Homeschooling and Taxes

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Indeed, homeschool has become a viable and perhaps better option that parents are adopting to offer their children wholesome education free from the complications of public schooling. However, it is also wise to consider the limitations or disadvantages associated with homeschooling so that a more informed decision on which system of education to adopt. Listing the limitations of homeschooling and weighing them up against the advantage a better perspective on the matter would be obtained.

Homeschooling requires more commitment by parents as opposed to public schools.

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Since the studies are being conducted at home, at least one parent would be required around the home to oversee the children as they study while maintaining order around the house. Moreover, at least one parent would have to work part time or not at all so that they can attend to children’s needs at home (Basirico, 2014). Homeschooling is also more expensive compared to public schooling due to the additional expenses of buying books and relevant curriculum material, paying for a tutor, and also paying for expenses involving outdoor activities such as field trips (Basirico, 2014). Thus, homeschooling is generally more expensive and requires more commitment from parents which may result in lower income earnings.

Homeschooling parents should pay taxes towards public education. Homeschooling is defined as any schooling outside the child’s home which does not exceed 25 hours per week (Howell & Sheran, 2008). Therefore, children may at times go to public schools but for a limited period, meaning they would have access to public school resources. Moreover, some homeschooling parents (after an agreement with the relevant schools) usually have access to public school resources such as curriculum material, and even sporting facilities (Howell & Sheran, 2008). Hence, all homeschooling parents cannot claim to not use public school resources. In general, homeschooling advantages outweigh the disadvantages because research has shown improved academic performance in homeschooled children, better social, emotional, and psychological development and a higher likelihood for success in the real world as adults (Ray, 2014). Therefore, homeschooling is a much safer and viable alternative than public schooling.

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