Climate Change – Scientists and Environmentalists are Deeply Concerned

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Anthropogenic climate change and global warming cannot be denied. By reducing pollution, preventing deforestation and curtailing oil drilling, we can preserve the environment and mitigate the effects of global warming. Global warming is detrimental to Earth’s environment. Most people are not aware of this and do not consider it as a major threat to earth’s biosphere. The purpose of the images shown here is to highlight the causes, impact and mitigation of global warming. There are ways we can mitigate the global warming. Alternative energy sources like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, bio mass can be used in place of fossil fuels. Planting more trees preventing deforestation are one of the methods to combat global warming effectively.

Fossil fuels are being used as source of energy. The use of these fuels causes carbon emissions which lead to global warming. In his research Global warming and the Anthropocene?, author Colin P. Summerhayes has found evidence that by burning fossil fuels, humans have changed the carbon cycle, loading the atmosphere with extra carbon dioxide (CO2). Before the current Ice Age, high atmospheric CO2 levels generated warm climates. Humans now replicate what volcanic activity did in the distant past, our CO2 emissions are driving global warming. says Summerhayes. To prevent this, we can use alternative sources of power like the solar power: using sun’s energy to produce electricity. Solar cells and solar panels can be easily installed in places with a higher potential for harnessing solar power.

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Wind turbines use wind to make electricity. Wind power can be used to generate power by using wind turbines. Wind turbines operate by transforming the kinetic energy into mechanical energy by spinning a generator. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE) has succeeded in developing clean, affordable, and reliable domestic wind power to tap into enormous energy-saving potential across the U.S.(Success Stories)

Deforestation is also a major contributing factor leading to warmer temperatures. The lesser the number of trees on earth, the greater is the global environmental temperature. Deforestation has also led to habitat loss for many animals that depend on forests as their dwelling place. Deforestation can be prevented by planting more trees and preventing further destruction of forests. In his research, Heat Stress Changes Over East Asia under 1.5° and 2.0°C Global Warming Targets, author Sang-Min Lee, has proven that global warming can be mitigated by taking preventative steps. One of the reforestation initiatives that has been successfully undertaken is the Great Green Wall, it is Africa’s flagship initiative to combat the effects of climate change and desertification. (The Great Green Wall)

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For my visual argument thesis, I chose images as my medium of expression. I feel that the adage, A picture is worth a thousand words is true. A picture can convey what words cannot. Just by looking at some pictures one can get the pulse of the situation. I used the internet and web browser to research my article and downloaded poignant pictures of animals impacted by the global warming. I used MS-Word to express my visual argument where images can be clearly presented and easily shared. In the first few images one can see earth’s temperature rising, which is causing the polar caps to shrink. The visuals are evocative, and one is moved by the plight of the polar bears. The deforestation has led to climate change, habitat loss for panda bears. The excessive oil drilling in the next image is causing pollution and global warming. This is not the end and there’s hope the cupped hand with the globe symbolizes that. The child planting a sampling is the future planting trees for tomorrow. The solar panels and the wind turbines are signs of positivity for a healthy environment. The last image depicts Together we can.

I cannot imagine the graveness of this situation, the amount of destruction that has already taken place due to climate change and I cannot witness what the animals are going through because of the habitat loss in the Arctic or the Tropics due to global warming, but, I can keep abreast with the positive developments and strategies for using renewable energy sources that are on the horizon. I can inspire my peers to be aware of the situation of global warming and take action. Through this document I put my thoughts into the pictures with the hope that Together we can.

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