbanization

Words: 910 Pages: 3 4687

Relationship Between Real GDP Per Capita, Inflation Rate, Unemployment Rate and Urbanization Introduction Economic growth of a country id influenced by various factors such as inflation, urbanization and unemployment. These factors can also influence economic income of a country. The relationship between inflation and real GDP per capita is one of the most widely researched […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Unemployment, Urbanization

Economics of Globalization

Words: 897 Pages: 3 5721

Tata Motors Limited located in India and in different countries all over the world. where economic growth has started for decades. Still, there are some challenges that can affect the growth rate in all respect. Like GDP; growth; business cycle; inflation; unemployment; political stability; trade balance. Real GDP or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Globalization

Managing Air Pollution with Urban Transportation

Words: 2669 Pages: 9 3597

Abstract: The recent economic expansion along with the population growth experienced in developing countries has had a big impact on the development of large cities like Delhi, India. Accompanied by Delhi’s rapid spatial growth over the last 25 years, urban sprawl has been contributing to increased travel. The vehicle fleet projected at current growth rates […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Car, Economic Growth, Pollution, Public Transport, Transport

Impact of Natural Disasters on Risk Management

Words: 703 Pages: 2 4348

Research says threats of natural disasters may continue to rise due to the increase in the average temperature of the water in oceans (Tennyson & Diala, 2016). Weather events will be intense and frequent due to global warming. This will result in rising sea levels and other environmental changes. According to Tennyson and Diala, disaster […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Risk Management

Pros and Cons of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Words: 1884 Pages: 6 11417

Introduction The minimum wage is the lowest pay that an employer can legally compensate workers and goes beyond employer-employee collective agreements and individual contracts. In the United States, the federal government has a prescribed minimum wage, and state administrations also have their wage policies which may differ with that of the central government. The wage […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Unemployment

Journey to Achieve the American Dream

Words: 1253 Pages: 4 4693

There are over 56.5 million Hispanic living in United States, data as of 2015 that equivalents to 17.6% of total U.S. population. Among them 11.7 are living without legal documents and are considered “illegal immigrants.” These are people from different Spanish speaking countries like Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, etc. Why do these people leave their house […]

Topics: American Dream, Economic Growth, Employment, Immigration, Latin America, Mexico, Social Issues, United States

The Ways in which Artificial Intelligence Can be Applied into Businesses

Words: 1646 Pages: 5 5082

Artificial intelligence onward referred to as AI in this document is an innovation that has allowed today’s generation to be witnesses to the makings of history. Though AI has been an advancement that has been in the overall market for over 50 years, progress and adaptation within this sector has only recently been seen. As […]

Topics: Adoption, Economic Growth, Economy, Intelligence, Learning

Unemployment in Zimbabwe

Words: 1301 Pages: 4 6386

Unemployment rate is equivalent to the economically active group of people that is unemployed and more so looking for jobs. During the precolonial era, Zimbabwe had one of the strongest economies in Africa and at one point dubbed the “Bread basket of Africa”. The British colonized Zimbabwe and therefore in the process; managed to bring […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Unemployment

What is Capitalism?

Words: 1549 Pages: 5 5230

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity” (Herbert Hoover).   In the 1920’s, America turned away from worldly concerns, and began concentrating on domestic affairs.  Some might refer to this period in America as the Decade of Optimism. It ushered in many forward thinkers, innovators, innovations […]

Topics: Capitalism, Economic Growth, Economy, Poverty, United States

Meanings and Perspectives of Globalization

Words: 810 Pages: 3 3963

Globalization is a word that has multiple meanings and perspectives. As we know, it is the process through which the world stimulates into a unified network. Globalization is the most important trend of global development. Hundreds of philosophers and social observers have taken sides for many years, either supporting or opposing the standard dimension of […]

Topics: Capitalism, Economic Growth, Economy, Globalization

Examining GDP and Unemployment

Words: 1492 Pages: 5 4552

Research over the years has shown that unemployment rates and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures go hand in hand. This paper aims to define and discuss GDP, and its relation to economic growth. Additionally, the paper will discuss how the use of fiscal or monetary policies can effectively battle recession and aid in the growth […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Policy, Unemployment

Research Paper : Luthans and Doh

Words: 793 Pages: 3 3645

As stated by Luthans and Doh (International Management), “globalization can be defined as the process of social, political, economic, cultural, and technological integration between countries around the world.” Ultimately, the goal of globalization is to create one world unit and market. An uptick in trade, capital flows, and migration encourage the trend of globalization. And […]

Topics: Agriculture, Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economy, India, Outsourcing

Comparative Politics

Words: 1524 Pages: 5 4564

Introduction Colonialism has great impact on political and economics of African states. Post independent African states are western model. African states have copied the centralized and authoritarian systems of administration of their colonial masters. All African states have political systems characterized by ethnic exclusions and marginalization. Although mult-party systems have emerged, opposition operates under restriction […]

Topics: Agriculture, Colonialism, Economic Growth, Economy, Food, Nigeria

Allocation of Resources is the Distribution of Valuable Assets in any Economy

Words: 1181 Pages: 4 3455

Though the allocation of these resources arises as a major issue of concern because the resources of the population as a whole are in limited supply, whilst human wants are usually unlimited, and at the same time any given resource can have several alternative uses. In the world today, the government plays a more crucial […]

Topics: Economic Development, Economic Growth, Market, Tax

The Problems on Income Inequality

Words: 601 Pages: 2 4332

In this part, we continue to briefly summarize our empirical analyses based on the ARDL model techniques adopted. The findings of this study are summarized below:- First, the objectives of the study are analysis by using cointegration analysis tests and ARDL bound test on the national level data covering the period of 2004-2016. The first […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment

Information and Communication Technologies

Words: 1282 Pages: 4 4097

Introduction Over the past few decades, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have played an important role as a key solution for comprehensive development, poverty elimination, and the empowerment of groups discriminated against in society. The ICT sector presents tremendous opportunities for women, but for women to seize these opportunities equally as men, the gender stereotype […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economic Inequality, Economy, Employment, Empowerment, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Gender Roles
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