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Environmental Issues Essays

190 essay samples found

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Words: 1275 Pages: 4 12716

Introduction: Global Warming is the theory that the atmosphere of the earth is gradually increasing as a result of the increase in levels of greenhouse gases and pollutants being released. Since the Industrial Revolution, Earth’s global average temperature has increased by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (The World Counts, 2014). There are generally two opinions regarding the […]

Topics: Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Food Waste Causes and Effects

Words: 475 Pages: 2 6531

Food waste means to throw food away even it is still able to eat. According to The European Commission, food waste means misuse combined with fresh or cooked food components and combines food abandoned at any moment, which means in family units associating with food waste created before, during or after food preparedness, such as […]

Topics: Food, Food Waste, Human Impact On The Environment, Landfill, Natural Environment

Air Pollution Causes, Effects & Solutions

Words: 1951 Pages: 7 12335

Introduction: Pollution is a widespread phenomenon that has been affecting many in the US and around the world for years. Pollutants range from carbon monoxide, mercury, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matter. Looking more closely in California, specifically the San Joaquin Valley, the two most dominant pollutants are ozone and particulate matter. Ozone, also known […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Ozone, Pollution

Is Recycling Good for our Environment?

Words: 1028 Pages: 3 9161

What is Recycling? How is Recycling done? Why should people Recycle? What is affected by Recycling? Recycling is the process of reusing material, It is done by breaking down material and using it for something else, like aluminum, If people recycle then future populations will also have raw materials. The atmosphere is affected by not […]

Topics: Human Impact On The Environment, Manufacturing, Natural Environment, Recycling

We Need to Protect Endangered Animals

Words: 776 Pages: 3 9979

   The issue of Endangered Animals is important because Healthy ecosystems depend on animal species as their foundations and ‘’The American tourism industry is dependent on plant and animal species and their ecosystems for their multi-billion dollar, job-intensive industry’’(Endangered Species Coalition). This issue is debatable because while some believe that once the animals that are […]

Topics: Conservation, Ecology, Ecosystem, Endangered Species, Extinction, Wildlife
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Air Pollution in Kathmandu

Words: 878 Pages: 3 6274

It has already been a year since I left my country. In one way I am so sad that I am ten thousand miles away from my country but on another side, I am a little delighted that finally I am breathing a fresh oxygen away from an infected air of the most polluted city […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Global Warming, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Pollution, Transport

Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Words: 586 Pages: 2 5904

Introduction As people, we can be privileged to all sorts of opinions. This creates the possibility of many controversies. Much like the argument Is Global warming a hoax? This is one of the most famous controversies happening around the world today. This dispute isn’t just between the average person, scientist themselves disagreeing among one another. […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Global Warming and Climate Change

Words: 1366 Pages: 5 26837

“Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening” – James Hansen. Climate change is a phenomenon in which Earth’s average surface temperature gradually increases due to the buildup of greenhouse gases, predominately carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is an issue that needs to be collectively addressed or humans could miss the opportunity of a […]

Topics: Agriculture, Climate change, Deforestation, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Soil

How have you Impacted your Community

Words: 1645 Pages: 5 12363

“How can I better myself and the people around me?” is a question that’s on the mind of many people. National service is a way we can all experience personal growth and development, and give back to our communities and country at the same time. Serving our communities in times of need is essential for […]

Topics: Community, Human Nature, Leadership, Volunteering

Overpopulation – Global Issue

Words: 826 Pages: 3 7530

Overpopulation is becoming a global issue because over the years we have created more lives than resources. there will not be enough food for everyone.7 billion people on Earth now,and roughly one in eight of us don’t have enough to eat(Dimick, 2014). The population will keep on getting bigger by the time and we will […]

Topics: Human Overpopulation, Overpopulation, Policy, Prison, Social Issues

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Words: 2043 Pages: 7 14553

All pollution is bad for the ocean and all the creatures in it. However, there is one material that is highly potent to the ocean, and that is plastic. It has many immensely negative effects on the ocean’s wildlife. Thousands of marine animals die each year because of plastic debris. There are many ways that […]

