Homeschooling in America

Schools are the lens by which children view the world as well as their place in it. Accordingly, it has to offer the best view for the learner right from their early age. In this regard, some of the parents may not be contented with the education that their children receive in public schools or may have other reasons for schooling their children at home.

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The choice may raise others issues including whether such parents should pay taxes for public education. This paper seeks to identify the reasons for homeschooling and whether homeschoolers’ parents should pay taxes for public education.

Reasons for Homeschooling

Homeschooling has increased growing seven times higher than the public school enrollment rate for various reasons. Among the reasons for homeschooling are moral and religious reasons. Almost 36% of individual argue that moral and religion are the main reasons for homeschooling (Calvert, 2018). Parents also opt to homeschool their children due to the fact that they are usually concerned about the education of their children while others are dissatisfied with the curriculum offered in public schools. Most of these families are motivated by the desire to blend diverse learning approaches with the contemporary needs of the family. Some of the parents choose to homeschool their children due to the fact that their families are always traveling because or lifestyle or unique working schedule. There are also those parents that have children that require special needs or attention, which can only be offered at home. The regimented curriculum that is mostly offered at home is also flexible (Basirico, 2007). For instance, some parents expose their children to online classes that are not only free but offer distinctive enrichment programs.

Paying Taxes for Public Education

Parents who have decided to homeschool their children should not pay taxes for public education. The reasons are that they pay twice for education. Parents pay for public education through taxes (Ebert & Culyer, 2007). Consequently, such tax should be reimbursed through education tax deductions and education tax credits. It is inconsistent to subject these parents to an additional burden. Correspondingly, offering such parents a tax relief or discouraging paying taxes for public education will encourage competition in education (Ebert & Culyer, 2007). The competition will automatically promote or upgrade performance through quality outcomes.


Among the reasons that make parents to homeschool, their children include religion and moral issues, being dissatisfied with the quality of education, flexibility and need to match the child’s education needs with those of their family. Parents should not pay taxes because, doing so, increase burden because they are already paying for homeschooling expenses.

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