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African American is viewed as superiors in athletics as they have a lot of conditions that favor them. They are outstanding an athlete and tend to win. Also, African American is brought up in an environment that supports their athlete. Their bodies are masculine and are suitable for the athlete’s sport. The African American are well known to perform well in the games compared to other races; it seems that the sports run in their genes.

Research shows that most of them are from the ghettos and low life families hence grow up exercising the sports. Some of them do not attend school as they are making sports their career. The children that start practicing athletes are mostly from neighborhoods that are infested with drug abuse and hence those that do not want to fall on that trap practice sports to move away from the evil in the community, (Harris, 2017).

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The African American people start the sport as a talent and hence work hard on it to achieve They also tend to become athletes as the schools have not provided them with education even though the schools blame them for not going to seek the knowledge. Hardship is another factor that favor’s the blacks in the world of sports as the environment they are brought up in exposes them to a lot of difficulties and hence they strive hard to achieve. The hard work in the games starts from those hardships in their neighborhood, (Lawrence, 2018).

The blacks have a body that is suitable for athlete sports as they have thighs that are very high and also are high. The legs favor them as they stretch up to his back. The thighs enable them to jump very high and also can be able to run very fast in a race. Their body structure is prominent compared to the people of other races. The blacks tend to very work hard on their bodies to achieve the masculinity that is good in the sports. The blacks also can dedicate themselves on whatever they are interested. The dedication keeps them moving forward, (Harris, 2017).

Even though hard work is the critical determinant of the sports, one has to have the talent first then work hard on his ability to achieve. Hard work will always beat talent because spots require efforts more than passion. The passion may not push you enough to work hard. The hard work results in winning which is a motivation for the athlete, winning keeps the spirit of hard work going, (Harris, 2017).

Hard work is a behavior that is learned by practicing venturing new ideas and not something that one is born. The athletes wake up early to work on their sports and to exercise to be ready for their games. Research shows that a person takes 10,000 hrs. To apply for hard work to be seen and also to be an expert in whatever one is doing. In many cases, hard work is not regarded to beat talent through hard work may beat talent when talent does not work hard, (Lawrence, 2018).

Hard work is mostly achieved when there is teamwork such as the athletes that consists of a group of members like football and basketball. The talent is for those working singly each on his own. The hard work in teamwork can be achieved very fast as the team members tend to motivate each other to work hard and in a case where some of the members may drag behind, they get support from those doing well in the team. “Talent is good for a quick fix or single victory, but hard work is in there for the long haul. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” (NBA legend Michael Jordan).

Meanwhile, hard work cannot make talent of a person valueless but the ability can appear to be of less value of it is a talent without hard work. Ability also requires hard work to achieve what someone wants. The talent is just something that runs inside and pushes someone; hence it needs hard work for it to work. Genius cannot work in a team as is most suitable for someone that works alone. It is said that hard work tends to beat talent when talent fails to work hard, (Lawrence, 2018).

There are various examples of athletes who are an excellent example of hard work in sports. The athletes have shown their full dedication in games despite them going throw a lot of hardships to succeed, and they still wake up early to work hard in their sports without giving up. The fact that after the hard work they tend to achieve whatever they want keeps them moving forward. Their success acts as a motivational tool for them. The various examples of African Americans athletes are; Mohamed Ali, Tiger Woods and Jim Brown.