Topics: Ocean Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Pollution

Ocean Pollution as a Major Problem

Words: 804 Pages: 3 10313

The Ocean is one of the major reasons why humans survive in this world. The Ocean provides us with water to drink and the fresh air we breathe. That’s why the issue of ocean pollution is important and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We depend on the ocean for so much in […]

Topics: Environmental Science, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Ocean Pollution, Oil Spill, Pollution, Water

Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Words: 664 Pages: 2 4333

People are arguing if global warming is caused by man or if its a natural occurrence. Well, volcanoes have contributed to global warming such as El Chichon in 1982 and Pinatubo in 1991 they have cooled the earth’s temperature but this was temporary. however, the amount of carbon dioxide they reliance is small compared to […]

Topics: Earth, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment

Air Pollution Scrubber

Words: 950 Pages: 3 4106

Introduction Air pollution in urban areas has become an issue affecting human health to a degree unprecedented in human history. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently prioritized the reduction of air pollution, citing: An estimated 4.2 million premature deaths globally are linked to ambient air pollution, mainly from heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Chemistry, Global Warming, Pollution

Food Waste Problem in the United States of America

Words: 2153 Pages: 7 4094

In the past decade, consumer behavior in the United States and the world has become the guileless act of acquiring goods and services to maintain households, but also to pursue human satisfaction of personal needs and wants. The entire economy is wasteful; it is based on the human urge to consume and society further persuades […]

Topics: Food, Food Waste

Ocean Pollution to Marine Life

Words: 557 Pages: 2 9763

Each day, thousands of pounds of trash are dumped into our oceans. According to Scuba news, Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed each year. Some of the debris ends up on our beaches or floating in our oceans, and a lot of the debris ends up being eaten by marine animals, […]

Topics: Environmental Science, Human Impact On The Environment, Natural Environment, Ocean Pollution, Pollution, Water

Human Impact to Climate in African Continent

Words: 1676 Pages: 6 2017

Humans in the quest for development and survival have consistently caused irreparable damage to the planet. Everything that makes development possible and life worth living is extracted from nature. These consistent activities that is extracting from nature have caused mass extinction of plants and animal species, pollution of water bodies, gradually causing harmful change in […]

Topics: Africa, Climate change, Food Security

The World should Turn to Vegetarian Diet to Stop Global Warming

Words: 1003 Pages: 3 3915

A vegetarian according to vegetarian society is somebody who is on a diet of fruits, seeds, grains, vegetables, legumes, nut, yeast, fungi, algae, and/or some other non-animal grounded food (e.g. salt) with or minus dairy foods, eggs and/or honey. Global warming according to live science is the continuing temperature of the ground’s surface, seas and […]

Topics: Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Health, Vegetarianism

The Impact of Wildfires on Air Pollution and Human Health

Words: 1950 Pages: 7 4684

Climate change has many consequences. Some of the most well-known consequences include rising sea levels and increasing temperatures. However, one of the less studied consequences of climate change is the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires that are occurring due to a drier and warmer climate.8 Therefore, vegetation in those climates lose more water and […]

Topics: Air Pollution, Global Warming, Natural Environment, Pollution, Wildfire

Oil Spill Research Efforts

Words: 492 Pages: 2 3258

Spring should have been a good time for fishing in the network of dark, tree-lined lakes around this small Kukama Indian village in the northern Peruvian Amazon. Seasonal floodwaters that draw river fish into the lakes to spawn have traditionally meant a bonanza for fishermen here. But this year was different. “There are no fish […]

Topics: Oil Spill

Protecting Endangered Species

Words: 570 Pages: 2 20513

At the beginning of 2018, researches have calculated 801 different types of animals that have gone completely extinct of which 65 of them are extinct in the wild. Researches have calculated about 3,879 different types of animals that are critically endangered. People say protecting endangered animals is a waste of money, time, and has no […]

