How Global Warming Works

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Updated: Mar 30, 2019
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How it works

How Global Warming Works essay

There’s bright blue in the past, now there is horrible gray in the future and more heat in the summers, and the winters are getting warmer than usual. The seas and oceans rising, the ice caps falling, and animals decreasing. It is time to come to a conflict that could make our planet Earth fall. Welcome to a tremendous problem EVERYONE is trying to solve global warming. Industrializing is a benefit for us and the economy. All of this falls into a standard of living. Now, what is the meaning of life? Us, humans are harming ourselves and the environment. Global warming is indeed a big problem, and how could this phenomenon occur in such a fast and furious run? Why do we call it global warming? Well here is the science of it. So, we call it global warming because it is the cause of our planet Earth to change temperature by 0.23 degrees. Now, that’s not a lot rising in temperature, but however, the Earth is a sensitive planet and could be affected easily in another few years or decades or centuries. Now that we know why is it called global warming, how does this phenomenon occur? Firstly, the sun radiates, or shines its rays of light to the Earth’s crust.

The light then bounces back to the atmosphere. Then, something in the atmosphere called greenhouse gases trap some of the heat and releases it back to space. The more greenhouse gases there are, the more trapped heat, and can cause the Earth to warm up. Greenhouse gas is a good thing, because if our Earth had no atmosphere the Earth would be even colder than right now. Greenhouse gas is what sustain life on Earth, but too much of a good thing can cause something terrible. It also occurs when we release carbon dioxide, also known as CO2 in the scientific chemical compound form. CO2 means that there is one carbon and two oxygens that form into carbon dioxide. We play a big role in carbon dioxide. When we breathe with our lungs, we release carbon dioxide, because the trees give off oxygen, and we breathe in the oxygen, and release out carbon dioxide. This is known as the carbon dioxide cycle. The most comes from industries. You have cars from manufacturing companies and you have factories opening up everywhere. Then it releases LOTS of carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere, it releases lots of greenhouse gases, that traps TOO much heat if released TOO much. Then, the Earth starts to heat up, and start warming and thus begins¦ global warming.The Effects of Global WarmingThere are many negative effects with global warming, why is this bad?

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Isles of Death: Global Warming Makes Itty-Bitty Island Countries to Drown

There are many islands in the world sinking. There are too many islands getting covered by the rising seas of the world. However, let’s just go over three archipelago (a group of islands) nations currently and is still experiencing this tragic event. (Especially Pacific islands) Kiribati Right now, Kiribati is currently experiencing this problem. Some of its islands are sinking and shrinking. During winter 2015, a tidal wave splished-splashed onto the remote archipelago. It was like a tsunami, waves wiping away houses and erased islands.A 37 handyman, Beero Hosea, helped the people of Kiribati to get out of the islands and saltwater to a nearby school.If the next one is combined with a storm and stronger winds, that’s the end of us, he said. It’s going to cover this whole island.


Tuvalu, is another pacific island that is currently experiencing this problem right now. With the nation just 15 feet above sea level, it is vulnerable for the ocean to wash over this archipelago. Prime Minister Saufatu Sapo’aga told the United Nations (The UN) in 2003, that there will a slow and insidious form of terrorism against us. Scientists had found out, due to environmental problems, Tuvalu will eventually collapse into the sea. The MaldivesAn Indian Ocean country got 20 islands removed by the tides from the oceans, making cartographers having to erase the 20 islands on the map.For the past 30 years, a lot of erosion from the seas had been stripping away the land. The land in the Maldives is just two meters above sea level, making it vulnerable for the seas to swallow the nation. One person used to play at a beach over there, which is now a very deep lagoon after 15 years.Innocent Animals Lose Their Habitats, We do Too! When the ice caps melt, it makes animals in the Arctic and Antarctica lose more and more of their beloved belongings. Where would the animals go if the ice melts? This could cause animals to be endangered or even extinct, like the Golden frog.A polar bear tries get out of thin icePolar bears in the Arctic is right now trying to find a way to get a good habitat, but due to the cause of global warming, floating ice on the water makes it hard for them to survive in the wild. Polar bears have thick fur, which keeps their body warm. If the Earth keeps heating up, polar bears won’t be able to survive the climate.(Above) Aissata Abdoul Dioup of Mauritania. She shows how her corn has been dried out due to a drought.

More Death Rates in Humans and Plants

If we are causing problems to animals, we are causing ourselves problems too!? Firstly, due to the ferocious fast climbing climate, our summers will be EVEN hotter than usual, and our winters will be TOO warm. If it is too hot, this, is a global threat to agriculture. Pollution also causes more death rates. People who breathe in dirty air will cause us to have lung disease or even lung CANCER! (Pollution causes global warming too.)Food Resources Run Short for Animals That Hunt in the OceanIt is not just the climate animals can’t survive on, it is also the food that they need.The alie penguin in Antarctica suffer from the falling and lack of krill right now. Krill live on the undersides of the Antarctic ice sheets where they refuge algae as food. However, when ice sheets start disappearing, this makes the krill population decrease, and now the penguins will have to migrate, or travel farther, just to find food. Spending too much energy makes the penguins have less time to breed, and could make the species might have to come to an end.Climate ChangeClimate change is what impacts the most in human life. The last topics had something to do with climate change too. Now, without a further ado. Oceans can get Really Hot, and Expand More Acidic Water Coral is an underwater aquatic organism that is REALLY sensitive to the climate. The seas absorb 90% of the heat from the climate. This causes water to be more acidic and more harming chemicals can strip away coral.

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