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The Effects of Illegal Immigration

Words: 855 Pages: 3 14218

Introduction Immigrants from all over look to the United States’ as a possible new home in hopes at a chance at a better life. The United States is seen as a chance for economic prosperity and as an escape from a life of many disappointments and fears, so many immigrants will do whatever it takes […]

Topics: Crime, Economy, Illegal Immigration, Immigration, Policy, Social Issues, Tax, United States

Why was the American Revolution a Conservative Movement?

Words: 1242 Pages: 4 11110

The American Revolution is often analyzed by historians as a conservative movement to maintain the status quo. However, the American Revolution was partially conservative and partially liberal, contributing to the nuance of the issue. Politically, the revolution was revolutionary because the governmental institutions that resulted from it were radically different than the inherited governmental systems […]

Topics: American Revolution, Tax, United States

Analysis Abraham Lincoln Cooper Union Address

Words: 3070 Pages: 10 5280

The “Cooper Union Address was written on February 27, 1860 by an eminent abolitionist named Abraham Lincoln, who believed the expansion of slavery should come to a halt. He demonstrated a Republican outlook for him and his majority of followers who signed the Constitution. Lincoln and his followers believed Congress should control slavery in the […]

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Articles Of Confederation, Federalism, John Locke, Justice, Liberalism, Slavery, Tax, Thomas Jefferson

The Pros and Cons of Free College

Words: 481 Pages: 2 7538

A college education should not be free to everyone. There are several reasons why it would not be logical to make college tuition free. It would hurt the economy and there would be many people who are unemployed or underemployed. (Should College be Free) Although a student would not have to pay for a college […]

Topics: College, Debt, Economy, Poverty, Should College Be Free, Student Loan, Tax

Lowering Taxes Issues

Words: 814 Pages: 3 4554

We live in a country where many people are suffering and few people are thriving, it’s not fair to the lower- and middle-class citizens that are suffering from financial problems caused by taxes. Lowering taxes has many benefits for our country, whether it be with our economy or our people. Taxes have affected many people who are […]

Topics: Tax
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Is a Tax on Carbon Emission a Way to Combat Global Warming?

Words: 1280 Pages: 4 4847

In today’s modern world, and especially during our current political environment, there is a big question of how important environmental issues are going to be now in our changing American government. Now that things are evolving and a new generation is casting their votes, most Americans are curious to see how the votes turn out […]

Topics: Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Natural Environment, Tax

Equality of Heterosexual and Homoesexual Marriage

Words: 692 Pages: 2 4937

Marriage is traditionally known as a legal or official personal relationship between a man and a woman. In today’s society, there are two types of matrimonies, heterosexual and homoesexual marriage. Many people have non identical views regarding homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is a controversial issue and a major topic in the United States. Religion, Social […]

Topics: Gender, Gender Equality, Homosexuality, Human Rights, Human Sexuality, LGBT, LGBT rights, Marriage, Mother, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Social Issues, Tax

California Health Insurance Fairness Act

Words: 2407 Pages: 8 4054

Overview of health problem In the modern society, health insurance is an imperative issue that helps with the firm address of major activities to be carried out. The identification of ardent activities that would drive the health service providers to have a package of insurance has led to a great level of difference in the […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Insurance, Tax

Why College should not be Free

Words: 1220 Pages: 4 11845

Free colleges might seem like a good idea, but there are many problems in this system. First, schools have the possibility of being overfilled because so many people would apply to free colleges. Desirable degrees will likely be taken because of so many people getting a free education to get them. Skill jobs, which are […]

Topics: Should College Be Free, Tax

How does the Unemployment Rate Effect the Economy?

