Is Donald Trump a Good President?

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Is Donald Trump a Good President?

The presidency of Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. President, was marked by significant controversy and polarization. While supporters praise his economic policies and deregulation efforts, critics point to issues like his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and divisive rhetoric. An objective analysis would weigh his accomplishments against his challenges, and place his term in a broader historical and geopolitical context. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Donald Trump topic.

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You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions. On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America. From the beginning of his campaign, Trump demonstrated a clear conservative and Pro-American stance. While making an attempt to speak to the American people, he subsequently created a narrative of privilege, discrimination and irresponsibility. Donald Trump’s actions are that of an immoral and inadequate president. One of the main issues in question is President Trump’s character.

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Stories have continued to develop about his involvement in criminal activity. Leading up to his victory, there have been multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump.

In addition, there was an audio recording of Trump boasting about being able to sexually assault women due to his celebrity status. He has not expressed remorse or denounced his actions, while he still able to win the Presidency. His view of and respect for women has shown to be minimal and nonexistent. His campaign and presidency have also been marked by one major promise, a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. Although some found the idea of a wall insulting enough, it was the discriminatory remarks about the country and people of Mexico that were disturbing. He has stated that while Mexicans may be good people , that they bring in drugs, crime and are rapists.

This overgeneralized opinion of a people was used to justify the construction of over 1,000 mile long wall and construction reportedly will cost $70 billion. In addition, Trump initially and ridiculously proposed that the wall would be paid by the Mexican government. Another major discriminatory and unfounded homeland security measure that Trump implemented was referred to as the Muslim Travel ban. Initially, the travel ban only included predominantly Muslim countries Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan, which Trump said was an attempt to keep America safe from terrorist activity.

He then recently added North Korea, Chad and Venezuela and removed Sudan from that list. This limits citizens of those identified countries from entering the United States as immigrants with some variation in restriction. One issue that stands out due to the implementation of the ban is that it targets countries of color. It limits access to nationals of those eight countries who wish to enter the United to escape persecution or gain opportunity in the United States. This is all due to another overgeneralization that Muslim immigrants will commit terrorist attacks.

Trump even began targeting United States citizens when he implemented the Military Trans ban. This ban gives homeland security the discretion to excess Transgender recruits from entering the military. It also bans the Department of Defense from providing medical treatment to transgender military personnel. This legislation no longer protects Transgender citizens from discriminatory practices in a society where there is a lack of tolerance and acceptance of differences in sexuality and identity. Trump’s message to his supporters and the basis of his presidency was a play on fear. He used fear of citizens of foreign countries to justify his discriminatory legislation and initiatives. His rhetoric has not steered towards making America great again but has shined a light on the areas of our country that share the same harmful views of people who are different.

His leadership as President of the United States, has continued to be irresponsible, reactionary and selfish. In order to begin to model a great presidency, Trump needs to begin to think about rebuilding the relationships between the many citizens of the United States as well as with foreign governments. This will create a country based on equity, opportunity and inclusion.

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