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Unemployment Essays

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Economic and Cultural Transformation as a Result of Globalization in the Philippines

Words: 3311 Pages: 11 55580
Written by PapersOwl author

Globalization is associated with not only advancements in communication and ever-expanding trade routes but also transformation in political systems and the enhancement or destruction of cultural heritage (Block, 2004; Lieber & Weisberg, 2002). Indeed, it is apparent that globalization in developing countries has a significant impact on political, economic, and cultural aspects. Globalization arises from […]

Topics: Agriculture, Economy, Employment, Globalization, Pesticide, Philippine Government, Policy, Trade, Unemployment, United States

How the Great Depression Affected African Americans

Words: 649 Pages: 2 7474

In the 1920s, African Americans were looked upon as lower class individuals and as a result, had very low paying jobs. Now, just imagine an economic crisis in such a situation. It will be chaotic. Unfortunately, an economic crisis did hit, and many African Americans lost their jobs, to leave the jobs for the white […]

Topics: New Deal, Social Issues, The Great Depression, Unemployment, United States

Benefits of College Degree

Words: 1354 Pages: 5 12606

Everyone wants an equal chance to achieve the “”American Dream.”” The average person wants to attend college, find a great career, start a family, and own a house and car. College provides students with a steady path, control over their lives, and a secure future. It has become the new way of life for current […]

Topics: College, Employment, Is College Worth It, Unemployment

Unemployment as a Social Issue

Words: 931 Pages: 3 13363

Introduction. Unemployment is real issue in the modern society and has devastating impact on people’s lives. The effects are not limited to the unemployed individual but also family members and the wider community. As unemployment is time bound, with the duration of unemployment have far reaching effects even affecting the living standards in retirement 2. […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment

Can Robots Replace Humans?

Words: 855 Pages: 3 12879

25 years ago a blockbuster “Terminator” predicted to a humanity a war with robots. It was so convincing that many people have interpreted this story as the most likely forecast and a reason for serious fears. These days robots and artificial intelligence are far from the military confrontation with people or conscious capture of any […]

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Unemployment
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Supply of Various Items Rose

Words: 1066 Pages: 4 3949

Just like a coin, there are two sides to everything. Industrialization has brought revolution to the world as we know it today and want to serve people, help them in make their lives better, but it has also brought many ineradicable harms and negative effects in the society. Industrialization has brought revolution to the world. […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Factory, Industrial Revolution, Poverty, Unemployment

Women in the Civil Rights Movement

Words: 1963 Pages: 7 5366

Sex or gender discrimination may be considered an inequality because the act involves mistreating a person based mainly on the gender of that individual. In the history of the United States, during the late 1800s, women raised a claim concerning inequality emphasizing how they were being treated compared to men. This contributed to the introduction […]

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Equal pay for equal work, Gender Equality, Gender Inequality, Unemployment, United States

Unemployment in the U.S

Words: 1463 Pages: 5 4779

  As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of joblessness in Joined States has expanded over at a disturbing rate. Around 6 million individuals in the United States are jobless according to deptofnumber.com. This has influenced the economy of the nation contrarily. Need a custom essay on the same topic? Give us […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Policy, Unemployment

Is College Really Worth the Hassle?

Words: 1503 Pages: 5 5782

“”Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”” Nelson Mandela’s quote in 2003 eloquently describes the effect that education can have in any society, propelling it forward to new and prosperous heights. The reality of life is that if one expects to do well and be at least relatively prosperous, […]

Topics: College, Employment, Is College Worth It, Unemployment

Main Causes why Minimum Wage should Increase

Words: 2543 Pages: 8 5868

There are a lot of people around the world who struggle with money because of the minimum wage. Minimum wages have been one of the biggest topics around the United States. Minimum wage is the minimum hourly wage an employer pays an employee for work. Since 1938, when the minimum wage was first introduced at […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Unemployment

Unemployment Analysis

Words: 1210 Pages: 4 4497

The U.S. Government considers a person unemployed if they are at least 16 years of age, willing and able to work, and who are actively seeking employment, but have not found a job. To be considered unemployed, someone does not have to lose a job. The unemployment rate also includes people who are returning to […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Unemployment

Examining GDP and Unemployment

Words: 1492 Pages: 5 4501

Research over the years has shown that unemployment rates and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures go hand in hand. This paper aims to define and discuss GDP, and its relation to economic growth. Additionally, the paper will discuss how the use of fiscal or monetary policies can effectively battle recession and aid in the growth […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Policy, Unemployment

Child Labor in the 19th Century

Words: 1661 Pages: 6 4479

“The September 1906 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine recounts a story once told of an old Indian chieftain. The chieftain was given a tour of the modern city of New York. On this excursion, he saw the soaring heights of the grand skyscrapers and the majesty of the Brooklyn Bridge. He observed the comfortable masses huddled […]

Topics: Child, Child Labour, Economy, Employment, Unemployment

How does the Unemployment Rate Effect the Economy?

