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Consumerism Essays

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The War System of Colombia Capitalism

Words: 1280 Pages: 4 4188

When people think of Colombia they might think of the popular singer- songwriter Shakira or, possibly, cocaine. This paper will discuss Colombia’s ongoing Civil War. Colombia can be found on a map in the northern tip of South America. In 1525 Spain began to colonize Colombia but in 1813 Colombia, finally, won its independence back. […]

Topics: Capitalism, Consumerism, Economy, Globalization, United States

Capitalism and Consumerism Throughout Art

Words: 1516 Pages: 5 4510

How can art be utilized in exposing consumerism’s destruction to a Capitalist society? Capitalism is a form of government based on demand and supply. Consumerism is an ideology found within Capitalism. Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts (Dictionary.com) This ties into and benefits […]

Topics: Capitalism, Consumerism, Economy

Type of Consumer Behavior

Words: 1198 Pages: 4 1301

The topic of this paper will be minimalism, specifically minimalism as a movement in which people find meaning in life by consuming less and more responsibly. Minimalism challenges excessive consumption and unethical practices within capitalism. On an individual level, minimalism encourages consumers to think rationally and critically about their own purchases. Additionally, minimalism is often […]

Topics: Consumer Behavior, Consumerism, Culture, Economy

The Society’s Obsession with Materialism in the Fight Club

Words: 523 Pages: 2 5640

Throughout Fight Club, we follow a story that is told by a narrator who battles his sense of self. By depending on different types of outlets and people around him, he starts to build his identity through them. The narrative crisis that evolves throughout this film is built on Corporate America and the amount of […]

Topics: Consumerism, Fight Club, Masculinity

Mass Market and Consumer Culture Products

Words: 2037 Pages: 7 1241

Industrialization was the cause for Modernity in today’s Design because Industrisation gave way to Mass production in which goods could be produced more efficiently for Mass Market and goods could be afforded by the middle class in something known as Consumer Culture. These goods became objects of conspicuous consumption wherein one could display their class, […]

Topics: Consumer Behavior, Consumerism, Culture, Fashion
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The Loneliness in the Film Fight Club

Words: 1884 Pages: 6 4992

In today’s society, loneliness is something experienced by a vast number of people. The age of technology and consumerism have brought social isolation to many. The film Fight Club explores the loneliness of a man who was trapped in the confines of superficial societal values. The protagonist develops a mental illness from the isolation he […]

Topics: Consumerism, Fight Club

Analysis of “The True Cost” Documentary

Words: 2640 Pages: 9 1172

True Cost ‘True Cost’ is a documentary based on research of Clothing Industry – about the clothes we wear, people who make them and unseen part of our world that compels to ask who pays the price for our clothing. The documentary explores the Cost in Economics?is the combination of gains and losses of any Goods that have a value […]

Topics: Consumerism, Fashion, Poverty

Post-World War II America

Words: 1903 Pages: 6 5524

World War II was coming to a close. The United States had played a large part in the war by assisting in the victory of the Allies over the Axis Powers from the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor until the Japanese surrender in the summer of 1945. The U.S. had, at first, expressed […]

Topics: Attack On Pearl Harbor, Baby Boomers, Consumerism, Unemployment, United States, World War 2

Falling Stocks: Motivation for New Ideas

Words: 518 Pages: 2 3588

Nike is one of the most popular apparel brands known primarily for their line of shoes. On September 4, 2018 Nike stock fell 3.2%. This is believed to be caused by the recent controversy surrounding Nike’s choice to put Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who started kneeling during the national anthem in supposed protest of […]

Topics: Advertising, Clothing, Consumerism, Nike

Zombies and our Culture

Words: 985 Pages: 3 5114

In trying to understand the influence zombies have on the society, it is relevant to know the origin of zombies. The first mention of zombie was in Haiti to represent the returned body. Then films began creating this monsters, and one thing led to another. The word monster can be defined as fear taking a […]

Topics: Consumerism, Monster, Zombie

Gaystreaming on American Television

Words: 1198 Pages: 4 4120

“Gaystreaming” is the inclusion of LGBTQ-cantered television programming, which creates media content that has “assimilationist directions in LGBT political movements, often counterposed to genuinely ‘queer’ politics (Ng, 2013, p. 260).” Under the context of Logo, the American explicitly LGBTQ channel network, gaystreaming refers to the network’s internal strategy for a larger audience, especially heterosexual women […]

Topics: Advertising, Consumerism, Fashion, Gay, Gender, Homosexuality, LGBT

The Story of Stuff

Words: 569 Pages: 2 4316

Four main issues have been discussed in the fourth chapter, “Consumption” of The Story of Stuff. The four themes are discussed below: Unhappy People, Nation, and PlanetAnnie emphasizes that many stuff doesn’t make us happy but the work done out of hard work makes one satisfied thus one is happy. She goes further to say […]

Topics: Consumerism, Economy, Movie, Sustainability

Capitalism is an Unparalleled Economic and Political System

Words: 1662 Pages: 6 5450

Capitalism is a system known for promoting prosperity, wealth, freedom, and more. It goes without saying that any country that has ever existed will have inevitable setbacks. Ideally, the supposed lack of investment of S&P 500 companies in themselves and homelessness in Seattle, did not come into fruition because of Capitalism. Nevertheless, critics suggest that […]

Topics: Capitalism, Competition, Consumerism, Economy, Employment, Hip Hop

American Capitalism and the American Environment

Words: 1181 Pages: 4 4454

For decades, the United States of America has been beheld as the champion of capitalism. A nation grown from a group of small English colonies into a world superpower, through relatively free market trade. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, American capitalism grew in a rapidly technologically advancing era without the challenge […]

Topics: Capitalism, Colonialism, Consumerism, Hydraulic Fracturing, United States, Urbanization

Capitalism and its Role

Words: 1448 Pages: 5 4313

Can radical, rebellious music remain authentic in a modern global society? Alternatively, will the hip-hop message change once it is absorbed into the mainstream? Hip Hop started in the 1970s on the South Bronx streets, and it was a way for black people to deal with experiences of marginalization and oppression. Like punk rock, hip-hop […]

Topics: Capitalism, Consumerism, Hip Hop

Capitalism Lines in Modern Society

Words: 1367 Pages: 5 4877

Today practically every country in the world is organized along capitalist lines.  This economic system focuses on the production, distribution and exchange of capital goods by private entities and businesses.  The rise of capitalism is a documented balance between cooperation and coercion, teetering back and forth throughout history and society.  Observing the exploitation of labor […]

Topics: Capitalism, Consumerism, Economy, Slavery, Social Class

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