Mohammed Ali

Muhammad Ali was always said to be the greatest, and he promptly proved it every day he went to the ring. By challenging himself with courage and compassion, he went through all the struggle that’s what made him stronger, and he kept going. He was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., Ali first made his name during an amateur career match Ali endured pain and struggle and changed the reality to become one of the greatest. He won six Kentucky Golden Gloves titles, two national Golden Gloves titles, an Amateur Athletic Union National Title and the Light Heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy all in which proved him to be a hard-working boxer dominating every time he went into the ring, (Marquis 2016)

The games he played in Rome made Clay an instant star, he outshone the three-time European champion, Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, leading him to more significant and better things during his professional career. He fought in several historic boxing matches; among them, with three against a rival who was Joe Frazier and George Foreman, where he reclaimed his title. The legendary pugilist also fought champions Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson and Ken Norton numerous times, (Marquis 2016)

Ali undeniably became the first and only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion in boxing history in the world. He was also was one of the first black boxers to be embraced by the whites. One area close to Ali’s heart was the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. looked up to him, and Ali followed Malcolm X and his Nation of Islam movement. When Ali was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, he defeated several other Hall of Fame pugilists as he was the always training hard. He is also named one of the 100 Greatest African Americans by scholar Molefi Kete Asante as Ali rose up and stood for the challenge. Ali always had one thing in mind as he went into the ring to win as he was still prepared, (Marquis 2016).

Jackie Robison

Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest African American athletes since 1991-1972 in the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first black person who was a professional player in Jim Crow America. He was the first athlete At UCLA, of any color to win varsity letters in four sports (baseball, basketball, football and track). Due to his successful collegiate career, Robinson served during WWII and played semi-professional football and in the Negro Leagues.

Due to his hard work and dedication, Robinson’s play caught the eye of Dodgers president/general manager Branch Rickey, who wanted to integrate baseball. It was after he had played in the minor leagues for a year, he was then called up in 1947 and played his first MLB game on April 15.

Surprisingly, Robinson never fought back whenever there were threats from his teammates. Instead, he let his hard work play on the field display itself. He then won the MLB Rookie of the Year Award (1947), the National League MVP Award (1949) and was a six-time All-Star. Robinson’s celebrity was so great that in 1950.

Robinson is an example of an athlete that practiced hard work and never gave up despite all the challenges he had gone through. He strived hard to achieve his best and let his success speak up for him. He has talent even though he makes it be led by hard work because talent without hard work is regarded to be of less value.

Tiger Woods

Golf was traditionally a high-class white man’s game where blacks were not welcome on the course, but not everyone was up for the challenge following an outstanding training and hard work. However, a black man became the best golfer on the PGA Tour, and perhaps the greatest ever.

Tiger Woods had an outstanding junior career in college and also in amateur and by 1996 Kinds of wood turned professional at the age of 20. It was all hard work many pieces of training he always had and by the end of April 1997 Woods had won three PGA Tour events as well as his first major. Woods went on to become a dominant force in golfing with record-breaking performances during this time he won thirteen of golfs majors.

Tiger became the youngest golfer ever to win the Grand Slam and has achieved that distinction a fantastic three times no one could believe it how he made it to the top. He was such an accurate and powerful driver that he revolutionized golf, with golf course designers trying to “Tiger-proof” their courses by adding extra yardage because of his exceptional work.

Even though Tiger is struggling right now to win golfing events, expect the living legend to bounce back and reach his heights. Day to day training hours and hours of hard work you can never write off the title as he will find his way back into the top.

In talent vs hard work, there is a certain percentage that works for both of them. For a person to achieve his goal, the person requires 5% of the talent and 95% of the hard work. It shows that despite all, hard work is still a critical factor in performance, (Harris, 2017).

Hard work tends to beat talent because talent is something that one is born with and does not bring a person to win. Where else hard work is the ability of a person to keep working hard, and this beats talent due to experience. When a person is determined to work hard, he gains knowledge in the process of working hard. The experience is the one that enables a person to win.

In case a person is talented he should work hard to master his skills and the conditions of his body to become perfect in his sport. After he has done all this, the person will always be ahead of his game. In case of a gap, the person should work hard in his training to curb the difference to his achievement. Improving the weakness is another factor to hard work in which one ought to work on his fault to make them his strengths. The passion of a sport would never pay off although, hard work pays off. Although all everyone should focus on the hard work instead because it will at the end pay off rather than concentrating with the passion which might not lead you anywhere.

