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Hip Hop Essays

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Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Words: 765 Pages: 3 4890

Marshall Bruce Mathers III also known as Eminem and Slim Shady is an American rapper, actor, and music producer and is considered to be one of the most successful hip hop artists of all time. Throughout his life (October 17th, 1972 – present) he has become a role model and a demonstration that anyone can […]

Topics: Eminem, Hip Hop, Popular Music

A Review of a Film which you have Just Watched – 8 Mile

Words: 1440 Pages: 5 3808

Hip hop continues to be a significant change to the music industry. Every wonder where it started? Who started it and where? Here is a famous quote from a rapper who does hip hop “I need drama in my life to keep making music”. Can you guess who’s quote this is? It is the king […]

Topics: Eminem, Hip Hop, Mass Media, Popular Music

Conscious Capitalism: what is It?

Words: 743 Pages: 2 4406

The primary concept of this case is Conscious Capitalism’ which introduces a new holistic approach of doing business that seeks for the winning situations for all stakeholders by creating a higher purpose and foster the well-being of all stakeholders from various aspects. This new emerging paradigm eventually is more beneficial for the firm and the […]

Topics: Capitalism, Economy, Hip Hop

Hall of Fame Eminem

Words: 612 Pages: 2 4325

Dear Hall Of Fame, Hall Of Fame I think eminem should be in the hall of fame because he is one of the biggest rappers of his time with multiple hits. He has multiple platinum albums. Some of his albums are Recovery(2010) and some of his newer stuff like kamikaze(2018) his first album was infinite(1996) […]

Topics: Eminem, Hip Hop

Eminem most Influential White Rapper

Words: 651 Pages: 2 6768

Eminem is one of the most influential rappers of our time. He is responsible for introducing rap to white consumers but also paving the way for white rappers. While Eminem was not the first white rapper, he was the first white rapper that was taken seriously in the African American community and in the rap […]

Topics: Eminem, Hip Hop
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Tupac Amaru Shakur Life Views

Words: 509 Pages: 2 4345

On June 16th, 1971 Tupac Amaru Shakur is born to Afeni Shakur, a member of the New York chapter of the Black Panthers. at age 12 (1983) Tupac and enrolls in the Theatre Ensemble in Harlem, a year later he lands a starring role in the play A Raisin in the Sun which inspires a […]

Topics: Hip Hop, Tupac

Tupac Known as 2Pac

Words: 1040 Pages: 3 4547

Tupac (named after a Peruvien Revolutionist Tupac Amaru) Shakur, also known as 2Pac or later called in his life Makaveli was an American born rapper born on June/16/1971 and died on September/ 13/ 1996. His biological father was a revolutionist, and it’s claimed that his family’s NYC apartment was raided by the FBI looking for […]

Topics: Hip Hop, Tupac

“Dear Mama” by Tupac Shakur

Words: 1721 Pages: 6 923

In the early 1990’s, the rap game was introduced to someone new. Tupac Shakur was the first ever rap poet. For many people, Pac resembled the struggle between tremendous talent and tragedy. From writing poems about underprivileged youth, struggling single moms, and the world through his eyes, Pac left an everlasting memory on society. “Tupac’s […]

Topics: Culture, Hip Hop, Poetry

Capitalism is an Unparalleled Economic and Political System

Words: 1662 Pages: 6 5228

Capitalism is a system known for promoting prosperity, wealth, freedom, and more. It goes without saying that any country that has ever existed will have inevitable setbacks. Ideally, the supposed lack of investment of S&P 500 companies in themselves and homelessness in Seattle, did not come into fruition because of Capitalism. Nevertheless, critics suggest that […]

Topics: Capitalism, Competition, Consumerism, Economy, Employment, Hip Hop

Capitalism and its Role

Words: 1448 Pages: 5 4141

Can radical, rebellious music remain authentic in a modern global society? Alternatively, will the hip-hop message change once it is absorbed into the mainstream? Hip Hop started in the 1970s on the South Bronx streets, and it was a way for black people to deal with experiences of marginalization and oppression. Like punk rock, hip-hop […]

Topics: Capitalism, Consumerism, Hip Hop

DJ Jazzy Jeff the Fresh Prince Cultural Analysis

Words: 839 Pages: 3 4549

When discussing hip hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince cannot go unmentioned. They put their own spin on rap music. From rapping and DJing at local parties and clubs to becoming famous, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince made a name for themselves in the hip hop world and in television. Meeting at a […]

Topics: Hip Hop, Jazz, Popular Music

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