Origin Of Progressive Education

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Progressive education, one of the most widely notable models in education and the one to focus solely on the child and not memorization.The progressive education model was a social movement that began during the 20thcentury. During that time of the progressive development, there were conflicting ideas of what progressive education essentially meant and how to make it possible for teachers to follow this model. Fortunately, there was a group of philosophers, that developed the model and the theory of progressive education itself.

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 The progressive education model is most closely known to be as sociated with the work of John Dewey. With the progressive education model, there has been extensive research to support the idea of the child based methods. That is why it is a method that is used today to approach learning an alternative way than the traditional method. John Dewey Children need to learn by doing, not watching.” said by John Dewey, the voice of Progressive Education.

John Dewey is of ten referred to as the greatest American philosopher of the 20thcentury.John Dewey developed a theory that changed how teachers, educators many others looked at teaching models, something that many overlooked until it was brought to their attention more and more. John Dewey, the creator of Progressive education, the one who made it possible for schools to develop the progressive model and change their thinking. The progressive theory was based on how children need to be learning by doing not by watching, which eventually became the progressive education model.In order for this theory to be successful, it needs to include more than just one of the terms of the theory meaning the children can’t only learning by doing, but they also need to be learning with a experience, along with their education being. John Dewey and the other creators had to complete multiple experiments in making sure that this theory was true and was successful before putting it out into the world. Education is apart of life, whatshould be addressed is what the children currently need to know, not what they need to know in the future.Progressive education represents a form of education that is child based but not only is it child based it needs to be physical and interactive for children in order for them to remain interested in the subject being taught.

Education and the group that is being taught must involve more than just that peer group in order to achieve the understanding and reaction that is needed for the children learning the material. One of the discoveries that the theorists made was that teachers clearly do not maintain nearly enough confidence as they need to, to succeed when it comes to their boss or parents or even their students, and they end up losing confidence.In orderf or this progressive education theory and model, to work the teachers need to have confidence in their skills and abilities because the doubt will stop teachers from accomplishing any task, leaving the children’s education at risk. The curriculum and the way that the teacher is teaching should be directed by children interests and moved by needs of the whole child. Often times schools curriculum plans prepare you for what is needed in life, and not what is needed currently. The model of progressive education is to focus on and learn what is needed in order for students to grow, to focus on what is needed now. Progressivism was the primary approach to education throughout the twentieth century but is no longer on the top of the list. Progressive Education Compared to Traditional Education and progressive education are simply opposites. Traditional education is considered to be extrinsic motivated and the progressive education model is intrinsic motivated. ”Depending on context, the opposite of traditional education may be progressive education, modern education or alternative education.

The original model of education was known as the Conventional Education Model or the back to basics model which was used in schools. As for the traditional method would be the methods, focusing in on memorization, and abandoning the fact of the student itself. The main educational technique of traditional education was indeed an oral recitation. The assignment was given and each one in the class would listen and give their recitation of the assignment.This examination was based around memorization, not on what the student knew, it was far from that but if we took a look at the progressive education model, there is an understanding of what the student truly knows based on the approach of the child based method. Educators started to realize that there was a need for change in the way that teaching was occurring changing how educators look at things could change how the students absorb things and that was the biggest issue. As the need for education and the issues of helping each individual student started becoming areal problem, the education reform, changing the focus and idea of education was put to work. Students were not receiving the right approach in the way they we relearning. Progressive education is solely based on the child. It is child based and it focuses in on what is needed for in order for them to succeed. As for the traditional method would be the methods, focusing in on memorization, and abandoning the fact of the student itself. How We Look at Education Progressivism has changed how teachers and the children’s parents look on education. Without this model of education, many children would not be successful if the same children were put in to traditional method schools.

Studies have been done that children that were not happy at traditional method teaching schools and the switch to the progressive based schools have shown growth in the academic area as well as the social, emotional and physical areas, that were not shown in traditional method schools. John Dewey and the development of Progressive Education have shown a tremendous improvement in how children react to learning, the of things they are absorbing and how to put education in action. Education is apart of life, therefore it shoulder fun part of life. ”If you end up doing some thing you don’t want to do, you’re not tenacious enough. ”Wise words said by Charleston Lawrence.By changing the way that educators look at education and the im print they want to leave as a teacher makes them then question their teaching model to be something that they are proud of. If the traditional method of teaching shows more faults than it should, that is where the model comes into play. As the progressive model began to become used more and more which then showed rapid changes with the learner sand how some students reacted to what they were learning.

In classrooms that are considered progressive, topics being taught come from how should think rather than what to think.Progressivism is a place where the mind can wander and not be bothered for exploring in allways of creativity. Summing it All Up! Every child is different, every child learns in their own way, they create in their own way, they are their own. With the invention of progressive education the amount of minds that have been able to explore, that have been able to not be shut down due to the open-minded teacher guidance. Without the thought of thinking different, the evolution of education would not exist, and the thinking of how education got where it is today taken a numerous amount of effort and important people to really take action.

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