Topics: Agriculture, Endangered Species, Extinction

The Author of the Passage “Fracking Contributes to Global Warming”

Words: 587 Pages: 2 2058

Louis believed that fracking has gone to the “extreme” nowadays since a great deal of the “conventional reservoirs have been exploited” to extract gas and oil. According to Allstadt conventional gas and oil is the process of penetrating down the top of the rock, “an impervious rock that has trapped oil and gas underneath it, […]

Topics: Climate change, Earth, Environmental Science, Nature

Climatic Changes in Greenland

Words: 532 Pages: 2 4675

Greenland is mostly covered in ice making it susceptible to melting from warm temperatures. The reason this country is named Greenland is because when Erik the Red was banned from Iceland he discovered this icy country and gave it the name in hopes of people settling (Pandita). In July and August of this year, the […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment, Sea Level Rise

Overpopulation and Climate Change

Words: 551 Pages: 2 5468

In the article Overpopulation and Climate Change Arthur H. Westing tells us that the in 1970, the greenhouse gas emission was beyond the sustainability level of the atmosphere and at that time the worlds population was 3.7 million and today it is 6.9 million. In the mean time emission from fossil fuel increased from 14 […]

Topics: Family Planning, Global Warming, Human Overpopulation, Natural Environment, Overpopulation, Policy, Sustainability

Water Pollution Effects on Humans

Words: 756 Pages: 3 10486

The world population is increasing every day, bringing with it several pollution problems. Water pollution is one of the biggest examples, which generates devastating effects on human beings, such as poisoning with heavy minerals, bacterial diseases, and serious skin problems. The degree of the consequence will depend on the exposure of the person and the […]

Topics: Cancer, Death, Disease, Health, Pollution, Public Health, Water, Water Pollution

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Words: 1975 Pages: 7 5385

I. Introduction The Deepwater Horizon incident was the largest marine oil spill in history. Located 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf a Mexico, the oil rig “”Deepwater Horizon”” was owned by Transocean, who was under contract with BP (British Petroleum) for the initial drilling of oil wells. The cause of the […]

Topics: Oil Spill

Plastic Pollution of Earth’s Oceans

Words: 2807 Pages: 9 4793

Introduction Approximately 300 million tons of plastic is produced every year (Cressey 2016). It’s disposable, yet long-lasting nature makes it critical to pose the question “where does all this plastic end up?” A large quantity of the plastic produced eventually ends up floating on the surface of the ocean- some even reach the seafood humans […]

Topics: Environmental Impact, Ocean Pollution, Plastic, Plastic Pollution, Water Pollution

In Vitro Meat And Animal Welfare

Words: 848 Pages: 3 1158

“In Vitro Meat” What is it? I had never even heard of “In Vitro Meat” before this class started, therefore I had to do an in depth investigation to figure out exactly what it is and the reasons it is being developed. In Vitro meat according to The Journal of Food and Scuence Technology is, […]

Topics: Animal Farm, Animal Welfare, Food

The Story of Stuff

Words: 569 Pages: 2 4332

Four main issues have been discussed in the fourth chapter, “Consumption” of The Story of Stuff. The four themes are discussed below: Unhappy People, Nation, and PlanetAnnie emphasizes that many stuff doesn’t make us happy but the work done out of hard work makes one satisfied thus one is happy. She goes further to say […]

Topics: Consumerism, Economy, Movie, Sustainability

United States: Global Warming and its Effects

Words: 2307 Pages: 8 4115

Moreover, we cannot overlook the actual White House administration’s stance on global warming. President Trump has confirmed all pro-environmentalist’s fears. He has back out of the Paris agreement and pointed an avid opponent of global warming as the new head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Samet, Jonathan M., and Alistair Woodward argue in their article […]

Topics: Earth, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment
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