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Boxing Essays

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Muhammed Ali – Best Boxer

Words: 764 Pages: 3 3791

The man who was soon to end up one of the best boxers ever was born in Kentucky, in 1942. His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr and later on, would be legally changed to Muhammed Ali. Cassius’s name came from “Ali’s great-great-grandfather, who was a slave of Cassius Marcellus Clay, a relative of […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali: Winner Strategy

Words: 598 Pages: 2 3965

The 1960’s was a time of change. There was the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the gay rights movement, and then there was the anti-vietnam war movement. That was where the U.S. drafted youth men and forced them to go to war. One of those men was Cassius Clay. When I say the name […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali: Biography and Facts

Words: 1486 Pages: 5 3774

“The society and culture that Muhammad Ali grew up in was very different from the society that existed when he died. Ali has an influence on these changes in society. The 1960s was a time of new ideas of thinking and expressions had opened many pathways to the American culture and society. When Cassius Clay […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Knock out Boxing

Words: 1825 Pages: 6 3785

“It goes without saying that the sport boxing can be defined as barbaric and dangerous and is something that has been around for centuries. Other sports have goals of making a basket for points, getting a touchdown, or even hitting a home run. However, boxing is not like any other sport. The goal of boxing […]

Topics: Behavior, Boxing, Family, Gender, Gender Inequality, Violence

Sport: Hard Work Vs Talent

Words: 2892 Pages: 10 5675

African American is viewed as superiors in athletics as they have a lot of conditions that favor them. They are outstanding an athlete and tend to win. Also, African American is brought up in an environment that supports their athlete. Their bodies are masculine and are suitable for the athlete’s sport. The African American are […]

Topics: Boxing, Jackie Robinson, Motivation, Muhammad Ali
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Biography of Muhammad Ali

Words: 997 Pages: 3 4225

Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist. He is nicknamed “ the greatest “. He is one of the greatest boxers of all time. He won the the world heavyweight championship, won 56 fights, lost 5 and had 37 knockouts. Ali was important to history because of what he stood for and believed […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Rocky Balboa is my Heroe

Words: 1751 Pages: 6 3398

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, screenwriter, film director, and producer. He is well known for his Hollywood action roles, such as John Rambo, Cop Land, including boxer Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series from 1976 to 2018. We travel to 1976, when moviegoers found a 29-year old kind-hearted thug whose only way out of […]

Topics: Boxing, Hero, My Hero

Prominent Athletic Figures in Society

Words: 1997 Pages: 7 3538

Professional athletes are widely known for their amazing physical abilities. No one could dunk like Michael Jordan, and no one could fight like Muhammad Ali. Often, though, these athletes accomplish great things outside of the sporting world. In some cases, these athletes use their prominent status for the betterment of society, drawing public focus on […]

Topics: Boxing, Civil Rights Movement, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali

Amigo Brothers Review

Words: 435 Pages: 1 3779

Amigo Brothers’ by Piri Thomas is the tale of two closest companions who need to go head to head in a boxing rivalry. This exercise gives a rundown and talks about the subjects of fellowship and rivalry in the story.  The Amigo Brothers “is told in a clear way utilizing a third-individual storyteller. The exposition […]

Topics: Boxing, Human Nature, Social Issues, Social Psychology

Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. and Muhammad Ali

Words: 879 Pages: 3 4721

The guy is practically a shining star, “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” His name, “Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.” was otherwise known as Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was a brave man, he stood up for what was right and also took a lot of heat and risks from time to time. […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Should Boxing be Banned?

Words: 1962 Pages: 7 4490

Mixed martial arts, widely known as MMA, is a hybrid combat sport believed to date back to the Olympic Games of ancient Greece in 648 BCE. At the time, the combat sport was a method of martial training for Greek armies (Mixed). Now, in the 21st century, MMA is the subject of the debate of […]

Topics: Boxing, Concussion, Health, Tax

The Controversy of Ali being Islamic and not Going to War

Words: 1639 Pages: 5 3126

Muhammed Ali, born Cassius Clay, was a great American boxing legend. He changed his religion to the Nation of Islam, and because of his religious beliefs, he did not want to fight in the Vietnam War. As a result of his decision, Muhammed Ali was sentenced to prison, suspended from boxing and stripped of his […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

A Newly Renowned Boxer Muhammad Ali

Words: 3323 Pages: 11 3857

As the Vietnam War was on the rise and segregation filled the nation, Muhammad Ali, a newly renowned boxer, declined being drafted into the U.S. army on account of his Muslim beliefs which resulted in the tragedy of losing all his boxing titles, honor, pride and a five-year jail sentence; this event affected the country […]

Topics: Boxing, Islam, Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Biography

Words: 992 Pages: 3 3579

Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer and very passionate. One of the best boxers in the world, a person who practiced boxing all his life, a person who is very inspirational, Muhammad Ali! He started boxing when he was 12 years old and had very inspirational quotes. He always had one fear, It was planes. […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay Jr.(Muhammad Ali) Biography

Words: 851 Pages: 3 3434

My name was Cassius Clay Jr. And it all began when somebody stole my bike, and everything took off from there. I was sitting on the steps of the place that would soon become the birthplace of my career. There I was, crying and angry. When a man had told me that a police officer […]

Topics: Boxing, Muhammad Ali

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