Cultural Autobiography

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will be a personal cultural autobiography, detailing the author’s cultural background, experiences, and how these elements have shaped their identity. It will discuss influences such as family, traditions, values, and the role of culture in personal development. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Behavior Modification.

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 Knowing and understanding your own child development is such an important part of being a teacher because you need to understand your own development to be able to understand your students development. My own perspective on students development is that all students grow and learn differently. This is so vital to recognize because as a teacher you need to be able to attend to your students needs as efficiently as possible. Each student is going to need something different, and some may need more help than others.

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Knowing of your own milestones in your childhood will help you as a teacher to better understand young students and help you to explore their milestones such as cognitive development, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and speech and language development. Looking back into your past and how you developed these milestones will also help you as a teacher to find strategies on how to improve a child’s learning development skills. Looking back and collecting the information on what age you were for certain milestones is essential because knowing what is typical at a certain age is a good place to start when experiences and environments are being planned for that age of children. More necessary knowledge for teachers to have is knowledge of skill development in any given area, which will help you as a provider to set achievable and appropriate learning goals for children. This way you can plan activities and experiences that challenge children just enough to progress without frustrating them too far beyond their abilities.

My philosophy on teaching and learning is that it is a two way process where both the students and the teachers are learning and growing together. I feel that it is so important that students feel comfortable around their teacher and in their learning environment. I think that students learn best when they are comfortable in their classes and given as many opportunities as possible to participate. A positive and secure learning environment will go a long way for students, and teachers need to be nurturing and open towards their students in order for them to feel as though they can learn and make mistakes. In order to be an effective teacher, I think the instructor must focus on student learning and adjust their teaching strategies in response to the pace and depth of the students understanding. I like to view teaching as an interaction between the student and the teacher, and I think this interaction is so significant in order for students to have an effective education. The teacher needs to utilize flexible teaching strategies rather than being strict to one particular teaching style. The teacher should be able to adjust their instruction to match the abilities and pre existing knowledge that the students bring to the classroom. I think another extremely important role of the teacher is to be a positive role model for the students. If the teacher expects their students to follow certain rules and act a particular way then I feel it is only right that they set that example as the teacher. Lastly, I think it is so necessary for teachers to be passionate about what they are doing. The passion for teaching will cause a teacher to work hard and put in extra efforts to maximize students learning. When a teacher is influenced and inspired positively, these vibes will spread into the classroom and students will become inspired and excited about learning.

I believe that family and community involvement is so essential to a student and their education. When a students family takes an active interest in their educations and what they’re learning, students will display a more positive attitude towards school. They also do better if their parents play a variety of roles in their learning such as volunteering at school, helping at home, and taking part in key decisions about their education. I think that the school, parents, and community should work together to promote the learning of students. This support of family and community helps a child to learn and grow. I truly think that the whole community has an essential role in the growth and development of young students. If students know that they are supported and are not standing alone, teachers will see such an increase in the students drive and determination for learning.

As an educator, there are so many vital roles to play. Educators play so many other roles in their students life than just a teacher. It is the teachers job to set the tone and environment of the classroom, nurture and mentor students and most of all look out for the safety and well being of children. The most obvious role as an educator is to teach knowledge to children. Since teachers are given a certain curriculum they must follow, it is their job to enforce those guidelines and make sure students are learning what they need to know by certain time periods. Along with successful teaching comes a positive learning environment which is the teachers role to create. When a teacher creates a warm, happy and positive environment, the students will in return have better attitudes when it comes to learning. The attitude of the teacher has such an impact on the students. If the teacher is negative then the students will react negatively, which is why it is so important for the teacher to be upbeat and positive in order to spread those attitudes across the classroom. Another role of an educator is to be the mentor for students. Without the encouragement of a teacher the students will not have a strive to be the best they can. It is the teachers job to build up confidence in their students and help them to be successful. Educators have many roles in the classroom, but their most important role is to be supportive of their students. Teachers can inspire students and change their lives if they have the passion to do so. 

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