Homeschooling is a Disadvantage for Sudents

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Homeschooling is a disadvantage for students because they won’t be able to go to public school. They won’t be able to make friends if they don’t go to public school. They have to know how to make friends because if not and they have to go out in the real world they need to make friends. Or else they will be lonely their whole life. They need to find people who could help them in any way they need it.

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They need to know how to be social. They need to know how to interact with people their own age. They have be able to talk to people that could help them but instead they are just listening to the same people everyday. They won’t know how to have people help them. They need to be in a different environment than just their own house. The need to know what the real world feels like. You don’t know how to be a person in the real world. You don’t get any social reactions.

You don’t get the experience of going to a school dance or getting to mingle with your classmates. You won’t be able to learn to dance with a person different than your own gender. You won’t know how to enter act with people outside of your home. You have less time for yourself. You will have to be in the same environment every single day of your life. You don’t know what the real world looks like. Like, if your in a school for the first time you won’t know where to go. The education price will become higher because the person who is teaching the kid that education. They have to pay for what they teach them with and because you have to provide the education for them. You don’t get to experience things that other kids your age get it.

According to people who said they have either been homeschooled or taught someone in homeschooling, that they have found that they know how to act around people who were homeschooled and that they know how to act in pubic. Yes, they agree that kids your age don’t get to experience the things that other kids do. That they get less experience then kids in public schools get to do. They said that it is also an advantage because they get to get out of the drama that they get int if they are in public school.

Homeschoolings is more of a disadvantage for students. Kids who are homeschooled are more not prepared for life then people in public schools. People who are homeschooled are less education and they need to be educated more so they need to come to public school. As you can see the research shows that homeschooling is a disadvantage for students. Kids that are homeschooled shouldn’t be because you don’t get the education you need to become a more intelligent person. You should really take this advice if you are homeschoolings child.

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