The Role of the Community and their Impact on Education

The term curriculum has often been used to describe the sequence and scope of subject or unit that is being taught in a school or college. Therefore, curriculum development entails organization and selection of specific skills and knowledge with the aim to fulfill developmental requirements for the student and the overall operation structure of the school. Curriculum development does not address the social context altogether of which the learning takes place at, nor does it focus on the content derived from the underlying culture.

Approach to education and curriculum development is a multi-dimensional affair. There are many decisions many decisions to be made of which they depend on the direction of approach and the alternatives available. The most important thing first in the curriculum development is for the teacher to understand his students and mastery of the content with respect to the changing world. In this Unit, a proper understanding of the roles of the community and their impact on education should be a key factor in the developing of the curriculum.

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The community plays a major role in the development and passing of knowledge to people. This is derived from the community history and way of living in which it impacts our way of life directly or indirectly. However, to understand the impact of the society teachers need not underestimate the power of transformative intellectual knowledge, this is the knowledge that is derived from concepts that arise from critical studies traditions such as the women studies, ethnic studies, and disability studies.

From the above perspective, the scope of teaching this unit will go beyond the interaction between content, context, and process and thus extend past the usual culture bounds that mainly focus on content alone. Therefore while teaching this unit the main focus will be to teach the student the importance of the community and their culture, why it is important in the knowledge development, about the various cultures that are beneficial to our lives above all I will make them appreciate the role of community in our daily lives.

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