Why Donald Trump should be Reelected: Advocating for a Robust, Self-Reliant America

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Updated: Sep 18, 2023
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Donald Trump is a name that resonates not just in America but worldwide. Before entering politics, Trump made his mark as a real estate magnate and a television personality. His ventures ranged from the towering Trump skyscrapers to the reality show “The Apprentice.” He was considered a figure of success, tenacity, and controversy. In 2016, he shifted his sights to the White House, successfully winning the presidency and becoming the 45th President of the United States. His leadership style combined business acumen and a no-nonsense approach.

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Supporters saw him as a fresh, outsider perspective, hoping he could shake the established norms of Washington. In evaluating Trump’s case for a potential second term or understanding his first, it’s essential to reflect on his achievements and why many Americans believe he should be at the helm.


Under Trump’s leadership, the U.S. economy has undergone some change. And most say for the better. Before the pandemic hit in 2020, unemployment rates had reached historic lows, and more Americans employed than ever had jobs. Stock markets soared, hitting record highs multiple times. The tax reforms he introduced, notably the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, aimed to fuel growth by reducing corporate tax rates. This move helped numerous businesses thrive. 

Additionally, deregulation efforts were made to remove perceived barriers for companies, fostering an environment favorable to growth. Trump’s emphasis on “America First” also led to trade negotiations, like the U.S.-China Phase One deal, aiming to balance trade dynamics. Overall, the economy saw robust growth during a significant portion of his presidency.

Foreign Policies and Immigration Control

Under Trump, U.S. foreign policies took a distinct turn. He adopted an “America First” stance. This meant putting national interests at the forefront of global engagements. One notable move was his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords, which aimed at regulating and preventing irreversible climate damage, citing its unfair terms and its effects on the US economy. Trump also revisited vital trade agreements. He replaced NAFTA with the USMCA, aiming for more favorable terms for American industries.

On the front of international relations, Trump took a firm stance with North Korea, leading to unprecedented summits with its leader, Kim Jong-un. His approach to China was also assertive, with trade wars highlighting concerns about unfair practices. The Trump administration brokered the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, which marked a significant step toward regional peace in Arab countries.

Immigration policy under Trump was marked by a commitment to more robust border security. The administration argued that a secure border was crucial for national security and economic stability. The most notable action was the push for a border wall with Mexico, a hot spot for those who indulge in criminal activities. There were also stricter vetting procedures for refugees and travel bans for travelers from certain nations. These measures aimed to address concerns about potential security threats. While controversial, these policies reflected Trump’s goal to prioritize American security and economic interests. In summary, Trump’s foreign policies and immigration control were rooted in a vision of safeguarding American interests and security.

Energy Independence

Trump was also a big supporter of energy independence. During his presidency, he focused on decreasing the amount of oil and fuel bought abroad. Key actions included opening up federal lands for drilling and rolling back regulations on the energy sector. This helped increase the amount of oil the USA produced, giving the independence and making the country an exporter. Trump believed energy independence boosted the economy and made international relationships a stranger. His policies aimed to position America as a dominant energy player on the global stage.


One sees a pattern of prioritizing American interests in evaluating Trump’s presidency. From bolstering the economy to reshaping foreign policies. From advocating for energy independence to stringent immigration control. Trump consistently sought to place America first. His approaches, though sometimes controversial, reflected a clear vision: to strengthen the nation’s domestic and international standing. By focusing on national interests, economic growth, and security, Trump aimed to forge a robust and self-reliant America. The results of his previous term are tangible. In a world of complex geopolitics and domestic challenges, a president focused on national betterment is a compelling choice. Trump’s record suggests he could be that choice for many Americans.

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