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Cashless Society: Cryptocurrency is the Future of Money

Cash is one of human being invention that most has a negative effect on both government and in personal level. People relying on a paper to buy exchange goods that has no back up or true value. therefore, people often forgetting that paper money can be worth if it is buy by bank to distribute […]

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Bitcoin and Blockchain

Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, many Americans have held lingering doubts about the stability and creditworthiness of the current financial system. As a response to the economic crisis the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, emerged which intended to be a cash-like payment system unaffected by economic downturns. Unlike the traditional monetary institutions who’s negligence caused the […]

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The Question of Regularization and Stability of Cryptocurrencies 

Economics has always stood on the foundation of exchange in varying forms, ranging from good for good system of exchange (barter system), to the common paper and plastic currency, regulated by the use of cash and digital mediums of exchange respectively. While the primitive barter system dominated the underdeveloped economy for a long period of […]

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Boom or Bust: is Bitcoin too Good to be Invested?

In the technology era, e-commerce has become a common business model. As a result, cryptocurrency which are digital currencies had been created and it has been developing effectively. cryptocurrency represents a new monetary system, an easy way to send and receive money which is also affordable for any computer user. Many businesses now accept cryptocurrency […]

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Considering a Career in Cryptocurrency

Here are some things you should know 2018 is coming to a close and the new year is quickly approaching. If finding a new career is on your new year’s resolution list, you may want to keep cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs in mind. A study by Glassdoor shows that there has been a 300% rise […]

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Cryptocurrency is Much more than the Internet

The internet revolutionized the world. It provided a platform that would change the way we communicate, shop, bank, and interact with everything around us. It fueled economic growth with companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more. The internet has developed so quickly and become such a large part of our lives, that it is […]

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How to Encourage Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption?

While more and more businesses accept cryptocurrency every day, there are still barriers to mass adoption of decentralized digital currency. Some of the very same things that carry the technology’s greatest strengths also stand as a barrier to wider adoption. However, there are things we can all do in the short term to encourage participation, […]

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The Relationship between the Medieval Medical World and Wise Women

The relationship between the learned medieval medical world and female healers of the time was complicated and nuanced. In 1322, the Medical Faculty of Paris accused Jacoba Felicie, a female healer, of working as a practicing physician without a license. Documents from Felicie’s trial, and the resulting arguments for and against the accused, provide a […]

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Cryptocurrency Can be Used for Good

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, have been gaining traction over the last few years among people looking for alternative ways to invest and use their money. Cryptocurrency is digital currency created through cryptography, an advanced encryption technique. With the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, this technique went from a concept only discussed amongst academics to reality. […]

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People in China and the Cryptocurrency Ban

Boasting the world’s second largest economy, China is a central focal point for any cryptocurrency business. Starting earlier this year, that became a whole lot harder when China instituted a ban on all cryptocurrency related activity. By August, that even included popular communication apps where people simply discussed cryptocurrency markets and news. The ban has […]

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CryptoCurrency Framework

Cryptocurrency is virtual currency where the exchange of it relies on people sharing and buying it. Most cryptocurrencies have a set amount meaning the amount of the currency is not infinite making it similar to precious metals while other places like central banks can make an infinite amount of money these are called fiat currencies. […]

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Cryptocurrency and Sports

Many people who are just learning about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency often ask what some potential uses of the technology are, and from time to time we like to explore these use cases to help people understand just how powerful and transformative these technologies are going to be. One thing that is certain is that […]

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Cryptocurrency Tax Strategies

It is estimated that nearly $400 billion dollars were lost due to the 2018 cryptocurrency market plunge. The significant rise of cryptocurrency value in 2017 brought many new traders into the market, only for their dreams to be crushed the following year. With that being said, many of us are glad to see 2018 go […]

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How to Use Cryptocurrency to Pay your Mortgage

Ten years ago the housing market crash sent shockwaves through the economy. Since then, some major changes have hit the real estate market, from the tightening of lending standards and the near-abandonment of subprime loans to the affordability crisis affecting more and more cities across the nation. The houses may have stayed the same but […]

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Cryptocurrency as the Christmas Gift

How to keep your Christmas stress free with cryptocurrency Ah the Holidays, a joyous season filled with long lines, upset customers, and the stress of finding the perfect gift for a loved one. The days are counting down, and if you haven’t done your gift shopping yet you should hurry, as the lines aren’t getting […]

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How to Name your Cryptocurrency?

