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Corporate Social Responsibility Essays

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My Research on Starbucks

Words: 662 Pages: 2 4954

While reading, Management principles we learned In business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is valued not just for a business but also for the consumer. In spite of some business having great successes in practicing CSR, other businesses or organizations have disagreed about the benefits of it. I decided to pick a business like starbucks that […]

Topics: Coffee, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Policy, Starbucks

Different Perspectives on the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility

Words: 563 Pages: 2 1041

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, an organization should choose what it stands for wisely. Freidman and Carroll have different perspectives on the concept of CSR. Freidman argues that social responsibility in a company is all about the economic value and how much profit is being made. He believes that any money used for […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility

Ethics, Sustainability and CSR

Words: 605 Pages: 2 4369

The article by Julia Wolf on stakeholder pressure includes the relationship between supply chain management, and sustainable corporate performance takes a critical look at the Nestle campaign about these factors. The article looks at supply chain management and the extent of outside forces in this area. The article also discusses the relationship between the control […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Policy, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability

Business Ethics and TechFite

Words: 1257 Pages: 4 5632

TechFite is a U.K based company that has done well even though their operations within a new multicultural environment (The United States) have been challenging. With their community and employee focused organizational structure, the company has been able to successfully empower their members by including leadership development and facilitating strong coworker relationships. TechFite also keeps […]

Topics: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment, Policy

Milton Friedman and Social Responsibility

Words: 986 Pages: 3 4678

Friedman do not affirm that the executives can act in any way as are used in accordance with the law and follow the ethical custom. But he closed the charity activity since they do not contribute straight to the victory. An upright overview of organization activities in the views of Friedman’s agreement is simply not […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Policy, Social Responsibility, Utilitarianism
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About the Walt Disney Company

Words: 735 Pages: 2 4936

From its 1923 beginnings in animation to the magical resorts today, The Walt Disney Company, or simply Disney, is an international icon where “imagination has no age” (Disney, 2018; Perez, 2013, para. 15). Disney and its subsidiaries comprise cruise lines, media networks, studio entertainment, streaming services, and world-renowned theme parks in 45 countries. (Disney, 2018). […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Disney, Sustainability

Implementation of the Environmental Disclosure Requirement in Australian Service Industry

Words: 2368 Pages: 8 4881

The issue of environmental conservation has been the main subject in the many countries across the world. Concerns raised in respect to the subject in question develop due to the negative effects environmental pollution has displayed in the entire world. Over the previous decades, a series of literature has been put forward in the social […]

Topics: Contract, Corporate Social Responsibility, Information, Research, Service, Social Responsibility, Sustainability

Managing Sustainability Development

Words: 1139 Pages: 4 4195

Executive summary Sustainable development practices for any organization have to be informed by the goals of the company. For Vodafone Company in New Zealand, the goals of the company are to produce quality cell phones, conserve the environment and encourage young people to work hard and be responsible citizens. The project will be undertaken to […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Employment, Policy, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Value-transmission in Multinational Corporations

Words: 1282 Pages: 4 4141

The case study is a good exercise for contemplating value-transmission in multinational corporations and shows the difficulty of staying committed to development in the countries of operation. IKEA Case Study IKEA’s global sourcing challenge with Indian rugs and child labor exhibits the challenges and complexities of conducting international business. This case is particularly interesting because […]

Topics: Child Labour, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Rights, Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Management

Milton Friedmen and CSR

Words: 2933 Pages: 10 4634

Social responsibility can be viewed as a vital aspect in people’s life across the globe. Lately, it has also become one of the major increasing concerns in the business world. As a result, interaction between businesses, society, and government has greatly developed. In addition, the standard view of a business social responsibility holds that, it […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Policy, Social Responsibility, Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior in Corporations

Words: 1691 Pages: 6 6380

This research paper will compare and contrast the differences between corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior in corporations by considering the ethics that impact business decisions. In order for a clear contrast of the two there first must be a clear understanding of ethics and business ethics. Ethics comes from the Greek word ethos, which […]

Topics: Behavior, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Responsibility

