Homeschooling Trend and Future Outlook

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Homeschooling trend and future outlook In recent times, homeschooling is becoming really popular than ever. Training of kids at home rather than the regular class room procedure have taken over in many families. Education is dynamic and changes from day to day with new trends and vogues. Homeschooling came into existence in the early 80’as a means for the catholic parents to infuse religion to the education of their wards. Several benefits have been seen as a result of homeschooling. Kids that are homeschooled have equal access to online educational sites, libraries, friends, extracurricular activities and lots of other facilities to help ensure an all-round learning process.

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These kids stand at a vantage position of being schooled in a way that suits them at their speed and appropriate style depending on the kid.

The Brightside of homeschooling

1. Home atmosphere is more relaxed and sereneit also allows for the schedule to be tailored to the child’s needs. Being homeschooled creates a conducive environment for the child which enhances the child’s grasping ability. In this serene home environment, the work curriculum can be tailored in order to suit the child’s need and also major on his strengths and enhance his weaknesses.

2. Homeschooling encourages the child to look beyond grades and work for the knowledge. Homeschooling helps the child look beyond just grades which is the norm in schools and aim for knowledge which should be the primary aim of learning. According to studies, it has been noticed that homeschooled children have better knowledge of what’s being taught.

3. Homeschooling is very accommodative for children with special needs. For children with special needs, attending a general school might not be conducive and this is where homeschooling comes to play. Special attention can be given to the child alongside learning process.

4. Better teacher to student ratio which enhances understanding. According to statistics, it has been noticed that smaller students to teacher ratio have been noticed to be more effective. One on one teaching of the child helps the child to understand faster. Future Outlook of Homeschooling The future of homeschooling is a very bright one and the future of education might very much be homeschooling. Homeschooling is really increasing among lots of families. For some families like my neighbor, homeschooling is just perfect for their daughter as she can compete with just any child of her age in the area academically. They made me understand that homeschooling is really a good thing for kids. For many other parents, they are scared and doubt their abilities to school their kids while some others just believe it is too stressful. When a child is being homeschooled, they get to cover a wide range of subjects that are deemed fit for the child even outside the regular school bracket which can be very helpful for the child. A trait of being open minded is seen as a culture in homeschooling. Homeschooling helps to streamline the child in the right part and with its many benefits, the future of education has a lot in stock for homeschooling.

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