How Can Climate Change Affect Natural Disasters?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Global warming is considered a consensus problem which affected the lives of many people and nature catastrophically. This terrible phenomenon can be described as the rise of the regular temperature of earth which occurs when pollutants in the atmosphere absorb the heat that has bounced off the surface and should be taken to space. (Venkataramanan, 2011). Many people disagree on its existence, however the usual temperature of earth has risen about 1 degree Fahrenheit as said by NASA (Hardy, 2003). As global warming is appalling, therefore it is important to have adequate information about it in order to prevent this disaster.

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This research paper demonstrates and explicates the causes of global warming, its calamitous effects, and a group of remedies to avoid or reduce climate change.

First, global warming is caused by a variety of human and natural factors. Global warming mainly occurs due to the greenhouse gases and pollutants in the atmosphere which trap the heat that has to escape to space. Green house gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, water vapor of which most are necessary for life on earth and others cause global warming (White, 2018). The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere mostly causes global warming which is a human cause. Carbon dioxide is produced when humans burn fossil fuels for their daily needs: factories, cars and to produce electricity sometimes (Venkataramanan, 2011). For example, China, a very crowded country, produces around 28% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, major cause; India only produces nearly 4 % (Clark, 2011). Deforestation, the process of cutting trees, is also another human cause. Trees absorb carbon dioxide so when humans cut down trees the amount of CO2 that was supposed to be absorbed by trees are collected in the atmosphere and this results in global warming (Venkataramanan, 2011). What is more, U.S. is causing global warming in the way of historical emissions by 28 % as said by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in 2011. Other countries such as Japan are slightly in global warming at a rate of 3 percent (Clark, 2011). Another cause is methane radiations from animals, farming, and Arctic seabed. Some plants such as rice paddies when broken down by bacteria release methane which is later transferred to the atmosphere. Moreover, in the intestine of many herbivore animals, when bacteria break down organic material methane is produced and with increasing stock more methane is taken to the atmosphere. Methane also exists in ice and when the methane escapes to the surrounding it causes global warming (Markham, 2009). Furthermore, a fluorinated gas, which consists of fluorine, hydro fluorocarbons, per fluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride and other chemicals, are also man-made causes of global warming. Fluorinated gases are produced by industrial processes and household uses (Simon-Lewis, 2018).Thus, as it can be seen from the chart, global warming is mainly the outcome of the above agents and many more different things. In a country like China, which is crowded by cars and people, the two major causes of global warming, produces the world’s most emissions. On the other hand, Japan is one of the countries that are partially involved in global warming at a small rate. Finally, the whole world is causing global warming directly or indirectly; highly or lowly.

Second, as a result of many factors global warming has many catastrophic and evident effects on humans and nature. Global warming causes diseases, ice melting, tropical cyclones, ocean acidification and rise of sea level. In addition, it ruins the ecosystem of many animals, affects agriculture tremendously and causes water depletion (Jacobson, 2009). Scientists have the strongest evidence that the rising in the temperature of earth causes many storms and tropical storms. For instance, the temperature in 1881-1890 was only 13.68 C, while in 1981-1990 the temperature has drastically increased to 14.12 C. According to a report published in Nature, global warming can also lead to the distinction of many species of animals (Markham, 2009). When the temperature of earth raises, as in 2001-2010 which was14.47 C, large glaciers melt which in turn causes sea level rise. Woods, ranches, and cities will encounter new insects, heat waves and flooding as a result of global warming. And all these agents lead to problems in farming and fisheries. Additionally, due to the warming of earth the conditions will be suitable for bacteria, viruses and fungi to spread and attack hosts. Moreover people will have different diseases: allergies, asthma (MacMillan, 2016). One of the obvious consequences is the melting of ice at different areas of earth particularly glaciers and permafrost areas. According to calculations, by the end of the century arctic ice can thaw through the warmest period of the year. Consequently, weak ecosystems can be destroyed eternally. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to ocean acidification in resulting in severe damage in marine ecosystems such as species of fish and corals. Another effect of global warming is deforestation which is the result of the severe damage of agriculture (Perrone, 2017). Therefore, it can be observed from the chart that global temperature has risen considerably between 1881 and 2010 and if it continues to rise global warming in the coming decades will be higher with worse effects. To sum up, global warming has and will affect many aspects of earth severely.

Third, to prevent global warming and its devastating effects on the environment there are some efficient solutions. One way is using wind turbine as a source of energy instead of burning fossil fuels. Wind turbines do not produce carbon dioxide which helps in reducing global warming. Scientists predicted that using wind turbines reduces 84.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Methane is the second main source of global warming after carbon dioxide, and natural gas and petroleum are said to be among the major sources of methane production. So to lessen methane, transferring and manufacture of oil and gas systems should be upgraded (Hardy, 2003). Trees take in CO2 and produce carbon dioxide thus planting trees will help in decreasing global warming (Venkataramanan, 2011). By taking care of tropical forests and pastures, not cutting down trees, 61.2 and 31.2 gigatons of CO2 emissions will lessen until 2050. Furthermore, inside a cow’s intestine when food is digested by bacteria methane is produced and this methane comes out through burps. Although cows are also a cause of global warming only cars and fossil fuels are discussed a major causes. As a result, having plant rich diet is helpful to slow down global warming. Eating less meat reduces 39.3 gigatons carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Reducing food wastes is also a solution. Some fruit and vegetables in grocery stores are not consumed by people because they do not look nice or fresh therefore they are thrown away as waste products. That wasted food drives roughly 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions?(Wolfe, 2017). In addition, rooftop solar cells and farm solar panels can be used as a source of electricity instead of burning fossil fuels since it does not give out carbon dioxide. Using solar panels in the following years helps to decrease 24.6 gigatons of CO2 emissions (Ronson, 2017).Consequently, there are many solutions to slow down or reduce global warming but every individual should start from themselves and then others. As it can be seen from the chart using wind turbines has a big role in diminishing global warming. However, using solar panels only reduces a diminutive amount of emissions compared to wind turbines.

In conclusion, as shown in the research paper global warming has many causes, besides its dreadful effects on different parts of the environment, and scientists have found some solutions in order to stop or slow down global warming. In addition, global warming is a problem that our planet is facing and its effects will be more evident in the future if serious action is not taken by people and government. As seen above greenhouse emissions have the greatest part in cause global warming with other mankind direct and indirect factors. Although some measures are taken to diminish global warming, scientists are searching for more efficient ways. In addition, as clarified global warming is the result of many daily things done by people without being aware of its bad effects and some are unexpected factors. Almost all the countries around the globe are causing global warming partially. Most important of all humans as a result of global warming will face a large burden, diseases.

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