Donald Trump’s Impact on the US Economy

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America, is well known for his career as an American Businessman. There is a lot of controversy about whether President Trump is suited to be president because of him not having any prior experience in American politics. Some argue that he isn’t ready for it, and some argue that he is. President Trump has made a huge positive impact on the economy in the United States of America.

        “In the 12 months since his inauguration, the headlines from Donald Trump’s presidency have been dominated by disruption: provocative tweets, derisive language and epic feuds.

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”  (A Consequential President: Trump’s Tweets Have Overshadowed the Impact of His Policies at One Year In)

Donald Trump has made a positive impact on the United States’ economy with his moves on bringing auto manufacturing from American Auto Companies back to the United States of America. Even with the positive impacts, President Trump’s “rant tweets” have brought negative impacts to the United States’ economy.

        Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism over the course of both his campaign and presidency. Most notably, President Trump’s Twitter Page has caused a lot of backlash against the President. Some of the posts he does make on Twitter are very informative and relevant to what is going on in our world, but others are quite irrelevant and offensive. Some of the “rant” postings on his Twitter have negatively impacted the economy.

        “The hatred that clown @krauthammer has for me is unbelievable ??“ causes him to lie when many others say Trump easily won debate.” (Donald Trump’s Official Twitter Page)

This posting on President Trump’s Twitter shows the irrelevance and ignorance of some of his Tweets, which ultimately could affect the economy in negative ways.

Donald Trump’s campaign was well planned because he stated his promises of what he would do while he was in office. His proposal of “building a wall” along the U.S.A/Mexican Border seems a bit harsh, but it is what has to be done to secure our border and end the smuggling of drugs and other illegal activities. Not only did the border with Mexico need to be secured, but so did the border with Canada. In the past couple of decades, the amount of drugs that were being smuggled in by illegal aliens/drug cartels into the United States was at an all-time high. The strengthening of the borders has since improved the economy, specifically bringing Americans back to work and lowering our unemployment rate.

        “As the country has clawed its way back from the worst recession in generations, companies have been creating plenty of jobs. Employers added another 223,000 positions last month alone, the Labor Department said Friday. And the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2000, from April’s 3.9 percent.” (Uneployment Rate Drops to 3.8 Percent, Lowest Since 2000)

This statement helps to show how much President Trump has made a positive impact in our economy by lowering the unemployment rate across the country which ultimately makes a positive impact on the United States’ economy.

President Trump also made a big step to improve our economy by renegotiating NAFTA. By doing this, American trading will significantly improve. This renegotiation also will give American workers the opportunity to obtain and maintain a quality job. These two things, along with the decreasing unemployment rate, will put the United States’ economy on the right track to complete success.

“President Donald J. Trump is delivering on his promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) so all American workers can benefit.” (President Donald J. Trump is Keeping His Promise to Renegotiate NAFTA)

This quote is a great example of how President Trump’s negotiation with NAFTA helped to create jobs and trade relationships which ultimately will make the economy successful.

        Trump walked into a crumbling healthcare system when he stepped into office, which was bound to hurt the United States’ economy. The healthcare system designed by former president Barack Obama was intended to help every American get the healthcare assistance that one needs. While this system helped the lower class, it failed to help the others. Obamacare did nothing to help the middle and upper classes. The cost of healthcare instantly increased as soon as “Obamacare” was put into place. Those in the middle class had hard times paying for healthcare because of how much it cost. This made a negative impact to the economy during Barack Obama’s term as president. President Trump has promised to fix Obamacare and regain control for the healthcare system which will improve the economy.

        “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, released a final rule that will expand short-term health insurance plans, a move that the administration said will help more people access cheap insurance options.” (Trump’s plan to reshape the healthcare system without repealing Obamacare is coming together)

This quote shows that President Trump does have intentions of regaining control in the nation’s healthcare, while saving tax payer money and preserving the great success of nation’s economy.

        While Trump is working on improving our government and continuing to create a successful economy, he has made many visits to other countries and the most notable is the visit to North Korea. Donald Trump meeting North Korea’s leader has the potential of turning into a trade partnership in future years, which will affect the economy of the United States in a positive way. President Trump also made a treaty with the North Korea leader to cease the manufacturing of Nuclear weapons which had the potential of threatening other nations, including The United States.

        “Mr. Kim wants to be a great economic reformer. And the United States should help him, because that’s the best way to sustain progress toward denuclearization and eventually eliminate the threat posed by North Korea.” (Kim Jong-un Has a Dream. The U.S. Should Help Him Realize It.)

This quote explains the leader of North Korea’s intentions for his nation’s economy, which he also asks President Trump for help. The construction of North Korea’s economy can have a positive impact on the United States’ economy. A trade agreement is always an option between the two nations, especially once North Korea builds its’ economy.

        Trump also made great decisions on tax reform for our country. Trump rejected Obama’s horrible tax reform system and brought forth his own system, which has only brought amazing things to our economy. The U.S has had 3% growth in its economy for a while now. Trump bringing the economy into a safe state is a big step in fulfilling his promises.

        “The measure is the most significant legislative accomplishment for Trump in his first tumultuous year in office. Passed with only Republican votes, it will affect nearly every household and business in the country.” (Trump signs sweeping tax bill into law)

This quote helps support the idea that President Trump’s tax reform is so major and that it will affect everyone. The tax reform will help boost the economy and give it another jump that it needs.

        President Trump is making a big stride in improving our welfare system. Since President Trump started creating jobs to lower our unemployment rate, the welfare use has reduced.  Our welfare system is completely out of control. Some people are abusing the welfare system, taking away from people who actually need it. This is effecting the pockets of United States Taxpayers, which ultimately effects the nation’s economy. Welfare should be for those people who are less fortunate and do not have enough funds to support their kids. The screening process for welfare should be more “intense” and the guidelines should be polished, creating strict guidelines and requirements for those who apply for welfare. After all, why should a man who works 9-5 at a steel mill pay for someone’s welfare when they can barely support their own family.

        “Even in the absence of any other changes, these exceptional labor market improvements should have increased employment and reduced welfare use among low-income families.” (Welfare and the Economy)

This quotation supports the claim of how President Trump has significantly improved the economy by creating jobs which puts less stress on the welfare system. Putting less stress on the welfare system puts more money into the pockets of taxpayers and the nation’s economy.

        To sum up, Donald Trump has put a lot of his time into making significant changes and improvements to our nation’s economy. From creating jobs, renegotiating with NAFTA, implementing the Trump Tax Reform Plan, even meeting with the leader of North Korea. Trump has given a great amount of effort into improving the United States’ economy. People can rant all they want about President Trump, but the facts do show that President Trump has made a huge positive impact on the economy in the United States of America.

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