Words: 1891 Pages: 6 5931

The rate of unemployment is more than a percentage of unemployed people, it is used as key a macroeconomic indicator when determining the health of an economy. The unemployment rate is found by taking the labor force and dividing it by the number of people who are currently searching for a job, also know as […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Macroeconomics, Tax, Unemployment

Minimum Wage and its Impact

Words: 2226 Pages: 7 4475

Minimum Wage and Its Impact: An Argument for Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage Since the Industrial Era, workers in North Carolina and across the US have fought for better working conditions, less hours, no child labor, and most importantly a wage that could support life in the United States. Throughout the years, many of the […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Poverty, Tax, Unemployment, United States, Welfare

Economic Policy

Words: 615 Pages: 2 4154

Institutional qualities are the major determinant of every country aspiring to have good governance such as; voice and accountability, regulatory control, control of corruption, government effectiveness, rule of law and political stability. This study will focus on the rule of law and political stability as a proxy for good governance. Good governance of a nation […]

Topics: Accountability, Economic Growth, Economy, Justice, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment

Effects of Minimum Wage Increase on Poverty Rates

Words: 858 Pages: 3 6449

To a certain extent, I agree that it is effective in reducing poverty because it will help some workers who really come from a poor background. But if only a small percentage of the poor will benefit from it and if it helps more people who are above the poverty line than those below it, […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Poverty Reduction, Social Issues, Unemployment

The Affirmative Action and the Discrimination with Employment

Words: 791 Pages: 3 3690

Segregation is characterized as making a qualification for or against someone or something dependent on the gathering, class, or classification to which that individual or thing has a place with instead of on individual legitimacy. Segregation does identify with only one significance as well as a few, and it very well may be depicted from […]

Topics: Employment, Prejudice And Discrimination, Sexism, Sexual Orientation, Social Issues, Social Status, Unemployment

Industrialization Represented

Words: 1057 Pages: 4 3883

Industrialization represented only one form of the radical disorientation but sense of acceleration that Europeans experienced during the year 1820-45. (The West: A New History by Grafton and bell, page:603.) Industrialization means development in factories, from small scale to large scale and with infrastructure factories. It is a process from primary agriculture to textile manufacturing […]

Topics: Child Labour, Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Industrial Revolution, Poverty, Unemployment, Urbanization

Millennials: America’s most Anxious Generation

Words: 2477 Pages: 8 4359

“1 in 5 College Students Stressed, Consider Suicide”. “One in Three College Freshman Report Mental Health Disorder”. “College Students Are Anxious, and Extremely So”. Today, mental health is a growing concern among members of our society who raise awareness for the poor mental health of young adults. At first, we might dismiss these claims of […]

Topics: Adolescence, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Health, Mental Disorder, Millennials, Social Media, Suicide, Unemployment

Unemployment Within the Economics

Words: 377 Pages: 1 7416

Most of the socio-economic studies indicated that unemployment within the economics of crime studies is positively related to crime. Committing crime without failing while unemployed has a higher reward (Burdett et al, 2004). Unemployment shows lack of opportunity for participation in the labour market and the acquisition of legitimate earnings (Freeman, 1999). The exclusion from […]

Topics: Crime, Economy, Policy, Social Issues, Unemployment

Extreme Poverty in Brazilian Favelas

Words: 2633 Pages: 9 4367

Abstract When looking at various countries in South America there seems to be less attention paid on the more well renowned countries. Looking at countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and even Chile when analyzing their economy or unjust government unless you are living in these countries you do not tend to notice or experience any […]

Topics: Policy, Poverty, Social Issues, Unemployment

Identification and Evaluation Of Sources

Words: 2340 Pages: 8 3854

This investigation focuses on the events surrounding World War I as well as after World War I and how it affected the role of American women in the workforce to a certain extent. The sources that are going to be evaluated, one of which is primary and the other is a secondary source, will show […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Gender Roles, Sexism, Unemployment, War, Work

Long-term Unemployment

Words: 1289 Pages: 4 4104

Long-term unemployment is when workers are jobless for the time set by the federal government which may enable some to receive unemployment benefits. In order to receive unemployment benefits by the Bureau of Statistics, they must actively seek employment for at least 4 weeks prior to receiving unemployment benefits. Many unemployed people become disheartened about […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Unemployment