Words: 1891 Pages: 6 5947

The rate of unemployment is more than a percentage of unemployed people, it is used as key a macroeconomic indicator when determining the health of an economy. The unemployment rate is found by taking the labor force and dividing it by the number of people who are currently searching for a job, also know as […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Macroeconomics, Tax, Unemployment

Funding High Schools to Achieve High Academic Standards

Words: 1384 Pages: 5 3531

  New Jersey’s school finance law, adopted in 2008, implements a school funding formula that attempts to ensure all students have the resources needed to achieve high academic standards and graduate as what the state deems as college and career ready. Prior to the SFRA, districts where labeled Abbott districts and were the districts determined […]

Topics: Economy, High School, Poverty, Tax

Increase Taxes in Egypt after the Revolution

Words: 671 Pages: 2 3622

Since Increasing Taxes in Egypt after the Revolution of 2011, the Egyptian government has been faced a huge economic challenge such as low foreign investment, increased public debt, high unemployment rates especially between youth and women. As a result of the political situation after the Revolution, the Government tends to think about loan agreements between […]

Topics: Tax

Economic Inequality and Governmental Responsibility

Words: 2122 Pages: 7 6516

Ever since the emergence of civilization several hundreds of years ago, social inequality has been a prevalent aspect of many societies across the world. This social structure developed as a result of several factors amongst them political and economic status in the society. During the early stages of civilization, social and political status was closely […]

Topics: Economic Inequality, Economy, Family, Inequality, Policy, Poverty, Social Inequality, Social Issues, Tax, United States

Identity: National, Gender, Race, Class (NAT)

Words: 602 Pages: 2 3889

This theme focuses on how and why definitions of American and national identity and values have developed, as well as on related topics such as citizenship, constitutionalism, foreign policy, assimilation, and American exceptionalism. (Who is an American and what does it mean to be an American? What rights and responsibilities come with being an American? […]

Topics: Economy, Homosexuality, Marshall Plan, Racial Segregation, Social Issues, Tax, United States

Marijuana Decriminalization in all States

Words: 700 Pages: 2 4980

The government should legalize marijuana on the federal use due to the multifaceted health, economic, and criminal benefits now outweigh the outdated downsides of use. Many researchers have come to the conclusion of outdated research not being correct. “One function of government is to protect citizens from harm, whether it is from foreign enemies or […]

Topics: Health, Marijuana Legalization, Medical Marijuana, Mental Disorder, Tax

George Washington: Research Paper

Words: 2614 Pages: 9 4516

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America in which most people know him for that sole reason. One of the most common explanation of George Washington was about his time in the Revolutionary War as a general leading the Continental Army. None of that was done during his presidency but […]

Topics: Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, James Madison, Tax

Non Citizenship Voting in the US

Words: 426 Pages: 1 3971

Each State in the US is legally allowed to bar non-citizens from voting in any national or state elections. Signed by President Clinton, The Illegal immigration reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 makes it a crime when any non-citizen individual votes in any given federal election. According to Stanley Renshon’ article, in the United […]

Topics: Citizenship, Immigration, Justice, Tax, United States

Tuition-free College is a Dream Held by Many College Students in the United States

Words: 1083 Pages: 4 3766

Many students feel as if free college is extremely beneficial and could help them in their journey in life; While, some institutions believe that having financial obligations for college students is necessary. Tuition-free college can bring many benefits to students by providing opportunities that would not have been available because of financial obligations. However, some […]

Topics: High School, Poverty, Student Loan, Tax

Do Taxes Affect the Economy?

Words: 1226 Pages: 4 4555

Introduction: Taxes are necessary for a government to thrive, but with those laws in place an extra burden is laid on consumers. Because of the nature of taxes economists, researchers, and policymakers are all interested in how they affect the overall economy, which is the topic of this paper. “As countries consider reforms to their […]

Topics: Tax

The Cost and Benefit of Legalization of Marijuana

Words: 1301 Pages: 4 7157

In this paper, I will demonstrate some of the benefits and costs associated with the legalization of marijuana. This paper helps clarify some of the disagreements surrounded the issue today by focusing on the costs and benefits encountered by the consumer, alongside with, the producer and government if marijuana were to be legalized. In previous […]

