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Amigo Brothers’ by Piri Thomas is the tale of two closest companions who need to go head to head in a boxing rivalry. This exercise gives a rundown and talks about the subjects of fellowship and rivalry in the story. 

The Amigo Brothers “is told in a clear way utilizing a third-individual storyteller. The exposition is straightforward, all data is conveyed proficiently and discreetly, a style that makes the story available to all perusers. Discourse incorporates Puerto Rican slang that adds a relaxed, earnest person to the characters’ discussions. 

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Thomas considered his to be as an apparatus to help burdened youngsters see expected routes out of groups and viciousness. In Amigo Brothers, Thomas deliberately limited the presence and force of posses and wrongdoing. In one scene, Felix is ??threatened by a portion of the gangsters, yet they let him pass without block as he individualized sparring showing his abilities. The scene recommends that governmental policy regarding minorities in society can secure you and serve you. 

The main relationship for Antonio is his companionship with Felix. No different companions or family are referenced in the story, and he is mindful so as to protect this significant relationship. Felix assists him with keeping fixed on boxing, which is useful and bravo. At the point when Felix proposes they train independently for the battle, Antonio promptly concurs. 

Felix’s relationship with Antonio is critical to him, as they have been companions since youth. Antonio resembles a sibling to Felix, who helps Felix avoid inconvenience and zeroed in on certain things like boxing. It is Felix who starts the discussion about preparing independently for the match so he and Antonio can isolate their kinship from the work they should do. The night prior to the battle, Felix heads out to see a film about boxing and envisions himself and Antonio as the fundamental characters. This exhibits that in any event, when he attempts to occupy himself from the way that he should battle his closest companion, his devotion to his companion is consistently present. 

The book says that the athletic conduct the young men learned while preparing fighters assisted them with becoming incredible. They battle each other not out of scorn or even out of a craving to win, however out of affection for contest. Toward the finish of each battle, the young men are victorious and glad for one another, regardless of who wins, since they made an honest effort and endure. They couldn’t care less about the outcome. For them, their fellowship is more important. As the broadcaster pronounces the outcome, there is nobody in the ring.


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