Corporations are Becoming more Powerful as Global Political Actors

Words: 3433 Pages: 11 3953

“A rise in the mistrust of institutions and governments, the growing trend for corporations to engage in social and political responsibility, and changing consumer ideologies and expectations of corporations contribute to this new phenomenon. Consumers are increasingly looking to corporations to tackle traditionally government-handled issues. Some would argue that corporations are becoming a political moral […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Homosexuality, Immigration, Leadership, Motivation, Progressivism, Refugee, Research

Case Study – Lancaster Caramel Company

Words: 2650 Pages: 9 4553

Introduction Hershey’s is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers that aims to continue expanding worldwide. The beginning of Hershey’s company was when Milton S. Hershey found Lancaster Caramel Company in the 19th century in Pennsylvania. He made his wealth by producing caramel pieces as the first product before turning into chocolate production. The idea of […]

Topics: Agriculture, Business Ethics, Child, Child Labour, Chocolate, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Employment, Slavery

Sustainability Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion Review BA

Words: 1362 Pages: 5 4136

Introduction: Southern Company is an energy holding company that produces and sells electricity through various southern power subsidiaries. It’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA and the company has been a part of the Fortune 500 list for 24 years. It’s current rank is 126, up 19 spots from its ranking in 2017. The CEO […]

Topics: Community, Corporate Social Responsibility, Discrimination, Employment, Sustainability, Water

Corporate Social Responsibility against Cancer

Words: 1289 Pages: 4 3967

Abstract As an assistant manager at Kenta Law Firm, based in Monroe, I intend to collaborate with the Susan B. Komen Foundation a non-organization corporation that is interested in reducing issues of breast cancer among women. Kenta law firm has noted that a significant populace of Monroe’s youth especially women and young children specifically those […]

Topics: Breast Cancer, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health, Poverty, Social Issues, Social Responsibility, United States

What is Sustainability in Business?

Words: 2122 Pages: 7 4407

The first aspect business looks when thinking about sustainability is the operational aspect and saving cost as it is easy to measure.Most of the resource we are using are non-renewable resources,from our energy need to the consumption of oil.But all these resources are bound to get over in the future.There is a term called peak […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Economy, Reputation, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Sustainable Development

Social Problems of the Company

Words: 2846 Pages: 9 3639

Introduction There are many stories published regarding Nike’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in the last 20 years. Starting with Phil Knight, Nike’s visionary, the company through its CSR journey has overhauled the company from a period of time it was known for “slave wages, forced overtime, and arbitrary abuse” to a world class leader […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment, Manufacturing, Nike, Sustainability

Review on Businesses Without Values and Ethics

Words: 2153 Pages: 7 4680

This review will study the impact of ethical leadership, of employees, performance in an organization. The progress of an organization’s achievements is based on the employees. The employees are considered an important resource to achieve competitive advantages. An ethical leader who shares its authority with employees will improve their performance. So, if leaders set the […]

Topics: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment, Leadership

The Corporate Gentrification

Words: 915 Pages: 3 1218

I chose to watch Michael John Warren’s production of Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway filmed on September 7th, 2008. This was the first time I watched this rock musical; I found the acting, directing, and production quality to be at a very professional level. The play was originally directed for the stage by Michael Greif. […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Gentrification

Ethics and the Business Professional

Words: 993 Pages: 3 4250

Evaluate your own performance as a morally responsible group member. Which behaviors do you demonstrate? Which do you need to develop? What specific steps might you take to improve? The concept of moral responsibility implies that a person can be evaluated with praise or blame for actions based on a moral code. Moral responsibility suggests […]

Topics: Behavior, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Employment

Walmart’s Use of Databases

Words: 1984 Pages: 7 6330

Introduction Walmart takes their data collection very seriously. They realize how useful data can be to them in a number of fashions. But what kind of data does Walmart collect, and how do they use this data? Does Walmart’s data collection expose their paying customers to risks? Walmart uses statistics of flow of customers, purchase […]

Topics: Cloud Computing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Collection, Walmart

Managerial Ethics & Social Responsibility

Words: 838 Pages: 3 1267

Ethics and ethical behavior is difficult to touch up on, especially in current times when institutions are filled with corruption and desire money and power. We live in an environment where acting with ethics for the sake of dignity can cost a person their job, family, and in extreme cases their life. You may have […]

Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Elon Musk

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