Topics: Economy, Marijuana Legalization, Tax

Cannabis Tourism in Saint Lucia

Words: 828 Pages: 3 4125

The Caribbean region is known for its heavy dependence on the tourism industry, and Saint Lucia is no exception. In 2017, 15 percent of Saint Lucia’s GDP was derived from the tourism sector. Essentially a cash cow for the island, tourism generated EC$602.0m or US$223.0m in that same year (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2018). […]

Topics: Cannabis, Economy, Research, Tax, Tourism

Minimum Wage and its Impact

Words: 2226 Pages: 7 4484

Minimum Wage and Its Impact: An Argument for Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage Since the Industrial Era, workers in North Carolina and across the US have fought for better working conditions, less hours, no child labor, and most importantly a wage that could support life in the United States. Throughout the years, many of the […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Poverty, Tax, Unemployment, United States, Welfare

Should Boxing be Banned?

Words: 1962 Pages: 7 4498

Mixed martial arts, widely known as MMA, is a hybrid combat sport believed to date back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece in 648 BCE. At the time, the combat sport was a method of martial training for Greek armies (Mixed). Now, in the 21st century, MMA is the subject of the debate of […]

Topics: Boxing, Concussion, Health, Tax

Sugar Taxes Issues

Words: 473 Pages: 2 3890

Taxes meant to increase costs of manufacturing, distributing, and consuming products that damage health have been implemented to reduce overall consumption of hazardous products. Legislation targets socially undesirable products to raise revenue with their “sin taxes” or health taxes (Liu, 2018). Including substances such as alcohol and tobacco, the taxes have traditionally found limited political […]

Topics: Tax

A Capitalist Manifesto

Words: 2830 Pages: 9 4211

An argument in support of capitalism in America, discussing the benefits regulatory policies bring to a capitalist economy. Capitalism has roots deep within American history. The country declared independence mainly due to Britain’s unfair taxes, “No Taxation without Representation!” was the motto in 1776. From then on, our founding fathers formulated a government run by […]

Topics: Capitalism, Child Labour, Competition, Economy, Employment, Fiscal Policy, Socialism, Tax, United States

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Words: 761 Pages: 3 4206

Police are prone to ignore or under-enforce the minimum legal drinking age at 21 law due to limited resources, and perceptions that punishment is inadequate including the time and effort required for processing and paperwork, an estimated two out of every 1,000 instances of illegal underage drinking result in arrest. The drinking age should be […]

Topics: Legal Drinking Age, Lowering The Drinking Age, Money, Tax, Youth

Border Wall: Good for the Country

Words: 2183 Pages: 7 4549

Over the years there has been a level of belief perseverance in the United States that one of its neighbors to the south, Mexico, has been the cause of some of their major security concerns. This has led to years of debates in successive regimes to find ways to mitigate these security situations that stem […]

Topics: Border Wall, Donald Trump, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Mexico, Policy, Tax, Trump Wall, United States

How could Minimum Wage Increase Help the Poor

Words: 1333 Pages: 4 5402

It has long been debated whether the minimum wage would be beneficial for the poor. The minimum wage should be increased to help people from working-class families. The cost of living is so high, especially in major cities such as New York, that it is nearly unbearable to raise a family on a minimum wage […]

Topics: Economy, Employment, Minimum Wage, Policy, Poverty, Tax, Welfare

Finding a Place to Live

Words: 625 Pages: 2 3445

   Finding a new place to live is a bit challenging, and at the same time is exciting. People always move, and it is hard to find someone who has never done it. Reasons may vary – someone finds a new job, others are looking for better luck with the new place. As a proverb […]

Topics: Economy, Labor, Tax

The Existence of Inattention to Taxes

Words: 2017 Pages: 7 3798

Introduction: The widely established Neo-Classical view predicts that the salience of a tax (whether an excise or/and sales tax) would not have an empirical variation to how consumers adjust their demand. However, current studies in behavioral economics suggest that the inattention of consumers causes varied reactions to changes in salient and non-salient taxes. This may […]

Topics: Tax
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