The Existence of Racial

Words: 1304 Pages: 4 4662

The existence of racial and ethnic inequalities in American society are still present. People of color face structural barriers when it comes to securing quality housing, income inequality, and employment. Statistically, African American’s have struggled in each of these categories, while whites haven’t been nearly affect with these types of conditions. The persistent disparity between […]

Topics: Economic Inequality, Poverty, Racism, Racism In America, Social Inequality, Social Issues, Unemployment, Wealth

Unemployment and Minimum Wage in the US

Words: 913 Pages: 3 4684

In the United States minimum wage is talked about more than any other countries. Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement such as one with a labor union. (dictionary.com) As of right now the minimum wage that is established by the government is $7.25, while here in Colorado […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Labor, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Social Issues, Unemployment, Work

The American Nursing Shortage

Words: 1277 Pages: 4 4463

Nursing workforce: Then and now A nurse’s role is extremely important in healthcare in order to deliver safe, positive and successful patient outcomes. In fact, nurses are the fastest growing and have the largest numbers in the profession, with approximately 3.9 million registered nurses in the United States alone, 29 million worldwide (Haddad & Toney-Butler, […]

Topics: Employment, Health Care, Medicine, Nursing Shortage, Patient safety, Unemployment

Unemployment Rate and Urbanization

Words: 910 Pages: 3 4600

Relationship Between Real GDP Per Capita, Inflation Rate, Unemployment Rate and Urbanization Introduction Economic growth of a country id influenced by various factors such as inflation, urbanization and unemployment. These factors can also influence economic income of a country. The relationship between inflation and real GDP per capita is one of the most widely researched […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Unemployment, Urbanization

Unemployment a Major Cause of Homelessness

Words: 692 Pages: 2 6932

Homelessness or known as extreme poverty can be interpreted as a circumstance when people have no place to stay with the result that they end up live in the street, under the bridge even at the side of the river. There are 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million […]

Topics: Homelessness, Policy, Poverty, Social Issues, Unemployment

Research Paper on Gender Inequality in the Workforce in India

Words: 2179 Pages: 7 5540

Abstract India demonstrates significant economy growth that contrary to universal norms results in lower female labor force participation. The issue is a deep-rooted problem, which is aggravated by a wide range of factors, the major of which are social norms and insufficient level of training and information on job opportunities. Despite the presence of these […]

Topics: Economic Growth, Economy, Employment, Female Education, Gender, Gender Inequality, Unemployment
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Essay About Unemployment
Unemployment and crime are the two major issues faced by many societies. These issues have prompted highly debated views on whether there is a correlation between the two. This essay will review on several sources and their research on the topic of Unemployment and Crime.
It has been highly discussed that unemployment does lead to crime. In his journal article, Baron (2008) examined the role of unemployment in the criminal behaviour of 400 homeless street youths by adopting Agnew’s general strain theory (ICT). He wanted to find out if the people’s interpretations of their labour market situation had a role to play in influencing criminal behaviour. By using the general strain theory, it “focuses attention on how objective experiences, subjective interpretations, and emotional reactions can all be linked to crime” (Baron, 2008 p. 402). His findings have shown that negative emotional reactions such as anger is a mediating role between unemployment and crime and that it is anger over unemployment that influences crime. However, his research had limitations as the data collected were cross-sectional and thus causing the current emotional reactions, perceptions of deprivation, and punishment to be correlated with past criminal behaviour.
Carlson and Michalowski (1997) also suggest that the relationship between unemployment and crime is shaped not merely by the fact of unemployment but instead by its social meaning within the developmental stage of social structures of crime. In this journal article, Carlson and Michalowski (1997) analysed whether the inconsistency in findings of the impact of unemployment on crime is the result of historical contingency caused by changes in the social structures of accumulation (SSAs) correlated with the growth of U.S capitalism in the twentieth century. By examining the relationship between unemployment and crime at different phases of the U.S economic development, Carlson and Michalowski (1997) found that the impact of unemployment on crime is in fact historically contingent and that there was a greater impact in reducing crime when economic distress is better relieved by having structural unemployment. This journal however had a specific focus on crimes such as burglary, robbery, assault and homicide. It did not consider other forms of crime that could possibly steer its findings in a different direction.
Supplementary to the relationship between unemployment and crime, Chappell and Sykes (1991) examined the changing commitment rates to U.S. state prisons to resolve the questionable interpretations of how unemployment, crime and imprisonment are related.  

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