Hard work and determination can outdo the talent as the people train for very long and countless hours and hence can participate in a stiff competition. The strenuous training for more extended hours can make the person perfect on his athlete skills and become perfect. The determination in practice can lead to weak points becoming the strongholds of that person. Also, determination and hard work lead to the performance and success of the person. A person with hard work can face fierce competition.

Talent is something that a person is born with, and it needs to be worked upon for it to be of value. It is a brilliant way to achievement. Talent can be of less value if not accomplished. It is not something that one will just sit around with it and wait to achieve without working hard on. One should come out and explore the talent by working hard on it and exploring the skills. Having an ability does not mean that a person can walk in the field for competition and expect to be a star just like that, it’s something on a has to work on for them to succeed. At this point is where we find out that hard work beats talent when the talent has failed, (Tim Tebow, 2016)

The only key to achieving success is nothing else apart from hard work because it teaches people discipline, dedication and determination. Hard work is very important as it is only through hard work that people can achieve the goals of their life.

Meanwhile, smart work does lead to shortcuts and procrastination. Hard work is a crucial factor to success. Achieving without hard work is impossible. A lazy and idle person can never get anything if they sit around and wait for a better opportunity to come. A person who works hard achieves success and happiness in life, (Sailes, 2017).

Meanwhile, sometimes hard work may not pay off due to other distracting factors. And sometimes, you work very hard and get proper training, only to be passed over for a promotion. Some factors may bring down the ability to work hard such as increased mental toughness; hard work gives you the chance to improve oneself. Hard work always will help you develop self-discipline and focus. In turn, one will be more efficient and productive in their career. One is continually improving their current skills and develop new skills.

Motivation in the sports is fundamental as one should be ready to work very hard to face fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things. Every person knows it’s difficult and does not have to speak of it. Motivation involves communicating with the people they work together and also themselves. When people become so negative about the training seeing it as difficult, it makes it very hard to achieve, (Sailes, 2017).

Daily routine in training can be an advantage as the hard work does pay off. One is supposed to take training positively with a positive energy and forget the tiredness and the hurt the training causes. The positive energy will save a person the thought of getting tired because the mind may contribute to fatigue. If a person thinks about it tend to happen. Training should be viewed as something that is an obvious and should be done as a routine. Focus is another factor that leads to success in athletes. The African American people have practiced a factor of focus which improves the hard work. (Harris, 2017).

The main goal in training is not to beat ourselves and see how badly we can make it hurt. At times people tend to forget or misunderstand, the truth. We find this to commonly be the case with young people, who tend to approach racing and training with the mindset that it is going to be hard, and it is going to hurt a lot. The body should learn to adapt to all the difficulties’ in life as the pain is the byproduct of the training and also the pain and difficulties help in improving the skills to become fast and effective. It is crucial to keep the focus on moving fast, a byproduct of which will include an important amount of discomfort in the form of fatigue, pain and soreness as a result of putting significant demands on your body’s systems, (Sailes, 2017).

Every athlete should practice hard work to avoid becoming a victim. There are several problems with the belief of being the victim. If one believes what they are doing it might be harder than it is actually. It might limit one’s ability to perform well. Meanwhile, the view that training is a challenge although it is entirely doable, it will lead you to more success. Another, it might lead to an inadequate appreciation, (Harris, 2017).

In conclusion, hard work vs talent in athlete sport is an important topic which is highly debatable as there are a lot of arguments to whether hard work can beat talent and whether the skill is essential in the sports. We find out that hard work can beat talent in a place where genius has failed .talent is important although one cannot work on talent alone without hard work. For the ability to be capable, it requires one to work hard on it. The most crucial thing in hard work is that through hard work one acquires experience. The experience is a critical factor to performance. Finally, the athlete in African American have shown their struggle to work hard despite all the challenges they have faced; they never seem to give up. The challenges help them to continue wotr5king hard to achieve success.


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