Over the last few years, the number of cryptocurrency companies has seen intense growth, growing from just Bitcoin ten years ago to over 1700 today. Having a great name is one way to differentiate your offering, and inspire confidence in potential investors, users, and customers. With entrepreneurs and developers clamoring to launch new blockchain based […]

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Benefits of Self Regulation in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Restrictive and exclusionary banking and financial regulations no doubt played a role in the drive to create cryptocurrency to begin with, so there’s no surprise that the industry is resistant to regulations as a whole. However, one of the main challenges for mainstream acceptance of the new technology is apprehension due to the lack of […]

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Good Things about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has developed rapidly over the last few years among people looking for alternative ways to invest and use their money. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, it went from a concept only discussed amongst academics to reality on the path to entirely change the world. One of the advantages of cryptocurrency is that […]

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How to Explain Cryptocurrency to a Kid?

One of the most important lessons a parent teaches their child is about money; how to acquire it and how to save it. In a world where cryptocurrencies are gaining mainstream traction and with roughly 2.2 billion people with access to internet and mobile phones, the possibility of these digital currencies becoming an everyday thing […]

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About the Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency, also known as “crypto” for short is a new form of digital currency. Although the idea of digital currency has been around since the creation of the internet, it wasn’t until 2008 that the first cryptocurrency appeared. Its name is Bitcoin. It remains a mystery as to who created Bitcoin, the only clue that […]

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The Age of Cryptocurrency

In the book “The Age of Cryptocurrency”, the authors, Paul and Michael, have tried to rationalize use cases and technical substructure around the blockchain and cryptocurrency. They have tried to incorporate information to be useful for people with no knowledge of cryptos to those involved in trading. The book puts more emphasis on technical aspects […]

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How Psychology Impacts the Use of Cryptocurrency?

If you pause to think about it, psychology has a huge effect not only on how we use cryptocurrency but the rate of its adoption in the general marketplace. Understanding these factors can give you an edge in cryptocurrency trading. While the psychology of traditional investments is well-known and has been comprehensively studied, there are […]

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How is Cryptocurrency Fueling Art?

Art and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. Art can be used to make a statement, it can be provocative, causing those who look at it to change their views on a certain subject. Art is subjective, the value of a piece can change from person to person, one painting might be worth $100, while another […]

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About Cryptocurrency

Abstract Cryptocurrency is a field of science and economics that has been talked about and quite frankly, beaten to death over the past few years. With using cryptocurrency, of course, there had to be a method to obtain these currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, what have you. This method is called “cryptomining” or “mining” for […]

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Spain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

When it comes to bitcoin regulation, or any regulation concerning cryptocurrencies, Spain has continued to be somewhat lax. Due to a rise in securities fraud during the country’s 2008 recession, the rights of investors of any kind are highly protected. Besides the fact that cryptocurrencies in Spain cannot be treated as legal tender, as shown […]

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Cryptocurrency and Wealth Distribution

Wealth distribution among the world population has long been skewed with a small percentage of the world population controlling the majority of the wealth. One of the promises in the creation of a new type of currency like crypto is that by creating a new model and bypassing central authority, you can make the asset […]

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Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in Top Tips?

These days there’s an ever-expanding universe of different blockchain-based digital currencies to choose from. There are so many factors to consider that it can seem overwhelming. Is Bitcoin a good buy given its relatively low price versus the peak last year? If you’re more interested in a newer product, what’s the best altcoin to invest […]

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